Saturday, September 05, 2009

Alan Greenspan On Ideology

A conceptual framework by which one deals with reality

Just imagine if the Black Establishment operatives who's IDEOLOGY - if not outright "wrong" are instead behind the times and thus they run awry to the real world situation of today for our community where to be as open to admitting that they were wrong?

Despite your thoughts that Alan Greenspan's "misjudgments" were more catastrophic I don't agree that there is much of a distance. The Black community had the opportunity to use its new found freedom and control over its resources to produce a radically new consciousness based on organic notions of "self determination" and local self sufficiency.

It failed to do so as it keyed in upon its linkage with nationalized American politics, too often compromising its own key "permanent interests" for the sake of "Being In Receipt Of Benefit"

We need to put certain establishment leaders under oath and force them to testify.

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