Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Study Of African Americans - The Intervals


These are my personal opinion after a lifetime of formal instruction and personal research. I do not claim to be a historian. The purpose of this exercise is not to create some "university quality" point of reference. It is only to establish a baseline that is accurate enough to develop a set of forward looking strategies.

  • Enslavement - 100% working to enrich and advance another man's economic interests
  • Reconstruction-Jim Crow - Freedom In Name Only. No Universally Respected Rights
  • Civi Rights - Fight to establish and enforce laws that insure rights and protection
  • Municipal Power Acquisition - Political power building over local institutions and representation in national government via the leveraging of the Voting Process
  • Management Of Key Institutions In Our Communities - Today the challenge is to take full advantage of the political power that has been obtained and translate this into Economic, Academic, and Social benefit

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