Monday, September 21, 2009

What Would A Corporate Commerical About Our African Ancestors Look Like?

This series of CapitolOne commercials has been running for some time now. I assume that these are Medieval raiders from Europe. Their brutish ways have been captured into this set of comedic commercials.

Just as I have noted the sports teams that reference racial/cultural symbols (The Boston Celtics, The "Fighting Irish") and wondered if it would be permissible to make use of such African symbols (Zulu, Witch Doctor, Masai Warrior) I wonder if it would be possible to make a commercial using these same characters - EVEN IF there were African American writers charged with making sure the are sensitive in content.

Just as I have previously noted how, for example, George Washington has appeared for commercial exploitation in many venues - Martin Luther King Jr remains a protected property. Beyond the King family's demands for royalties on the image would be the flurry of Black Americans who would attack the very though of putting the image into the public domain as such.

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