Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transforming The Black Community Via Management Science

(Note: This illustration above ONLY describes the options associated within the AMERICAN POLITICAL domain. This is not the only domain by which ones "Permanent Interests" can be pursued and obtained. These are not the only two options at hand within the political domain either. These options are only used for the purposes of illustration of my point.)

Continuing with my theory which argues that most of the missed opportunities for the development of the president day Black community stems from a lack of an organizational management structure to effectuate such an advancement - I offer the graph above.

Goal, Vehicle & Methodology

One of the main reasons why the Black adult is, on the one hand the most dependable voter for one party while at the same time having a high likelihood of residing in a community where so much of his human potential remains untapped is due to the lack of proper structural and organizational understanding of how they can adopt strategies to tap this full potential for their own benefit.

All of their political, academic, economic and cultural actions need to be focused upon their "Permanent Interests".

Instead what we see today is that the "ideologue" who has committed to a methodology also only sees a particular vehicle as supplying his locomotion forward. Even when the results obtained as he loads all of his "eggs" into this vehicle falls short of his expectations and needs - he will continue "trying harder" to make it work. This is only because he is more bound to his ideology than he is to his "Permanent Interests".

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