Saturday, October 24, 2009

Group Behaviror 101: The Exploitation Of Hatred & Bigotry

My words as posted on the Booker Rising blog - In response to the recent USA Today poll regarding race relations in the Obama Era.

These two stories taken together show how I don't buy into the results of the poll.

FROM A BLACK PERSPECTIVE: (Preemptive note: I DON'T GIVE A DAMN that most of the 'BR All White Jury' will base their rebuttals squarely upon what WHITE FOLKS ARE DOING. I am focusing upon the Black Community and the CONSEQUENCES of BIGOTRY and MANIPULATION).

The first story asks about RACE RELATIONS "AB" - (After Obama). One only needs to read the short essay submitted to Essence Magazine's November edition by Spike Lee to see the viewpoint of the originator of the term "After Obama".

In his essay AND his recent attack upon filmmaker Tyler Perry, Lee makes the reference "WE NOW HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT yet we are still making films that.............".

The second article, if taken on the surface without more analysis simply says "Black folks are a solid Democratic voting base" and Black voter turnout helps the Democrats.

What we will NEVER hear out of some simple minded poll is how there is a BIG GAP between Black Voter Preferences/Sentiments/Support AND the painful truth WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.


One CANNOT make reference to:
*The Economic Situation within the voting district
* The Public Safety ......
* The Condition of the school.......

AS A PREDICTOR OF HOW THE BLACK VOTER WILL VOTE. Functionally the average Black voter can walk past all of these street hazards on voting day on his way to the poll and STILL vote in a predetermined manner.

Sorry "BR All White Jury" I am NOT asking the Black Voter to change his vote. I am asking WHO HAS CONDITIONED YOU TO TE NOTION THAT VOTING IS GOING TO FIX YOUR PROBLEMS? Clearly the forces that have influence upon our community are driving these outcomes. We only need to inspect what their agenda is and WHAT FORCE is made strong as a result of exploiting the IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY that runs rife within the Black community.

Truth be told - the label of "Racial Bigotry" that is affixed to White folks that predict how they will treat Black folks, vote for, hire or live next to shows up in Black people as "Ideological Bigotry".

The fight against the Republican Party is the fight against WHITE SUPREMACY - as cooked up by the Progressive Operative who has unchecked access to our community consciousness.

These same people are unable to see that the ASSUMED INFERIORITY of Black people per their policy pronouncements is also WHITE SUPREMACY.

The key distinction is that certain Black people who lack consciousness don't have a problem casting Black people as inferior - AS LONG AS THEY ARE PROVIDED WITH SOME BENEFIT in the transaction.

I will vote more favorably in the racial poll WHEN I see a stronger coupling between the popular ideas WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the RESULTS that are rendered. Absent TRANSPARENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS a people will resort to the exploitation of IGNORANCE and HATRED to maintain their grip on POWER.

This is a distinct point where WHITE AND BLACK ARE EQUAL: Their capacity to exploit their own people's HATRED and IGNORANCE.

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