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More Than "Who Taught You How To Hate Yourself" - What Have You Done To Block The Messages?

This video is powerful but only because it establishes a point of reference for the problem as it stands today.

A few weeks ago in an e-mail debate with a woman she told me that "Black people are killing each other now because the White man has taught us to hate each other".

I wish to move on to the next logical step. I have no control over the history. Yes we should learn it, but only to gain understanding of the events that transpired to get us where we are today AND to understand the nature of man.


Some people bask in the notion of "They Know Who Did This To Us". If they were ever allowed a jury trial - they are so ecstatic because they know they would win.

Unfortunately the world does not work this way. We are instead dealing with a game of attrition. One's system of messaging to the masses determines what is successful.

Thus when I hear a Black person make the case of "THEY taught us to hate each other" I am more inclined to ask them WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO PROTECT THE RESOURCES THAT THEY DO HAVE INFLUENCE OVER rather than just running a perpetual battle against "White Folks" (or capitalism)

  • How many of your televisions have you pulled out of the wall and given away at a loss because you know that THIS is the primary channel by which these messages enter your house and then your child's brains?
  • When was the last time you intervened asked that your teen aged kid show you their play list in iTunes so that you could purge all of the songs that are hateful to Black people - rapping about how they would "Kill any Black man who stepped to them with disrespect"?
  • Have you physically moved your child away from Unconscious People, realizing that WE CANNOT SAVE THE ENTIRE RACE, some Negroes who won't come willingly will pull you back into the ocean, out of the vessel that YOU see as a life raft while THEY see as an unwelcome departure from their friends?

Accompanying all of this - I struggle to understand how those who preach a message of "Self Worth for Black people" can justify their own political tendencies at times. When your main theme is to make Black people "IN RECEIPT OF A BENEFIT" without any particular economic or academic or community CHANGE that we must do as part of the transaction - are YOU building up a stronger people? Or are you building Serfs?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Study Of African Americans - The Intervals


These are my personal opinion after a lifetime of formal instruction and personal research. I do not claim to be a historian. The purpose of this exercise is not to create some "university quality" point of reference. It is only to establish a baseline that is accurate enough to develop a set of forward looking strategies.

  • Enslavement - 100% working to enrich and advance another man's economic interests
  • Reconstruction-Jim Crow - Freedom In Name Only. No Universally Respected Rights
  • Civi Rights - Fight to establish and enforce laws that insure rights and protection
  • Municipal Power Acquisition - Political power building over local institutions and representation in national government via the leveraging of the Voting Process
  • Management Of Key Institutions In Our Communities - Today the challenge is to take full advantage of the political power that has been obtained and translate this into Economic, Academic, and Social benefit

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jamaicans: Same Gender Dancing = "Dirty Dancing"

Jamaican Gleaner: SEX & RELATIONSHIP - Same-sex dancing ... what's up with that?

It is interesting how culture and tolerance for certain social actions differ so greatly despite the proximity with other cultures.

Dancing has been a major part of the Jamaican culture
. In times past, when you went to a party, men and women danced as couples. But nowadays, on the party scene, you find that more and more men prefer to dance in groups together, on one side of the room, while women gyrate with one another elsewhere on the same dance floor.

This trend is rather puzzling to those who still hold traditional views about dancing. Some people cannot comprehend why men would prefer to dance by themselves while women would 'rub up' against each other as opposed to 'dropping legs' together the old-fashioned way.

Is this gay?

Artist: Buju Banton
Song: Boom Bye Bye


World is in trouble
Anytime Buju Banton come
Batty bwoy get up an run
At gunshot me head back
Hear I tell him now crew

(Its like) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead

(Two man) Hitch up on an rub up on
An lay down inna bed
Hug up on another
Anna feel up leg
Send fi di matic an
Di Uzi instead
Shoot dem no come if we shot dem--
Don't want Jackie
Give dem Paul instead
Dem don't want di sweetness
Between di leg
Gal bend down backway
An accept di peg
An if it really hot
You know she still naw gon fled
A some man
Still don't want di
Panty raid
Pure batty business dem love

(Me say) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote the nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead

(Woman is di) Greatest thing
God ever put pon di land
Buju lovin dem from head
Down to foot bottom
But some man a turn around
Where dem get that from
Peter is not for Janet
Peter is for John
Suzette is not for Paul
Suzette is for Ann
Where the bobocloth
Dem get dat from
Here come the DJ
Name Buju Banton
(Come fi) ((Straighten yuh talk?))

(Boom boom boom) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote the nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
Dem haffi dead

(Caw me say) Dis is not an bargain (Me say)
Dis is not a deal
Guy come near we
Then his skin must peel
Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel
gwaan buju banton yuh tough

(Me say) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote the batty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
(Hear what now!)

(Two man) A hug up on an kiss up on
An lay down inna bed
Hug up on another
Anna rub dung leg
Send fi di matic an
Di Uzi instead
Shoot di batty boy come if we shot dem--
Dem don't want Jackie
Give dem Paul instead
Don't want di poom poom
Between Patsy leg
All dem want
Is the body from Fred
But dis is Buju Banton
Me say

(Me say) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead

Caw woman is the prettiest thing
God ever put pon di land
Put pon di land (Pu-pu-put pon di land)
But some man a turn around
Where dem get dat from
Peter is not for Janet
Peter is for John
Suzette is not for Paul
Suzette is for Ann
Here come di DJ name Buju Banton (Come fi)
Give di massive
Happy how yuh lovin (Ju fi)

(So just) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
Dem haffi dead

All a di New York crew
Dem no promote Batty man
Jump an dance
Unno push up unno hand
All di Brooklyn girl
Dem no promote batty man
Jump an bogle
Anna wine yuh bottom
Canadian gals dem no like batty man
If yuh are not one
Yuh haffi push up

(Me say) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
Dem haffi dead

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What Is The Process For A People Becoming The "UN-Least Of These"?

In the wake of the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy please listen closely to the words of those who pay tribute to this man. Beyond the accolades for the man himself, I want you to listen out for how BLACK PEOPLE are portrayed in these references.

The most common reference that I am hearing when the speaker ties Ted Kennedy to his impact upon Black Americans is the following string of words:


As the various individuals tell the word their appreciation for what Ted Kennedy did for Black people they reference the Black community as a force of "have nots".

For many in the Black community this is an acceptable characterization ------- AS LONG AS ---- it is made in a CONJUNCITVE form.

"Black People are poor............BUT ONLY BE CAUSE ..........."
  • We were KIDNAPPED from our native lands and stripped of our culture
  • We were ENSLAVED (They say "We were slaves")
  • We were VICTIMS of Jim Crow
  • - Socially Stratified To The Bottom
  • - Economically Marginalized
  • - Academically Stunted
  • - Physically and Emotionally TERRORIZED
  • - By-Passed By The Medical Establishment when we needed By-Pass Surgery
  • We had the one VALUABLE ASSET that we did possess suppressed - OUR VOTE
As long as the person who stultifies Black people tells the audience WHY we are as many of us are today - such a profile of Black America as "The Least Of These" remains as an EXPLANATION rather than an INSULT.


