Monday, August 03, 2009

Episode Of Cheaters Showed The Confluence Of Multiple Societal Dysfunctions

I just watched the most disturbing episode of the show "Cheaters" that I have ever seen. Sadly I watched it over my digital over the air broadcast and thus was not able to record it.

The show had a Black female and her Black female lesbian girlfriend.

See Episode 42 on this "Cheaters" web site.

The girlfriend was cheating on the primary guest on the show. The host of the show took Nicole Brown to the club where her female friend was clubbing it up with several other females. When the group of girls exited the club - the chaotic fight was on.

What I saw was disturbing.

I can accept the "Jerry Springer Shows" and the "Maury Shows". These are just ignorant people acting a fool and there is a bit of stagemanship that accompanies the exploits.

I believe that what was shown on "Cheaters" was a bit more of a window of how some people really live. It also showed the consequences of our present societal priorities.

  • It was not that these two attractive Black females were lesbians but that in these same sex relationships the normal restraint from a male hitting a female goes out of the window. Instead there was a chaotic scene where these females wanted nothing more than to rip the hair out and punch the target of their angst that was in front of them. Several of the girls kept going at it in an out of control manner. Sure there are men who do engage in physical conflict with a woman. Upon seeing this, however, there is likely to be someone intervening to stop this type of battle.
  • The second layer of disturbance was the fact that all of this was being down in the auspices of a "reality television" show. Thus you had a crew of White males working as - the host, the camera men and the bouncers associated with the show were charged with restraining these out of control sisters who wanted nothing more than to go after each other. A few of them also attacked the cameras and the guys restraining them. All the while their breasts flew out of their low cut shirts. Their backsides came out of their low rider jeans.
  • Finally - and I must say - MOST DISTURBINGLY were the YOUNG BLACK MALES who looked on, some edging them on. To them it was a school yard fight.
WHERE WAS THE DIGNITY in any of this?

I keep wanting to believe that there are these proud, "Too Black, Too Strong" Black people out there who see this type of foolishness going on and who step up and get the situation under control. At this point in time I would have even applauded a group of conscious and conservative Black men who sought to attack the situation from a racial angle. Those who saw that the White camera men had orchestrated parameters of the conflict per the television show that they put on and they stepped in to put a "Black Conscious" footprint on the situation. If only this had happened.

Instead these Black males joined in, cheering the fight among the Black women who were acting ignorantly in public. At a time where our collective focus is upon an elite Black professor having been "tricked" into coming upon the porch of his own home in order to be arrested - we have a scene of mass chaos among out of control Black females and unconscious Black males who did NOTHING to insure order and civility.


What happened to the notion of "Being a Lady"?
This scene made me think about my time spent as an extended substitute teacher after moving to a new city. I saw a cafeteria fight between two young Black girls in the 8th grade. I figured that I WOULD TREAT THEM LIKE LADIES. I played "patty cake" with one of them, seeking to block her from going after the second girl.

The assistant vice-principal (a Black male) blew right past me and collared both of the females up in order to restrain them, holding them with his forearm across their upper chest. (Both were well endowed). One of the girls squirmed her way out of his clutches and in the process his forearm caught her neck. After about 6 seconds - she passed out onto the floor. She was out for about 5 seconds. She got right back up and started swinging again!!!

Clearly he applied the proper level of interdiction that was more effective than mine.
Sadly these two females had no goal of maintaining their own composure.

The next day - the father of the girl who passed out came to the school. His first words????????


This incident showed me that I had better get my act together and get back into corporate America. The previous illusions that I had about teaching being a position where dignity and respect for authority reigns were shattered from these several weeks worked in this school.

My favorite teacher from my 6th grade experience (Mrs Martin) was the epitome of dignity and honor. Sadly something has been lost in the translation to the young people of today.

Where are the MEN and the LADIES today?

Is this what we struggled so hard for?


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