Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Key Social Messages Derived From The The Show "Cold Case Files"

I am a frequent viewer of the CBS television series "Cold Case Files". They have some excellent music playing in the background of all of their shows.

In this particular episode shown below they dropped some tremendous social jewels for people to make notice of.

Strict Social Mores Absent Compassion Is Uncivilized

In the clip above two "main line" teens have sex and the girl gets pregnant. Her mother skirt her off to a home for pregnant girls. Back during this time there was a negative social stigma for an unmarried girl to get pregnant. In an earlier scene the nuns at the home that she is staying in handed out wedding rings to all of the girls so that they could live the lie of being marriage in the midst of the society that is disapproving otherwise. The symbol of the ring absent any real marriage is enough to continue the charade.

In the scene shown above the pregnant girl runs into the "baby daddy" in a music store. He has an "out of sight, out of mind" experience where his problem - that is resident in her womb - has disappeared and thus he continues his life. He gets accepted to an Ivy League school and is loathed to tell his parents about the baby that he has made.

The male is so focused upon complying to the strict structure within which they live that he shows no humanity to the female nor their child that she is carrying.


This next scene shows the meeting in which the pregnant girl is asked to sign the papers necessary to hand over her child to adoptive parents. She is reluctant to do so.

The nun asks the girl to make a list of what an adoptive family can do for the child on one side of the paper.
  • Father
  • House
  • Job

Then she is asked to document what she can give the child as a teenaged mother. She writes "Love".

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