Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Than "Who Taught You How To Hate Yourself" - What Have You Done To Block The Messages?

This video is powerful but only because it establishes a point of reference for the problem as it stands today.

A few weeks ago in an e-mail debate with a woman she told me that "Black people are killing each other now because the White man has taught us to hate each other".

I wish to move on to the next logical step. I have no control over the history. Yes we should learn it, but only to gain understanding of the events that transpired to get us where we are today AND to understand the nature of man.


Some people bask in the notion of "They Know Who Did This To Us". If they were ever allowed a jury trial - they are so ecstatic because they know they would win.

Unfortunately the world does not work this way. We are instead dealing with a game of attrition. One's system of messaging to the masses determines what is successful.

Thus when I hear a Black person make the case of "THEY taught us to hate each other" I am more inclined to ask them WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO PROTECT THE RESOURCES THAT THEY DO HAVE INFLUENCE OVER rather than just running a perpetual battle against "White Folks" (or capitalism)

  • How many of your televisions have you pulled out of the wall and given away at a loss because you know that THIS is the primary channel by which these messages enter your house and then your child's brains?
  • When was the last time you intervened asked that your teen aged kid show you their play list in iTunes so that you could purge all of the songs that are hateful to Black people - rapping about how they would "Kill any Black man who stepped to them with disrespect"?
  • Have you physically moved your child away from Unconscious People, realizing that WE CANNOT SAVE THE ENTIRE RACE, some Negroes who won't come willingly will pull you back into the ocean, out of the vessel that YOU see as a life raft while THEY see as an unwelcome departure from their friends?

Accompanying all of this - I struggle to understand how those who preach a message of "Self Worth for Black people" can justify their own political tendencies at times. When your main theme is to make Black people "IN RECEIPT OF A BENEFIT" without any particular economic or academic or community CHANGE that we must do as part of the transaction - are YOU building up a stronger people? Or are you building Serfs?

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