Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PBS Independent Lens: At Home In Utopia - NYC That Is

At Home In Utopia

New York City cops in the Great Depression called it Little Moscow, but for the 2,000 Jewish immigrant residents of the United Workers Cooperative Colony, a.k.a. “the Coops,” it was their first taste of the American dream. AT HOME IN UTOPIA bears witness to an epic social experiment, following two generations of residents and their commitment to radical ideas of racial equality and rights for tenants and workers.

Upon listening to the introduction I have to admit - I listened to Terrence Howard queue up yet another "lefty, liberal" subject in the series "Independent Lens" and I wondered if I really wanted to continue watching.

I am glad I did.

This episode talked about the actions of various European Jewish immigrants to America and their attempt to escape their bonds as garmet workers stuck in slums and instead build a community of their own.

They made up the left wing factions in New York - the communists, the socialists, the labor unions.

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