If you allow these establishment figures who are now in power largely due to the civil rights fights of the past to frame the issue they are going to focus on this past. Despite the fact that they now control every single major institution that our people look to for necessary civic services - they functionally escape scrutiny for their actions today by prompting the masses of skeptical Black people to look at the past.

In truth their goal is to garner a "PERMANENT APPRECIATION" for all that they have done in the past so that they remain untouchable in the present. Anyone asking them questions in the present will be told WHERE THEY WOULD BE TODAY had it not been for their works in the past.

There is little need to mention how such a template fits nearly perfectly upon the typical "power relations" construct that is found between "Powerful Man meets Poor, Attractive Woman" and reminds her how poor she was before he graced her with his presence. Without him - she would likely go back to being "The Least Of These".

The goal of the controlling power, again, is to avoid having the present arrangement that he has tendered per his control come under scrutiny (ie: the wife found him cheating on her) - instead he seeks to PUT HER IN CHECK by reminding her how much she was NOTHING before him. A poor, battered and abused figure who would not have been allowed to blossom even to her present stage were it not for HIM.


What the controlling agent who seeks to remain the point of relevance in the life of the resource in question will steadfastly avoid consideration of is the inspection of: WHAT IS THE FULL POTENTIAL OF THIS RESOURCE AND IS HE NOW THE BINDING AGENT PREVENTING IT FROM GROWING DUE TO HIS CONTROLLING NATURE?

Would this centralized power be willing to admit that his job is done in defending the "Least Of These" against this previous threat and thus be willing to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY as a new regime comes to power to address the problems of the day?

I previously noted my surprise to see the Southern Christian Leadership Conference hold a protest down Auburn Avenue in Atlanta in which the subject of their protest was not a "White man who had lynched a Black". Instead they were protesting against "Black on Black street violence and gangs" which had been assaulting the Black community during this day, which I call "The Bloody Summer". Whereas the establishment player is still focused on the "old enemies" - there has grown a new threat to the safety, security and property of Black people. He comes from within our own ranks.

Today these old guard operatives count as one of their finest achievements the placement of the array of Black and Progressive Leadership (of any race) in power over the Black community and the Nation. In their view we are to have our happiness directed toward the PRESENCE of these people in power. The point that is diminished is the key question about "WHAT IS OUR COMMUNITY RECEIVING IN THE WAY OF A MORE PRODUCTIVE ORDER AS A RESULT OF THEIR PRESENCE?"

I purposely said "More Productive Order" rather than "What are we RECEIVING" because this is a very sensitive topic for me.

It is obvious that some people make no distinction between "What did the Black Community GET from the external political institutions to our community so that we might be allowed to eat for another day" versus "What did our community leadership do to clear the pathway from discrimination and overt sabotage so that our people can operate as the main agents of our own development?"

How Do A People Become The "UN-Least Least Of These"?

The key point that I am making with the line of inspection above is that there are some distinct processes that a people must follow in order to shift their thought that some central authority must be positioned in place so that they are "taken care of" over to:

There is a necessary way of thinking in which the people are expected to create an alignment of their aggregate thoughts, actions and enforcements by which a certain, more productive outcome is expressed from their efforts to sculpt these "directed outcomes" per their continuing management.

In summary - what we are seeing is a serious battle between "human resource management" theory. Some believe that all men should be assured of a certain minimum standing and the society should provide a "fault free" set of services to ensure that this occurs.

Others, including me, see the need to have a set of outcomes clearly articulated and that the task of the collective is to MANAGE themselves so that THESE DESIRED STANDARDS are delivered to them UPON THEIR OWN BACKS. The very fruit of their finely manicured garden is this "standard of living" that I speak of.

The way that a group of people become the "Un-Least of These" is to employ their minds with the knowledge about the part that they play in achieving this higher order and then to erect a cultural infrastructure that guides them toward the right direction and which closes off wrong turns that lead them astray.

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A Postive Book From A Brother Who Clearly Knows

Saginaw Michigan's Oldest Black Business Closes

End may have come for Saginaw's oldest black-owned business

For decades, Joseph Black Sr. heard rumors that men and women whispered his wife's name on their deathbeds.

"Elsie Black ... Take my body to Elsie Black."

She was among Michigan's first black female morticians, a woman born into the business of dead people. When she first drove her father's hearse in a funeral at age 11, she sat on a fruit crate just to see over the dashboard, her husband says.

One of Saginaw's most prominent citizens, she owned and operated Black's Funeral Home for more than 60 years

Even after she suffered a stroke three years ago and business dragged, her license kept the doors open. Months after her death, the Black family is struggling with a grim reality: Saginaw County's oldest black-owned business may have died with her.

Empty seats at her funeral

The funeral parlor, with its busted windows and unkempt lawn, sits in disrepair at 1106 N. Sixth at Norman. Black's has done fewer than 10 funerals in the past three years. Most were prepaid years ago, before Elsie Black fell ill.

The Blacks turned over Elsie Black's own funeral arrangements to a former rival, Evans-Smith Funeral Home, 508 S. Washington in Saginaw. The families have a connection that dates to the 1920s: Before striking out on his own, the founder, George Evans, learned the business from Elsie Black's father.

When George Evans died in 1995, Black's agreed to drive hearses for the Evans family as it grieved.

The two oldest black-owned businesses in Saginaw, the funeral parlors date to the Great Depression.

"You don't have any businesses that come close to that as far as longevity," said Alonzo Betts, funeral director at Browne's Mortuary, 441 N. Jefferson.

The three funeral homes were bunched together within seven blocks of each other. The city's Zoning Board repeatedly denied Black's attempts to relocate the business, minutes show.

Competition was fierce. Elsie Black started out without cars and with old equipment her father left behind. After her mother's death, he remarried and returned to Detroit, their hometown.

The former Elsie Westbrook came home crying many nights. Competitors denigrated her, her husband recalled.
"I'm sure it was hard for women back then, because it's still that way now," said Lois Dale, who runs Evans-Smith with her sister, Carla Smith. "She paved the way."

Black won people over with a combination of grace, gumption and willingness to work with families short on cash, competitors and her husband agreed.

"She was a hard worker, honest on the job, respected people and their values," her husband said. "She would always treat people as good Christians would."

The family name just doesn't carry the cache it once did. She helped bury thousands, but many a pew sat empty at her funeral.

"I thought this place should have been full today," a family friend told the crowd. "When you fall off, people forget about you."

'Heart and desire'

The Blacks were pioneers in the city's First Ward.

Fishing buddies, Elsie Westbrook and Joseph Black Sr. would pitch horseshoes at state parks during summer drives to Idlewid. They met in 1937 at Mount Olive Baptist Church.

When he left Saginaw to serve in the South Pacific during World War II, he never forgot about her. The couple married in 1950, several years after Elsie Black took over and re-named her father's business.

Joseph Black Sr. was a trailblazer, too. The city's first black firefighter, he spent 31 years on the force. He served the last 15 at the Norman Street Fire Station, across the road from his flat above the funeral home.

