Friday, September 25, 2009

What If The Black Community Adopted The Messages Of Tae Kwan Do?

What Is The Black Community, Which Most Would Admit Needs To Drive CHANGE Within Our Communities Decided To Focus Upon The Key Attributes By Which This CHANGE FOR THE BETTER Would Be Built? What Are Some Of The Principles That Would Be Included?

There is already a worthy reference for us to borrow from: Tae Kwan Do

Upon identifying the key attributes the community, with a firm understanding of the science of "Human Resource Management" realized that in order to translate the above principles into action some sort of operational plan was required.

Thus They Implemented A "Rites Of Passage" Framework For Our Young People To Follow

Perform superbly through each "gate" and you will be rewarded with a "belt" as an indication of your mastery.

This has the effect of distilling pride in accomplishment but also constructs "positive peer pressure" for others to follow a similar productive pathway.

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Anonymous said...

There are some of these schools where I live in WNY and actually took classes there. They're great examples to follow.