Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kurtis Blow "Raps For Jesus"

Rapper Kurtis Blow is rhyming for the Lord

I will attempt to avoid the dismissive criticism that various conservatives and Christian-fundamentalists might be inclined to render upon Kurtis Blow's Christian outreach efforts.

When I hear the name "Kurtis Blow" I am draw back to a hotwing restaurant that I was sitting in about 4 years ago. I was eating lunch when a CNN story about his NY based church came on television. Me and a Black female who I did not know sat and watched the episode. I was initially impressed by the high energy that was taking place in the church. Then one guy at the mike started to do back flips down the isle. Upon watching this the woman and I instinctively opened our eyes and gasped. We turned to each other and she said to me "Some of us just go too far sometimes".

I view Kurtis Blows church as I view the church that former rapper "Mase" once headed in Atlanta. In talking with a young woman who attended "Mase's church" I could tell a lot about it and their guiding principles. I am forced to assume that Kurtis Blow's ministry is the same. Based on my conversation this was a "God is your comforter" type of church. People coming to seek out healing and emotional uplift.

This is coupled with a pretty loose notion of God's commandments. They jettison notions of "judgment and conformity to a 'Christian pathway'" for inclusion and non-judgmentalism.

I am not outright attacking this ideological bias of a church. I am saying that this orientation is not always the correct one. With a young congregation they believe that they have to appeal to the interests of the attendees. If they did start a regime of strict confinement they would soon lose their "flock".

My challenge is one which poses the question - "What happens when there is a noted series of problems within your flock? Would they adopt a regime of direct intervention and 'command', putting aside their libertine orientation to address this problem?"

There is a place for such churches in this country. I would much rather have them in a youthful spirited church than hung over in the bed after a late night party on Saturday night. At the same time we must make sure that the same music that was heard at the club the night before is not played yet again in "God's club".

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