The former firehouse is now home to a halfway house, one of two in a half-mile stretch. Burned out, boarded up homes and weed-choked lots dot the once-thriving neighborhood, but the Blacks never left.

"They didn't want to give up on the neighborhood," said their son, Joseph Black Jr. "Their heart and desire were still here."

Last June, a killer gunned down their grandson, Curtis Clayton, as he left a late-night cookout. He died at North Fourth and Kirk, less than three blocks from the funeral home.

Deflated foil balloons and plastic bouquets hang limp from a telephone pole at the murder scene.

A marching band member at Saginaw High School, Clayton wanted to earn a college scholarship, study mortuary science and join the family business.

Overcome with grief, Joseph Black Sr. couldn't bring himself to attend the funeral. He doubts his wife knew what was going on. She was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

As pallbearers carried their grandson's casket out to the hearse, the couple looked down from an upstairs window.
The murder remains unsolved.

Picking up the pieces

In the months after her son's shooting death, Janice Black racked up a cocaine posession charge and two drunken driving arrests. She is locked up at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti until at least 2011. State corrections officials didn't grant her a release to attend her mother's funeral.

Her brother, Joseph Black Jr., fell prey to many of the same vices. His parole for petty theft and drug charges ended July 20.

Though both children have mortuary science degrees, their criminal records are a hurdle to securing a license, said Ann Millben, licensing administrator with the state's Bureau of Commercial Services.

With his 88-year-old father suffering from prostate cancer, Black Jr. is guardian of the family business.

He wants to relocate it to a plot the Blacks own on South Park between Remington and Holland, but times are tough, and money is tight.

Joseph Black Sr. longs for the days when business boomed and the art of embalming mattered more than the size of the chapel or the sparkle on a hearse.

"It's not about who can ... put a smile on a body anymore," he said. "Elsie, Joe and my daughter could really fix them up."

'It's hard to see'

During his last days, George Evans told the Blacks, "it's enough business for everybody."

Business boomed in the golden days, when black families migrated north for auto jobs. Families stuck with Black's for decades.

Well into the early 1990s, the business did as many services as Browne's and Evans-Smith combined, Betts said.
Times have changed. There's another black-owned funeral home in town, as well.

Paradise Funeral Chapel, owned by longtime Browne's employee Ivan Phillips, opened in January on prime real estate: at 3100 S. Washington bordering Forest Lawn Cemetery.

It's the same place family members buried Elsie Black. She had one request for her service: She wanted a wood casket.

"Nothing fancy," her husband said. "She was a simple and down-to-Earth girl."

The Blacks still are searching for a licensed person to manage the business.

Until they find one, they're prohibited from doing work. The business license expired the day Elsie Black died.

"They worked hard to keep that business going," Betts said. "It's hard to see it go down like that."

Family members still hold out hope the 80-year-old business can rise again.

"I often think about what will happen to my castle," Elsie Black told The Saginaw News in 1982. "After I retire or die, will it survive?"

Earl Graves Sr: Saving Our Young Black Men - The Government Operated School Systems Are Most Problematic

Earl Graves Sr - 2006 - Saving Our Young Black Men

My editorial 2 cents: We as a people have mastered how to use political activism to take control over the key institutions in our communities. Thus we have more control over them today than ever before.

It is now time to learn MANAGEMENT EXECUTION.
This will show the true intention of those who are called "The Black Establishment". Either their goal was to assume control for the purposes of ideological and partisan power building.

Alternatively the "rank and file" in our community must conclude that we will not, in fact, obtain our goals of quality schools, safe streets, thriving local economies and healthy lifestyles until we learn how to MANAGE those forces who are now in power - applying the appropriate and effective management practices to achieve this end.

The consequences of getting this wrong and continuing along this current path are deadly - physically, spiritually and culturally.

The lives that our progeny yet to be born is being shaped right now.

One of the most alarming trends threatening the economic stability and wealth-building capacity of African Americans is the declining presence of black men on our nation's college campuses. According to the American Council on Education, of the 1.8 million black men of traditional college age--18 to 24--only 25% were seeking higher education in 2004.

The good news is that African Americans are more likely to finish high school and attend college than ever before. In fact, according to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the college enrollment gap between whites and blacks who completed high school was cut in half between 1991 and 2000.

However, that progress has been driven almost entirely by black women. In 2000, nearly two-thirds of all black females who completed high school had gone on to enroll in or finish college, compared to just over half of their black male peers. The college enrollment and completion rate for young black males was lower in 2000 (53.4%) than in any year since 1993 (50.7%).

The result of this trend is as disturbing as it is predictable. Black men constitute only 40% of all first-year full-time black students attending four-year institutions in 2004, compared to nearly 45% in 1971. This growing gender gap in higher education is as prevalent at historically black colleges and universities as it is at predominantly white institutions. In fact, black male enrollment has fallen to as little as 30% at several HBCUs.

Why is this happening? It's easy to point the finger at the public school system, which continues to do a poor job of preparing our kids for higher education and job opportunities. However, our girls are coming out of the same schools. No, the problem is deeper than that. We've allowed the bitter seeds of low expectation, apathy, and mediocrity to take root in the lives of too many of our black boys. We sadly acknowledge, but rarely take a stand against, the fact that our boys are far more likely than our girls to be ridiculed, ostracized, and even physically assaulted for demonstrating enthusiasm for academic achievement. Our boys are far more likely than our girls to be celebrated for almost anything other than educational attainment. The role models typically held up for black boys, such as entertainers and athletes, rarely associate higher education as critical to success. And while there are many local and national programs aimed at boosting academic achievement and expectations for girls, such programs are few and far between for black boys.

The price we pay as African Americans is enormous--measured in everything from unemployment and poverty to rates of incarceration--and amounts to a significant and unacceptable diminution in our capacity to build sustainable wealth.

As we bring in the new year, let us each personally resolve to change this. Let's champion the creation and support of programs designed to enable, encourage, and celebrate the academic achievement of black boys. When our boys are attacked or intimidated for demonstrating a commitment to academic achievement, let's defend them as forcefully as we would if they were threatened with racial violence or police brutality. And let's resolve to communicate to our boys that we expect as much of them academically as we do of our girls, and reward them accordingly. The answer is not to lower expectations of black girls, but to raise them for our boys.

Finally, I challenge each and every reader of BLACK ENTERPRISE to personally intervene in the life of at least one young black male, and make it your mission to help him to commit to higher education as a goal and prepare for college. Let's make 2006 the year we free our boys from the slavery of mediocrity and low expectations.

From all of us here at BE, we wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.
COPYRIGHT 2006 Earl G. Graves Publishing Co., Inc.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PBS Independent Lens: At Home In Utopia - NYC That Is

At Home In Utopia

New York City cops in the Great Depression called it Little Moscow, but for the 2,000 Jewish immigrant residents of the United Workers Cooperative Colony, a.k.a. “the Coops,” it was their first taste of the American dream. AT HOME IN UTOPIA bears witness to an epic social experiment, following two generations of residents and their commitment to radical ideas of racial equality and rights for tenants and workers.

