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Transforming The Black Community Via Management Science - Part II - The Decision Grid

Transforming The Black Community Via Management Science - Part II - The Decision Grid

Note: To some of you this will be an offensive set of contents. In your view I will be seen making a mockery of the NEED for health care among Black people (and others in the nation).

The key reason why your view is distorted is because of the key point in the last sentence.

You see the NEED for health care amongst Black people was NOT a recent occurrence. In fact it was one of the essential requirements that the machine that struggled to take over our communities were expected to deliver part and parcel in the economic system that they fielded per their control over the community.

In as much as they failed to do this AND in as much as the centers of industry that had originally contributed significantly in the build up of these cities had largely vacated upon the ascension of this new regime - it was incumbent upon the voting public to probe this new machine as to its detailed plans on how to deliver these important service to the people that looked its way for these services.

It is now becoming clear that the ground game of attrition that I frequently refer to is actually an attempt to leverage the new found political power at the periphery to make a run at the core economy at the national level.

Ironically many people don't even see the irony: In order to actually accomplish the promises that were made by the machine prior to the ascension at the local level these local entities are required to fuse together to functional void the boundary lines which allowed these cities to define a distinctive border upon which to provide its management focus upon. In summary - these cities will only survive if they functionally "de-incorporate" from the standpoint of organic revenue generation. Instead they must become logical aggregation points for money that is rained down from high. This effectively nullifies the "Flight Of Capital" in which by moving outside of a local taxing district - a person or an entity chose to "vote to repudiate certain policies with its feet".

CONSCIOUSNESS - The Only Hope For Black People

While the diagram is focused upon the African-American community - of course it is not limited to us so please spare me with the charges of "picking upon Black people". However, at least rhetorically there is popular talk about our need to transform ourselves back to the consciousness that we had prior to being kidnapped into slavery. Stripped of our own "self-determination" as practiced by Africans for thousands of years. Instead we were forced to WORK for someone else's ultimate benefit and economic enrichment.

I place my bet that there is a larger number of Black people who, while not exactly appreciative of the seemingly sarcastic swipe that the contents up above represent - they will take a step back and being to ask the question: "WHY HAVEN'T THIS PARTICULAR CONSIDERATIONS BEEN USED AS CONSTRUCTS FOR OUR CONSIDERATION OF THE ULTIMATE BENEFIT OF THESE POLICIES UPON OUR COMMUNITY?"

What exactly are we "building up" people?

Are we building up our "bodies" per this supposedly previously unknown "RIGHT" to health care? If so is there any particular consequence for building up the abstraction between the receipt of this benefit and our organic industriousness to deliver these services? It seems to me that the root of the "Unemployment Problem" in Black America is not found proportionately in the hands of the suppressive boot that stands against you. Instead it is the large body of UNEMPLOYED MINDS who have no framework upon which to direct their actions toward in support of a long term strategy to build up these medical and economic competencies within.

Think about it all in terms of a TRANSACTION. If you are indeed as "EQUAL" as you claim - you receive the valuable benefit of 'free at the point of service health care'. What have you provided in the second phase of the two phase transaction? From what I can see it is your VOTE that is the primary item of barter.

If this is all that is necessary to construct a viable system then we should hand out "votes" to all of the poor in the world and then sit back and watch all of the "rights" that flow their way.

Greater than the supposed higher state of "morality" that such a scheme provides is the need for a higher state of CONSCIOUSNESS. A people who engage in a constant stream of imbalanced transactions will most assuredly never leave the force that is providing it with the benefits in such a lopsided deal.

The conscious among them had better be looking at two things:
  1. What happens to this "standard of living" if the generator distances themselves from you?
  2. What happens if the constant draw upon the system causes it to go insolvent due to the lack of confidence that its financiers now place upon the system?
In both cases - little has been done by the supposed leaders that care about the masses to develop the ability for the masses to survive such a tragic occurrence.

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