Monday, September 07, 2009

First Step - Self-Introspection: Where Do I Stand?

Knowledge of self and what you believe in and where you stand is the first step in problems solving.


My views come from a lifetime of experiences.

Here a plot of the ideological mapping coordinates that I recently took.

Me plotted against Young People, Other Blacks, Republicans

I am more "Conservative" than the average Republican.

I am not surprised at all that the average Black person and Young person is inclined to be "Libertarian Left".

My "Authoritarianism" is not government centric as some might suspect.

Instead I see the need for strong LOCAL cultural enforcements where the community yields to a prevailing order that is in line with their group ideology. Localism is necessary because it allows those who disagree to MOVE away to a different community that is more in line with their beliefs.

I think that NATIONALISM is a direct threat to all. Those who pursue such a scheme have the intention of economic resource distribution in mind, to cover over the failures of their own set of plans to deliver that which they had hoped would be the case once they controlled the key institutions.

If they have failed locally what makes anyone believe that they will have success in the big leagues?

My views as a "Black Conservative Independent As Mapped Against Black Republicans

This shows the various permutations of self described Black Republicans and and Independents.

My Views Mapped Against Other Black Males

Again, no surprise here.

Most Black people are economic liberals and social moderates. The fact that the various permutations as listed to the left show them all in the 3rd quadrant comes as no surprise to me per my interactions and debates with my brothers.

(Please note the blue "x" for the Black Male is likely right behind the maroon "x" for the Black Male from Georgia.

Here is a scatter graph of where all who registered for the quiz as an "Independent" have fallen

This shows that the label "Independent" encapsulates a wide swath of ideas.

Here is the scattering of positions held by Democrats and Republicans


Shay Riley said...

Hey CS, can one take this test online? I'd like to see where I'd line up...

Constructive Feedback said...

I knew someone would ask this question.

This is "all about me" and where I stand. Why do you need to take the test?

Just kidding.

My stupid Safari browser crashed and I didn't get the URL when I originally took the test.

Tafaraji said...

Hey, I see Shay Riley is slumming. tee hee,

But for real CS, I said something to you the other day, and I kinda regret it, or I'm puzzled by your silence. Cause even though, I strongly disagree with 99.9 % of what you write, you're decent. So I never want to cross the line in my debates with you. Anyway, back to the shop, keep on ranting cause ain't nobody listening to that bs anyway.

Tafaraji said...

BTW, I'm a far-left social moderate