Upon listening to the introduction I have to admit - I listened to Terrence Howard queue up yet another "lefty, liberal" subject in the series "Independent Lens" and I wondered if I really wanted to continue watching.

I am glad I did.

This episode talked about the actions of various European Jewish immigrants to America and their attempt to escape their bonds as garmet workers stuck in slums and instead build a community of their own.

They made up the left wing factions in New York - the communists, the socialists, the labor unions.

The Legacy Of "An Eye For An Eye"

Note: Aug 25 - Post Updated With Video -

Wikipedia: An Eye For An Eye

Certain people's words become even more ironic once a greater context is learned about a particular tool that they use. Such is the case with the notion "An Eye For An Eye".

Every time I hear this word I am made to think of US Rep John Lewis. Mr Lewis, a liberal, is famous for saying "In practicing 'An Eye For An Eye' only leaves us all blind and toothless". In summary Mr Lewis is arguing that such a strategy leads to a perpetual series of retributions.

Having learned about the origins of the word, Mr Lewis has no idea how clueless he is on the matter.

In watching a show about Jewish history I learned an important lesson on about how the word came to be. Whereas Lewis and other people of our modern age see the rule as an open door toward the expansion of violence it is the total opposite.

In early Jewish society the wealthy and powerful were able to carry forth an imbalanced set of retribution in response to the actions of a poor person. A poor person stealing a loaf of bread might have his arm cut off. A person breaking into some one's house might be killed.

The concept of "An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth" was actually a command to have the powerful to LIMIT their punishment upon a poor person to that which is proportional to the crime.

The Jewish history show detailed the fact that "the law" was celebrated as a "gift from God" within certain Jewish societies. The key point of the tradition is that God has given them the tools to craft a civil society and thus they are honored. Take a step back and compare this historical point with what we see today regarding people's view of criminal law and law enforcement. Today the concept is used to suppress nearly any punishment at all in that an equal rebuke leads to resentment for the criminal when a hug from the system would show that he is loved.

I am starting to come to the full understanding that the disposition assumed by some to be one of "social justice and empathy" is, in truth, a gateway to societal destruction as certain elements of the society lose respect for the community as they lose respect for the law.

Waiting For Jesus To Rain Down Upon Her Church - The Devil Gets There First

This is a tragic ending to a pastor who lived off of her faith.

She came to church each Sunday to preach. The fact that no one else came did not deter HER mission.

Her mission on this earth was finally terminated by the actions of a person who got his instructions from the devil.

Link To Story: Mother says pastor found slain in Oklahoma church also was a volunteer, 'just loved people'

Friday, August 21, 2009

Transforming The Black Community Via Management Science - Part II - The Decision Grid

Transforming The Black Community Via Management Science - Part II - The Decision Grid

Note: To some of you this will be an offensive set of contents. In your view I will be seen making a mockery of the NEED for health care among Black people (and others in the nation).

The key reason why your view is distorted is because of the key point in the last sentence.

You see the NEED for health care amongst Black people was NOT a recent occurrence. In fact it was one of the essential requirements that the machine that struggled to take over our communities were expected to deliver part and parcel in the economic system that they fielded per their control over the community.

In as much as they failed to do this AND in as much as the centers of industry that had originally contributed significantly in the build up of these cities had largely vacated upon the ascension of this new regime - it was incumbent upon the voting public to probe this new machine as to its detailed plans on how to deliver these important service to the people that looked its way for these services.

It is now becoming clear that the ground game of attrition that I frequently refer to is actually an attempt to leverage the new found political power at the periphery to make a run at the core economy at the national level.

Ironically many people don't even see the irony: In order to actually accomplish the promises that were made by the machine prior to the ascension at the local level these local entities are required to fuse together to functional void the boundary lines which allowed these cities to define a distinctive border upon which to provide its management focus upon. In summary - these cities will only survive if they functionally "de-incorporate" from the standpoint of organic revenue generation. Instead they must become logical aggregation points for money that is rained down from high. This effectively nullifies the "Flight Of Capital" in which by moving outside of a local taxing district - a person or an entity chose to "vote to repudiate certain policies with its feet".

CONSCIOUSNESS - The Only Hope For Black People

While the diagram is focused upon the African-American community - of course it is not limited to us so please spare me with the charges of "picking upon Black people". However, at least rhetorically there is popular talk about our need to transform ourselves back to the consciousness that we had prior to being kidnapped into slavery. Stripped of our own "self-determination" as practiced by Africans for thousands of years. Instead we were forced to WORK for someone else's ultimate benefit and economic enrichment.

I place my bet that there is a larger number of Black people who, while not exactly appreciative of the seemingly sarcastic swipe that the contents up above represent - they will take a step back and being to ask the question: "WHY HAVEN'T THIS PARTICULAR CONSIDERATIONS BEEN USED AS CONSTRUCTS FOR OUR CONSIDERATION OF THE ULTIMATE BENEFIT OF THESE POLICIES UPON OUR COMMUNITY?"

What exactly are we "building up" people?

Are we building up our "bodies" per this supposedly previously unknown "RIGHT" to health care? If so is there any particular consequence for building up the abstraction between the receipt of this benefit and our organic industriousness to deliver these services? It seems to me that the root of the "Unemployment Problem" in Black America is not found proportionately in the hands of the suppressive boot that stands against you. Instead it is the large body of UNEMPLOYED MINDS who have no framework upon which to direct their actions toward in support of a long term strategy to build up these medical and economic competencies within.

Think about it all in terms of a TRANSACTION. If you are indeed as "EQUAL" as you claim - you receive the valuable benefit of 'free at the point of service health care'. What have you provided in the second phase of the two phase transaction? From what I can see it is your VOTE that is the primary item of barter.

If this is all that is necessary to construct a viable system then we should hand out "votes" to all of the poor in the world and then sit back and watch all of the "rights" that flow their way.

Greater than the supposed higher state of "morality" that such a scheme provides is the need for a higher state of CONSCIOUSNESS. A people who engage in a constant stream of imbalanced transactions will most assuredly never leave the force that is providing it with the benefits in such a lopsided deal.

The conscious among them had better be looking at two things:
  1. What happens to this "standard of living" if the generator distances themselves from you?
  2. What happens if the constant draw upon the system causes it to go insolvent due to the lack of confidence that its financiers now place upon the system?
In both cases - little has been done by the supposed leaders that care about the masses to develop the ability for the masses to survive such a tragic occurrence.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transforming The Black Community Via Management Science

(Note: This illustration above ONLY describes the options associated within the AMERICAN POLITICAL domain. This is not the only domain by which ones "Permanent Interests" can be pursued and obtained. These are not the only two options at hand within the political domain either. These options are only used for the purposes of illustration of my point.)

Continuing with my theory which argues that most of the missed opportunities for the development of the president day Black community stems from a lack of an organizational management structure to effectuate such an advancement - I offer the graph above.

Goal, Vehicle & Methodology

One of the main reasons why the Black adult is, on the one hand the most dependable voter for one party while at the same time having a high likelihood of residing in a community where so much of his human potential remains untapped is due to the lack of proper structural and organizational understanding of how they can adopt strategies to tap this full potential for their own benefit.

