Saturday, October 03, 2009

Foreign Aid Is External Aid, Regardless Of It Being A Foreign National Or Domestic Entitlement

Foreign Aid - Money, Materials, Knowledge from EXTERNAL entities that is injected INTO a defined region so that the PEOPLE WITHIN this region can live at a STANDARD OF LIVING that their own ORGANIC processes of economics, technology, education and civic/social order that the people in question live under do not support. IN THEORY Foreign Aid attempts to establish some floor below which no EQUAL HUMAN BEING should ever have to exist. In effect is it a statement from these EXTERNAL benefactors about the VALUE of the BENEFICIARIES. There exists NO intrinsic expectation from the BENEFACTORS that the BENEFICIARIES reorder their lives and culture so that they may LIVE UP TO the standards of "Human Dignity" that these OUTSIDERS have valued themselves to be.

I told the story of Sandy Cornish of Key West Florida - the Black man alive during slavery time in the USA who injured himself so that he could be of no VALUE as a "slave". Cornish severed the bicep muscle in one arm, slashed his forearm tendon in another all so that the "slave catchers" from New Orleans would CHOSE NOT TO take him out of Florida after having escaped. This THINKING MAN realized that his only value to this ungodly bunch who sought to exploit his was his ability as a physical laborer. His mental facilities to notate his own value was diminished.

Fast forward to today. The consciousness of a particular ideological faction that I have in mind perverts the “Sandy Cornish” story by flipping it upon its head. This time the outside entity has expressed UNCONDITIONAL VALUATION for the subject. There is no self inflicted wound that he can express upon his own body or anyone else in his community that will cause these external forces to accept that the BENEFICIARY has done everything necessary to damage himself and perpetuate this damage to all who come into contact with him – including his progeny.

Cornish was valued for his labor.
Today he would be fed as a consumer and valued for his VOTE in as much as it meant power and altruistic pleasure for those who feed him.

I struggle to see how those who support the message of Dr Moyo ALSO fight for “Foreign Aid” into the Black Communities in America? Those who hate capitalism the most are the primary forces demanding that its fruit be spread into the ghetto – never asking anything of the dwellers except that they REMEMBER of feed them while they were in need when election time comes.

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