Saturday, July 04, 2009

Who Controls Your Compass? Certainly It Can't Be Your Adversary


I try to use this "Functional Culture" blog as my "lessons learned" blog for the benefit of documenting my long term agenda. My "Within The Black Community" blog is more of a muckraking blog. I use it to document my case as to the everyday goings on so that when someone comes along and attempts to hijack that reality - I'll have enough documented images of reality residing on the shelf so that I can pull it off for easy reference.

The other compartment that I maintain is my analysis of the Black media and blog sites. I learn so much about how Black people think by engaging in verbal debates with people than any other channel for understanding.

As such - I learned that my friend and Philly Homeboy, Field-Negro picked up a post that I had made about the priorities of his blog site and put ME up for inspection with his audience of attackers.

Let me first start off by saying - There is little that anyone can do in their responses that are going to "hurt my feelings". In fact, I thoroughly enjoy reading the "attacks". I strive to find at least one sound critic who can lay out the case against me and either get me to justify my position or change it because I failed to consider all of the facts in the previous view that I had presented.

Sadly - as I read through the responses on the Filled Negro blog - the majority of them were "throw away" in nature.

First we have the "English Lessons". Those who provide zero rebuttal to my actual words and only comment about my writing skills. To them they get NO RESPECT from me. They are but "judgmental CONSUMERS". In their entrenchment they are less concerned about the ideas that are presented to them than they are with the wrapper that they are presented in. If I ever tried to live up to their expections - they'd simply find some new, tangential problem with my ideas as a front for their inability to articulate a sufficient rebuttal.

Next we have the "Labelers". These are the people who have a predefined viewpoint of a given group, work to put me into that group and then kick the entire group down the street like a tin can. Again they are not forced to take apart any of the ideas that I have said on a stand alone basis. They only need to say "I heard him talk before....through Clarence Thomas".

Through all of this I make an assessment of the SOUL of these people.

When I am not the center of attention of these people I listen to the PAIN that they feel about the conditions that are present within their community. I try not to get involved in the discusssion with an "I told you so" in that they will simply shut down their honest discussion and go into defense mode.

When I listen to them attack me - I always have their "open hearted expression" juxtaposed in with their words against me. I am actually made to feel empathy for their condition. While they sit in the cat bird seat as a JUDGE of all who CHALLENGE THEM, their attacks against me come off as a desperate attempt to seek some measure of contentment in an otherwise dissatisfactory set of circumstances.


The over riding force that allows me to laugh off their attacks is that I have a strong knowledge of self prior to walking into battle with them.

Thus as I come up against an intransient force who is NOT GOING TO CHANGE no matter what I say to them - I realize that I WOULD BE THE FOOL if I looked to them for MY own SELF WORTH.

Why is it then that they are so worried about what THEIR OWN IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES say about them and operate so sensitively in response? The reason for this is because THEY are the ones that have their own self-worth as a function of what these others view about them.

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