All of their political, academic, economic and cultural actions need to be focused upon their "Permanent Interests".

Instead what we see today is that the "ideologue" who has committed to a methodology also only sees a particular vehicle as supplying his locomotion forward. Even when the results obtained as he loads all of his "eggs" into this vehicle falls short of his expectations and needs - he will continue "trying harder" to make it work. This is only because he is more bound to his ideology than he is to his "Permanent Interests".

Monday, August 17, 2009

Interracial Worship Services

I happen to attend an interracial, conservative leaning Christian church in the South.

I now sit in the same church as some White Southerners who's Southern drawl would have made me think they were automatically "racist" just a few years ago. Some of these same people have displayed warmth and openness.

I am an African-American. I notice that Black immigrants make up the largest portion of the Black people in our church. Caribbeans, brown skinned Indians and South Americans are abundant. There are only a few African-American people within.

I think that some of the historic Black/White battle that has engulfed our culture is a significant reason for the distribution among Blacks.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Need For More Civility And Respect For Each Other In Our Community

Why did I come to the Riverdale Wal-Mart that evening again?

I had honestly forgotten as I was standing in the store at 9pm.

I had heard that there was an employee at this particular Wal-Mart location that had tested positive for TB. I had gone there to see if the store had any messages posted on the window notifying the customers. This, even though the public health officials said that the customers were not in any danger. (This is the only reason why I would dare to go there upon hearing the news about the outbreak).

Standing in line at Wal-Mart in the evening is always a frustrating experience. They had 100 cash registers but only 2 were open.

I go to stand in the line behind the woman in the photo and the cashier at this "self checkout" center told me that this particular lane had closed.

Then I noticed that the customer was cursing at the cashier:

"Get the F**k away from me. You had better get the F**k away from me B*tch". Initially a guy standing behind me and I thought that they were both playing. We had walked over to the first line and yet this woman kept on going. Clearly she was not playing.

She went on curing out the cashier. There was nothing physical. Only an abundance of IGNORANCE coming out of her mouth in public.

When she left the cashier said "This woman don't know who she is messing with. When she was cussing at me I had to hold myself back from getting right back at her".

I give her credit because she largely ignored the woman. I could not see why the customer was so upset.

When I walked outside this same ignorant woman was loading her food into a Mercedes. Clearly the car is no indicator of the class that a person has. I decided to "mean mug" the woman as I walked past but she did not even look back at me.


It is hard to understand how some people think.
Black folks spend so much time fighting against the NEGATIVE PROFILES that so many of us say that outsiders have against us. This stereotype is used to our detriment. Our increased presence triggers a mass exodus - is the way the story goes.

Among some people there is a lack of a standard baseline for behavior in the general public. I saw nothing that the cashier was doing to provoke the continuing verbal assault that this woman was mouthing.

She cared not that there was a bunch of people staring at her as if she was crazy. She only wanted to "speak her mind" to the other Black woman who was some sort of threat to her.

It is very true that this was one, independent Black woman who was not an "official representative" of the Black community.

Still we have to make up our minds.

When it comes to certain considerations due to our history in this nation she indeed is allowed under the veil of "Black Victimhood" and is entitled to all that is centrally negotiated on our behalf.

At the same time if someone makes inference about this woman's ignorant behavior and, after having watched the news of the "Bloody Summer" in Atlanta begins to build a PROFILE about Black folks - how is it that anyone can deny that a profile does indeed exist?

The solution is pretty straight forward. IF you know that profiles and stereotypes are reality, regardless of how they are frowned upon (and you know Black folks have a profile of White folks, so please stop your denial) - then it seems to me that there is a need for some inward management and guidance to our own people to insure that we are maintaining some level of civility so that fewer people are contributing to a negative stereotype of us as a loosely connected group.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marriage Rates Down In Educated Black Women

Marriage down among educated black women

Sista's don't forget your partners as you develop your ownselves

Brothers - step up to the plate. Put the foolishness aside and allow us to grow together as a more balanced community.

We have focused so much on external issues for the benefit of external entities. Now it is time to start taking care of home.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The lack of a black agenda

The lack of a black agenda

Most African Americans believe racial inequality is still a problem. But class divisions have prevented a consensus on what to do about it.

With the key institutions governing the Black community being 100% controlled by favorable people - those who believe that the "struggle" milieu is the most appropriate one have some introspection to do.

My Commitments As A "Resident Father" Did Not Allow Me To Attend The "What We Gonna Do Now?" Forum

My Commitments As A "Resident Father" Did Not Allow Me To Attend The "What We Gonna Do Now About The Pirates That We Incubated?" Forum

I had it all planned out.

My kids and wife are used to me talking out loud to myself in the house. In truth I am practicing my arguments for when I step into a community forum and engage those operatives who I am so critical of.

I had planned to attend the community forum at the First Iconium Baptist Church. I even stepped outside and put the coordinates into my cellphone so I can determine how long it would take me to drive there on Saturday morning.

View Larger Map

I had my words practiced because I had planned to take the mic when the question and answering period of the program took place. I have been to many of these events during my adult life spent in Atlanta. Unfortunately these are more "command and control" sessions where those at the podium do most of the talking. They do allocate a small amount of time for audience participation. With my words prepared I was going to step up, hopefully being one of the first speakers. I didn't want to be a "complainer". I wanted to summarize and contextualize what we are seeing.

I was going to wait my turn in line, focus my sights on Derrick Boazman - the man who I have had several on-the air (radio) confrontations with over the years and say the following:

Brother Boazman I have been watching you over the years. Though we are in fundamental disagreement ideologically I think that you are a good brother. That you are committed to the cause far more than most. I have been following your "Let Us Make Man" intervention efforts as you seek to provide guidance to our young brothers. Though I am a Black Conservative and you call yourself a Black Progressive we are not at fundamental odds with respect to our goals.

I am not arguing that what you are doing is wrong. I am not arguing that what you are doing is a failure. I applaud what you are doing because it is the right thing.

My issue with what you are doing is not about the "rightness" of your strategy. Instead it is about the comprehensiveness of your strategy. Just like the few T.D. Jakes "Mega Fests" that I had gone to as I saw the man fill the Georgia Dome - I was not impressed by the large quantity of people who were inside of the Georgia Dome despite it being filled to the rafters. Instead I was thinking about the far larger number of people who NEEDED to be hearing these messages and yet who were not in earshot of these worthy messages.

Thus, Brother Boazman - my issue with you is in regards to the scale of your efforts. I think that your message is a space heater. Yes it radiates heat to warm those who are nearby - and thus it is EFFECTIVE in the scope of those who need the heat energy flowing to keep them warm. My issue is that we need a "household heating system" that has a larger scale that can heat the entire home where people, regardless of the room that they occupy can receive the radiant heat.

Your heat radiates to only those who have proximity to your message. I saw that your last event was held in Augusta GA. I was going to drive over but, once again my commitments at home kept me from participating.

