Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Would You Rather Have Cultural Amnesia Or Have A Founding Reference As A Slave?

Would You Rather Have Cultural Amnesia Or Have A Founding Reference As A Slave?

My views are evolving as I make note to some of the thoughts that my people are bound to presently and how they work to drive us collectively downward like a tunnel boring machine rather than upward like a high performance aircraft.

The argument of "If you don't know your history then you are doomed to repeat it." (or some derivative of it) enjoys a popular showing within the Black community. Few see this as the pessimistic statement that it is. Whether explicit or not the speakers reference to our history is one of slavery. If we don't have full conscious of our "Slave History" we are doomed to become slaves once again.

Though my observations of this present world I notice how the communication of the past oppression put upon Black people around the world is used to bring our young people up to speed as to why we are as we are today. Even a recent piece by civil rights activist Ron Daniels gave a rebuttal to Obama's "Tough Love" statements to the Ghanaians as he asked them to "stop looking back toward colonialism as the source of their current problems". Mr Daniels suggested that Obama should have laid out the case about the injury caused by the White man and to fail to do so was a miscarraige of historical fact.

It is clear that some people have no discernment between liability for one's present condition and the corrective management practices that are necessary for a people to be set on their way. In fact some groups make use of these grievances as their "badge of honor". The membership to the group is based on one's linage to the "victim group".

All of this points to the telltail sign that the group views is origination based on "SLAVERY" rather than when God above first had them set foot on this planet long ago. Despite the evidence of their long history, the more proximate connection to slavery yields a stronger gravitational pull in their current cultural consciousness. Even as the legacy of slavery sets beyond the horizon they will keep their consciousness illumnated with Slave Museums and annual video presentations about the fire hoses and police dogs that they suffered from.

One must ultimately ask "What is your long term purpose" and "How do you plan to get there" and "Does your current reinforcements provide you with the support to get there"?

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