Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Modern Day Partitioning Of Africa

A zookeeper never asks his lions, elephants and zebras for suggestions about how their newly remodeled wild-life exhibits will be formatted upon the completion of his project.

Though a crude and provocative comparison I am mindful of the tendency to do the same with regard to the people and the wild animals on the continent of Africa by certain operatives.

With the vision in mind to construct an exhibit that closely approximates their natural environment on the African tundra - our zookeeper goes out among the community of zoological garden patrons for funding of this great idea.

He is mindful that there are two audiences that are recipients of his gratis:
  • The kept animals who lives will be made more comfortable by their access to the water resources, the natural grasses and the new found order by which prey is kept at a distance from predator
  • The outside onlooker who stands outside of the display cage, having sentiments of comfort and hope upon the knowledge that his funds have contributed greatly toward the simulation that is present before his eyes. Indeed he has moved closer to HIS GOD by making life easier for the kept beings inside of the display case
The Partitioning Of Africa Today

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