Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Aaron Copland - I Bought Me A Cat

Aaron Copland - I Bought Me A Cat

Let me set it up.
I traveled to another city.
I was put into a rental car.
The radio was tuned to some (what I thought was) a Classical Music station.
I kept the music on in order to releave some stress. I would normally find an NPR station and, failing that a Black music station. I only get to listen to Hip Hop ( "Lil Wayne", "Young Jeezy") when I am in an unfamiliar city, don't have my own Sirius satellite receiver and have nothing better to do while I am driving.

When the day was done today I got into the car and received a pleasant surprise.
I hear the song "I Bought Me A Cat" for the first time. I scrabled to find my iPhone so I could use the "Shazzam" application to identify the song. Sorry the phone is in the trunk.
I was happy that the DJ told the name of the singer and the composer of the song. (Aaron Copland is the composer)

The quality and cultural uplift received from this song gives me hope in believing that if we as a community were "once THERE"......we can return to a point in time in which we dispense of much of the vile music and return to that which is worthy of being played decades later.

Now I have WUOL saved on my iPhone.

They were playing songs by Paul Robeson and others.

I will need to do more research on Aaron Copland.

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Anonymous said...

I love Aaron Copeland . Applachian Spring, Rodeo , Fanfare for the Common Man. Fantastic.