I am not here to challenge your message or to criticize your good works. I am here to tell of the need for a new strategy. We need to have a plan that is far more embedded into our community than the one that is present to those who bother to show up.

The reason why the space heater versus the built in heating unit is a good metaphor to use is because where as the space heater might be picked up and allowed to vacate a house, the built in heating system is a fundamental part of the household - just as we need our Black fathers of these Pirates that you are here to ponder about need to be.

You are concerned about sounding too "conservative" in regards to your calls for reform of our Black community. The truth is that YOU ALREADY ARE conservative in that you know full well that what I am saying is the truth. The only difference between you and I is the extent by which you will seek to have the PEOPLE THEMSELVES to express these values upon their own backs rather than having it rained down upon them via some form of "Social Justice" as the justification for their receipt. I have the view that the people who will be the greatest beneficiaries of the receipt of these benefits have the incumbent responsibility to act upon the implementation of these social constructs. To do otherwise is to create an external dependency which you cannot shake.

You see. I had it all planned out.
Then I started receiving the "Honey Do" list for my Saturday.
I was assigned something to do at 9am.
My wife was going to the guy at 11am and thus I had to watch the kids
I had to drop my daughter off at 12 noon for her hair appointment

That did it. There is no way that I could drive up to Moreland Ave and come back down to my community to do all that my wife had assigned to me.

There are two solutions.

1) Either the Social Justice operatives need to start doing a live video streaming session of their gatherings where I could use my "highly connected" state to listen in to them


2) They need a fundamental change in strategy. Instead of depending upon Black men who are already tethered to the responsibilities of their own families the challenge is to develop a CULTURE by which those Black men who sire these young Black males who are "Pirate candidates" step up and operate as the "RESIDENT FATHERS" their sons need to thrive.

I am a participant in a weekly reading program for young Black boys. My family commitments often have me unavailable for participation. In essence - I am asked to depart my family so that I can offer assistance to another man's son.

This is fine as a supplement. It simply does not work as a permanent fix.

The issues around "family structure" that have been turned into an ideological football are incontrovertible. We as a community are now suffering the effects of our misalignment.

I just receive a call from my wife that I now have to go and pick up my daughter from the hair dressers.

Gotta go. (Do you see what I am talking about?)

The Farmer And The Wild Mountain Boars

The Farmer And The Wild Mountain Boars

A sounder of wild boars lived their lives on the top of a hill. The land produced all that they needed to live fruitfully and procreate the next generation. Each adult boar handed off the foraging skill that were built up from a lifetime of executing upon that which their own parents handed down to them.

At the foot of the hill was an increasing amount of development of farm land by humans. Occasionally these humans attempted to take over and develop the very hill where the wild boars live. Each time the boars would wage an attack against them. As each successive farmer marched up the hill with his hoes, bags of seeds and plows – the sounder of wild boars would violently chase them away – biting them, sticking them with their tusks, trampling over any vegetation that a farmer might have been able to sneak in. Needless to say the title to this plot of land changed hands frequently. Most of the humans concluded that “It was not worth it. The boars are are dead set against anyone taking over their land”.

The deed to the land was transferred to one farmer who decided to take a different tact. He did not purchase farming supplies and immediately attempt to farm the land. He instead built a platform in a tree on the hill and simply sat back and watched these boars. His goal was to understand what made them tick and use this reconnaissance for his own purposes.

When the spring time came this farmer was seen hiking up the hill with two large sacks of “pig feed” on his shoulders. He reached the top of the hill, with sweat upon him. The wild boars looked upon him , ready to mount an attack against what they thought was yet another “seeding” attempt. He tore open these bags of feed, poured it upon the ground and then retreated back down the hill. The wild boars looked upon his actions with great curiosity.

A few hours past as they stayed in the high grass, looking at the mound of material that they saw birds swoop in to eat. One scout from the wild boars went over to the mound to check it out. He was careful to look out for snares, booby traps or poison. He walked up to the mound, sniffed it, detected that it appeared to be food that was in good standing and began to eat.

The other boars looking upon their friend eating an abundant share of the food look on him as he ate the “easy pickings” while their stomachs growled. A steady wave of the boars retreated from their positions in the grass and made their way to the mound of food and began to eat. They raised their head on occasion, to make sure that the farmer did not spring out of the bushes and blast them all with his shot gun. None of this happened.

Each successive week, the farmer returned and repeated the same task – dumping the food and departing. Over time he brought a third bag and then a forth as he noticed that two bags was not enough, now that more boars were feasting upon it and fights began to break out over the food shortage. He then switched from a weekly schedule of delivery to a daily schedule.

In the twelfth month of this venture something changed. Upon delivering the supply of food the farmer began to plant a wooden post into the ground each day. First one and then another was planted 10 feet away and then another was placed 10 feet away from the last one.

Upon seeing this changing situation some of the elders became concerned. One spoke out and made the case that he had always had concern about the farmer's intentions. He mentioned that of the other humans that he had heard about from his ancestors had the intention of taking their land and killing them off. Why is this one any different? Another elder noted that over the 12th months of them eating that which the farmer has left them they have gotten fatter. Upon initially eating the farmer's food it made up only a quarter of their diet. They still had to forage for their own food. As they got more dependent upon the farmer's food they began to fight. As more food was supplied they stopped seeking other food and now this food provides 95% of their nutrition. Yet another elder noted that they have gone through two complete breading seasons and that no one of their new generation of piglets have learned their traditional foraging methods. Instead they first nursed off of their mother as she at the farmer's food. Later on they stood beside their mother and ate the farmer supplied food just as they saw her eating. “What happens if the farmer decides to stop feeding us?” asked this elder.

Upon hearing all of this the young boars began to rebut them. “We have been eating this food for a year and we have eaten well. This farmer has not poised us. This farmer has not shot at us as did the other humans of the did, just as you tell us. We are now dealing with a different type of human than what you faced 'back in the day'. We cannot be bound to your old ways. We must progress forward. “

Another young boar stated “Look at the quality of the food that we now have access to. The old way of foraging had us looking for food all day long. We were forced to stick our snouts into bushes covered with thorns, being pricked as we sought to reach the fruit. Our teeth were ground down as we crunched on hard shells of nuts as we gained access to the edible portion inside. Today we have it much better. This enlightened farmer, who watched us upon his platform was empathetic about our fate in the while. He saw all that we struggled with. He was gracious enough to care to remove these challenges that we faced. I say that we continue eating this more nutritious food. These posts are likely put up as part of a shelter to keep our food from getting wet when it rains”.

The elders stopped consuming the farmer's food and went back to foraging. Over time the conflict with the elders subsided because they passed on with age.

Indeed the farmer completed the roof. He also began to fill in the spaces between each post with wood panels. The new leaders of the boars dismissed this as any sort of threat. They rationalized that these walls were being put up to keep the birds and the occasional fox from eating their food.

Over time the walls were complete. The entire building was complete but for one entrance that they could walk through to access “their food”. By this time they could be seen walking toward the food even before the farmer had departed from the scene. Their tails would wag upon seeing him come to feed them.

