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High Teen Pregnancy Rates At Paul Robeson High In Chicago

Why Did 1 In 7 Girls Get Pregnant At Robeson High?


Beyond pointing fingers at these young people who are only choosing to operate inside of the bounds that they are allowed to operate within by the adults (that is to say - assuming there are many established boundaries to speak of). It appears that this is where the problems reside.

The very same people who can articulate how the destruction of our historical culture has harmed us throughout our time in America till today are the very same forces of people who are asleep at the switch in establishing the environment in which these girls and boys have grown up in during the past 18 years.

They are forced to argue that what has transpired in this nation for the past 230 years is more powerful than their present ability to sculpt the experiences of their own children.

I have previously communicated a model of the architecture that we live within today in America.
  1. The American Political Domain
  2. The Cultural Consciousness Domain
Note how certain immigrants who have no toe-hold in American politics are able to come to this nation and prosper economically and academically. They are free from the baggage that the entrenched forces in America have cornered themselves into. This is possible due to the beliefs and HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT within their communities.

I think I need to address a likely counter-claim that will arise from the last paragraph. Some might argue that the immigrants (particularly the ones of color) did not have their culture stripped from them via American slavery and thus they are able to come to this nation, unabated by this mental loss and prosper. I argue on behalf of the other side of the scale. They come to this nation and make note of the abundant opportunity and resources that can be assembled as compared to their home countries. Between the two - the cultural consciousness OR the system of resources - it is the system of resources that is the key determining factor.

Beyond that the attempt at remaining "history's victim" is not justified. To say that you've had your culture "stolen away from you" speaks NOTHING about your competency to identify a "functional culture" today and impose it upon your children today. Thus the claim of past victimization only functions as a forbearance from becoming clear about what the community needs to be instilling in its people today.

In the case of teen aged pregnancy - these communities undercut their own interests as young people who are not yet developed fully mentally and who have few economic resources to draw upon are able to introduce children into this world at an early age. No surprise - the cycle continues.

It is my view that "The Legacy Of Slavery" is not in effect here.
Instead it is proof of the lack of management to produce any different "directed outcomes".

In a larger view - the Black Establishment which should be leading the way in the cultural domain have instead abandoned this space and exclusively focus in the "American Political Domain". They have made promises that the strong political domain will lead to strength in the cultural domain, some time in the future. TODAY'S 'PRESENT' - IS YESTERDAY'S 'FUTURE'. It is time to force them to prove their past claims or change course.

We are at the point as a people where we must get these people who seek to have us operate in this political domain to prove that this domain is producing the outcomes that have been promised.

This same school has a 50% graduation rate:

It is a Chicago public school full of energy and spirit. It has about 800 girls, and 115 of them have something in common – something you might find disturbing.

CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman reports.

All those young ladies are moms or moms-to-be at Paul Robeson High School. It's not a school for young mothers, it's a neighborhood school. And all of the pregnancies have happened, despite prevention talk.

If you want to know why, the people closest to the situation say there's no simple explanation.

Chicago Public Schools says it does not track the overall number of teen moms in the district. But Robeson Principal Gerald Morrow knows the count at his school in Englewood: 115 young ladies who are either expecting or already have had children.

To put it in perspective, their school pictures would fill roughly six pages of their high school year book.

Why is it happening at Robeson?

"It can be a lot of things that are happening in the home or not happening in the home, if you will," Morrow said. Absentee fathers are another factor, he said.

LaDonna Denson and two other Robeson students say parents not talking to teens and, in some cases, the pursuit of public assistance also factor into the pregnancies. None of them thought they'd be moms at such a young age.

They said they have support at home. But not all girls do, they said. In fact, some girls get thrown out of the home.

Not on Morrow's turf. "We're not looking at them like 'Ooh you made a mistake,'" he said. "We're looking at how we can get them to the next phase, how can we still get them thinking about graduation?"

So there's help in a teen parent program. And coming soon, right across from Robeson, developers are turning a one-time crack house into a day care for student use. "We have to provide some type of environment for them and some form of support for them," Van Vincent, CEO of VLV Development, said.

It's all made an impression.

"Just cause you have a baby, that doesn't mean your life is over," one student said.

One thing they might not know about their principal: His mom had him when she was 15. That's why accepting the problem -- and working through it -- is so important to him

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