Friday, October 02, 2009

Article: LA Blacks Are The Target Of Los Angeles "War On Poverty"

In L.A.’s war on poverty, Blacks are the enemy

Community advocates say the city of Los Angeles is waging a war against some of its poorer residents. It’s been going on for more than three years, ever since the city set its sights on gentrifying downtown. In this war, they say the vast amount of human casualty are Black. Black folks are being removed, arrested, fined and harassed by the city, all in an effort to get them out of the way so the city can make room for developers and their ideal residents: white, urban professionals.

“It’s the perfect storm. It’s the perfect convergence of business and politics,” said Pete White, the executive director of the Los Angeles Community Action Newtwork, which has been fighting the city every inch of the way. “Development dollars win elections. Here we have an ambitious mayor and the opportunity for those developers to get their way downtown, and an opportunity for Mayor Villaraigosa to realize his political ambitions...The only thing standing in their way are the 15,000 people who already live here.”

“People talk about driving while Black. In downtown, it’s more like breathing while Black,” White added.

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