Saturday, August 08, 2009

The lack of a black agenda

The lack of a black agenda

Most African Americans believe racial inequality is still a problem. But class divisions have prevented a consensus on what to do about it.

With the key institutions governing the Black community being 100% controlled by favorable people - those who believe that the "struggle" milieu is the most appropriate one have some introspection to do.

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Smile said...

Elsewhere I've made this statement:

I'm sure everyone has seen Sheila Jackson Lee who says "I am not rude" but you must see this clip,

Fellow citizens, this is our country. It's good to see us acting like it. We should remember that we don't need to do a lot of screaming or yelling but, let's be involved. Lets BE THERE so OUR voices are heard.

Don't you think we've sat on the sidelines too long while the haters go out and appear to speak for everyone?

If there's going to be rude, crude, subversive behavior caught on tape, it better not be US. But, we aught to be caught BEING THERE.

Anyone can complain amongst themselves. We've been doing that for years, decades. We need to step up, get out, and be counted. You in? Why not, you scared?

Did I say this is OUR country?

If you're even remotely serious, get a backbone and be involved with a TEA Party in your area. Ignore the guilt trip.

If you're even remotely serious about being fed up with the charge of being called racist by the racists, let's make these tea parties (and everything else!!!) look like the melting pot that is the strength of this nation. Otherwise it's just talk. Let's go DO SOMETHING!

I guaran dam tee ya, it will get us our country back. What is our country? It's WE the people! Not we the haters, not we the politicians, not we the talking heads, not we the acorn group, not we the president, not we the guilt trippers. Enough, don't drink the kool aid!

I'd rather drink tea.