On the last fateful day they saw the farmer leave the food, depart and then come back as they were inside of the feeding pen as they ate. Since they had grown comfortable with him his presence was of no concern to them. They looked up, saw it was him and continued to eat, their tails wagging.

The farmer erected the final enclosure to the feeding house. It was a hinged gate.

All fears held by the boars were put at bay as one of their leaders told them: “No worried. Our friend the farmer must have seen a fox on his walk down off of our hill. He came back to put up the last section up so that this fox would not steal our food.

As they finished feeding and pushed their snouts upon the new gate – it did not swing open. At this point they knew that they were trapped per their dependency.

After his investment the farmer obtained the farmland that many men prior to him had failed to obtain. He also had access to a sounder of fat pigs upon which the humans feasted upon in celebration of the newly expanded farmland.

Friday, August 07, 2009

After The Assault From Pirates: Sistas Are Fighting For Their Community's Sanctity

I am going to be honest with you - I have a large amount of respect and appreciation for the actions of various Black females in certain communities as they fight to restore a higher level of security to their community. Sadly the main threat to this security are often the Black males from within this same community. Unfortunately these young men are the sons of other Black women from this same community.

What we are seeing is a violation of one of the key "Permanent Interests" to the Black community: "Safe Streets".

We have heard many times before that it is the female who strives for and benefits from the safety and security that stable families and stable communities bring to her. A mother of a child depends upon a certain amount of security and lack of surprise and drama within her daily attempts to keep the house and the people within it going.

The dysfunction that appears to be streaming from some of the Black males within these areas is proof positive of the effects of the current broken and dysfunctional status of the Black family. More specifically the absence of a strong and present Black father figure who is a worthy role model is showing its deleterious impact upon our communities.

Too often this issue of family stability and structure is politicized. Today we are seeing that those who often throw these concerns away as some sort of "Republican scheme" are now seeing that this has no partisan ownership nor is it a ploy.

I have argued that it is clear to all who care to open their eyes that the Black community is in a new interval in our journey within this nation. Gone are the days where our collective actions needed to be focused upon some external threat who operated without respect to the laws or in the absence of laws to regulate his behavior. These victories have been won. Today as we have control of our own communities per the favorable person in power over them - it is incumbent upon our own people to bring to life the order that is necessary for us to prosper as a people. Despite this fact being all too obvious - there are some who are threatened by an internal focus because such a shift would shine the spotlight upon their own incompetency.

Today we are "All Alone, All By Ourselves" in these communities. This is not an example of "societal abandonment". This is only evidence of the responsibility that comes about when you get the type of control that you have vied for for so long. Today we stand facing the need for a reform in the tactics and focus that is present with the "Black Agenda". We can no longer allow certain operatives who plant 'Racist Scarecrows" in our community for the effect of generating fear and resentment which ultimately keep us unified but this unity has us cowering under the cloak of fear and trepidation.

Instead there needs to be a realignment back toward the instantiation of the "Permanent Interests" for our people. If the fruit of our efforts is not these deliverables the problems featured in the video above will remain with us. We are the "police" and the "owners" of our community.

Some people say "Jesus/God is within us".
It is more true that "We are the agents to bring forth the type of communities that we desire".

Thursday, August 06, 2009

311 Clayton graves to be moved next month

311 Clayton graves to be moved next month

In the wake of the insanity that took place in the cemetery outside of Chicago recently I empathize with the plight of these people in Clayton County Georgia.

At the same time the events are very different. Instead of having the bodies removed from the graves as part of some illegal cash scheme - this firm followed the legal process for moving the remains to a new cemetery. Where as the previous cemetery was not easily accessible by family members wanting to pay their respects the new place is so.

I know from my own situation that I would not want to have my family burial plot in in South Carolina disturbed. I get a history lesson and a sense of connectedness each time I go there and match the names with the family tree that I have.

As long as the families are treated respectfully and that the family themselves are reasonable about the situation at hand they can retain their connection with their ancestors. In the end their ancestor's hopes can be fulfilled by the actions of their descendants today, making full use of their own freedom to move the ball forward for the next generation.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Solution Series: Managing Our Way Out Of Dysfunction - Part I

This is a new series that I will kick off with this post. The theme is not new. I stated previously that the Black community presently has a "Human Resource Management" problem that is showing up as a crime problem, an academic problem and a health status problem.

It is clear to me that many of the same management constructs that are present within the business world which work to deliver certain "directed outcomes" are applicable to addressing many of the problems in our community. At the end of the day - the key point is not the suggestion that these constructs are used to generate "profits". Instead the point is that they are used to guide PEOPLE.

These techniques:
  • Provide a framework for the development of a clear agenda that is in line with some specific goals.
  • The propagation of this agenda to the masses of people attached to the unit via educational outreach.
  • The allocation of resources necessary to carry out the agenda
  • The measurement and analysis tools necessary to provide feedback as to the course and heading
  • The corrective actions necessary to put the people back on track
It is my view that we simply have too many Black people who are in fact managers in the business realm for our community to presently be at the point where these same tactics are not implemented to address these critical problems at a more wholesale level.

It is my personal opinion that those who are beholden to power have not been inclined to allow new ideas to supplant those of their own. For the past several decades it has been far more profitable for their own interests to continue to exploit old "racist scarecrows" that have been planted throughout the Black community rather than construct a more sound internal scaffolding for our people to organically build upon. This is not to say that their methods were not valid per the external threat that we faced and the justice system that looked the other way. One would be hard pressed, however, to argue that these conditions exist today.


I have stated several times my habit of listening to people and then constructing a mapping of the various arguments, tricks and excuses they make use of to retain their entrenched position. My notion of the "Proportionality Filter" is used to make a determination if the "threat" that they have put forth as to why a certain unfavorable result that has been obtained by some element within the Black community in fact stands as a valid reason for the shortcoming.

To bottom line it for you - some people are contented that after going through their own mind all of the reasons why a certain condition exists - they span the gap between their understanding and the real world by inserting in some sort of CONSPIRACY THEORY as a means of pacifying their own self that things occurred the way that they did because of the insertion of this hidden hand that they point to.

This present exercise is my attempt to educate you into more effectively scrutinizing their antics. Again - applying my business background in the process.

In a recent customer engagement in which the operatives from a large company through up various points of objections to our proposal I noted to the members of my sales team that if we don't all commit to a certain FRAMEWORK for the analysis of the problem at hand "they win". They will remain entrenched upon their view that the piecemeal solution from our competitors is in fact going to save them some money. Each of these players have their own provincial interest that they are clinging to. They have been throwing out counter claims that have not been evaluated with respect to a disciplined process of consideration. If we don't set standard terms for the evaluation of the entire problem set - these others win because their own job is to disassemble our proposal.

The diagram above is a model of an aircraft in flight. (Sorry for the ugly air plane. I was sitting in an airport and didn't have Internet access to grab some clip art).

For this hunk of metal and jet fuel to fly some group of engineers and scientists in the past had to document all of the real world forces that would bear down upon this vessel. These forces had the goal of keeping this craft grounded and/or having the craft spin out of control and crash to the ground. In any event - if these engineers did not have a disciplined structure for the analysis of these forces - the defacto result would occur - the craft would go back to the ground - either never having flown or smashed into millions of different pieces.

When I hear the claims about the various forces present today which are purportedly holding Black people back - I see the need to get these same people to go through the exercise of attempting to identify and qualify these forces. You see - the more ambiguous that they are allowed to remain - the more that they will demand that "Black people remain UNIFIED" - tucking our individual thoughts and criticisms about their agenda for the sake of there being a BIGGER THREAT who seeks to kill us all (or at least return us to slavery if we don't remain vigilant against their threats).

In this unstructured analysis you can be sure of two things:
  • They are going to over represent the threat that streams from these EXTERNAL terrorists to our cause
  • Since they are in power over the resources that they purport to protect - they are going to UNDER REPRESENT the force that their own incompetence plays at perpetuating the circumstances that we face

The power of persuasion held by the "confidence man" cannot be mistaken. Don't think that just because certain truths seem obvious that the masses will rise up in revolt against them. Instead they must be provided with tools that will allow them to do their own analysis of what they are being asked to support. Better outcomes will inherently be produced if, for no other reason, BAD IDEAS will be pushed to the side. Absent this the people will simply keep "Trying Harder" to make bad ideas work.

The diagram immediately above seeks to craft a proportional representation of the forces that are bearing down. (Not - these are totally fabricated numbers only done to make a point). The fact that an attempt was made to first document the presence of these forces is a significant milestone. To have successful flight, however, the relative proportion of these forces had to be established.

What good is it to have an aircraft with the most powerful engines ever built and thus it has thrust yet the control surfaces on the wings are not sufficient enough to allow the captain to steer the air craft to its intended destination? We know that there will be some dramatic outcome via the speed that they are able to travel - but it won't be a good outcome. They will instead either land in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

The Violation Of The Second Amendment Rights Leads A Famous Black Man To Jail

ESPN: Making an example of Plaxico Burress

New York City effectively strips one's Second Amendment Rights away from law abiding American citizens as soon as he enters into the city limits.

Whereas one NFL star receives a 30 day slap on the wrist in Florida for running over a man with his car and killing him - another NFL star who had a gun on his person and accidentally shot himself in the leg - stands to potentially spend 3.5 years in jail for his violation of the laws of NYC.

If any of the other Constitutional Amendments were violated - we'd see the ACLU and others rushing to this man's defense. Instead we have the 2nd Amendment as the key amendment, when violated, is applauded rather than challenged by the "usual suspects".

We will not hear any notion about "Yet another Black man put into the Prison Industrial Complex" on this one. Most who use this rhetoric support this onerous law.

In their pursuit of "safety" they have chosen to yield their rights.

The actions of thugs who don't respect the laws and thus who commit mayhem with their guns have motivated them into yielding these rights for the sake of a "gun-free" society. The fact that the criminals don't respect these laws means that they are not going to be bound by gun regulations.

Let too many Black males be ensnared in gun arrests - then we will hear from this band who pursue "social justice".

Naomi Sims - The First Black "Super Model"

Naomi Sims: March 30, 1948 - August 1, 2009

Naomi Sims, 61, Pioneering Cover Girl, Is Dead
Published: August 4, 2009
Ms. Sims’s appearance on the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal in November 1968 was a consummate moment of the Black is Beautiful movement.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Episode Of Cheaters Showed The Confluence Of Multiple Societal Dysfunctions

I just watched the most disturbing episode of the show "Cheaters" that I have ever seen. Sadly I watched it over my digital over the air broadcast and thus was not able to record it.

The show had a Black female and her Black female lesbian girlfriend.

See Episode 42 on this "Cheaters" web site.

The girlfriend was cheating on the primary guest on the show. The host of the show took Nicole Brown to the club where her female friend was clubbing it up with several other females. When the group of girls exited the club - the chaotic fight was on.

What I saw was disturbing.

I can accept the "Jerry Springer Shows" and the "Maury Shows". These are just ignorant people acting a fool and there is a bit of stagemanship that accompanies the exploits.

I believe that what was shown on "Cheaters" was a bit more of a window of how some people really live. It also showed the consequences of our present societal priorities.

  • It was not that these two attractive Black females were lesbians but that in these same sex relationships the normal restraint from a male hitting a female goes out of the window. Instead there was a chaotic scene where these females wanted nothing more than to rip the hair out and punch the target of their angst that was in front of them. Several of the girls kept going at it in an out of control manner. Sure there are men who do engage in physical conflict with a woman. Upon seeing this, however, there is likely to be someone intervening to stop this type of battle.
  • The second layer of disturbance was the fact that all of this was being down in the auspices of a "reality television" show. Thus you had a crew of White males working as - the host, the camera men and the bouncers associated with the show were charged with restraining these out of control sisters who wanted nothing more than to go after each other. A few of them also attacked the cameras and the guys restraining them. All the while their breasts flew out of their low cut shirts. Their backsides came out of their low rider jeans.
  • Finally - and I must say - MOST DISTURBINGLY were the YOUNG BLACK MALES who looked on, some edging them on. To them it was a school yard fight.
WHERE WAS THE DIGNITY in any of this?

I keep wanting to believe that there are these proud, "Too Black, Too Strong" Black people out there who see this type of foolishness going on and who step up and get the situation under control. At this point in time I would have even applauded a group of conscious and conservative Black men who sought to attack the situation from a racial angle. Those who saw that the White camera men had orchestrated parameters of the conflict per the television show that they put on and they stepped in to put a "Black Conscious" footprint on the situation. If only this had happened.

Instead these Black males joined in, cheering the fight among the Black women who were acting ignorantly in public. At a time where our collective focus is upon an elite Black professor having been "tricked" into coming upon the porch of his own home in order to be arrested - we have a scene of mass chaos among out of control Black females and unconscious Black males who did NOTHING to insure order and civility.


What happened to the notion of "Being a Lady"?
This scene made me think about my time spent as an extended substitute teacher after moving to a new city. I saw a cafeteria fight between two young Black girls in the 8th grade. I figured that I WOULD TREAT THEM LIKE LADIES. I played "patty cake" with one of them, seeking to block her from going after the second girl.

The assistant vice-principal (a Black male) blew right past me and collared both of the females up in order to restrain them, holding them with his forearm across their upper chest. (Both were well endowed). One of the girls squirmed her way out of his clutches and in the process his forearm caught her neck. After about 6 seconds - she passed out onto the floor. She was out for about 5 seconds. She got right back up and started swinging again!!!

Clearly he applied the proper level of interdiction that was more effective than mine.
Sadly these two females had no goal of maintaining their own composure.

The next day - the father of the girl who passed out came to the school. His first words????????


This incident showed me that I had better get my act together and get back into corporate America. The previous illusions that I had about teaching being a position where dignity and respect for authority reigns were shattered from these several weeks worked in this school.

My favorite teacher from my 6th grade experience (Mrs Martin) was the epitome of dignity and honor. Sadly something has been lost in the translation to the young people of today.

Where are the MEN and the LADIES today?

Is this what we struggled so hard for?