Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Real Thought Process Of The Black Community In The Political Domain

My response posted on the Booker Rising Blog

[quote]Richie says: I would not brag about black Democrats being elected when the districts they have governed for decades are poorer and less empowered then when they first got there. Also most black districts are created in such a way as to guarantee Democrat control. For years Democrats have used the practice of "drawing congressional seats" based on race.[/quote]


You are stating the correct IN RESULTS but are missing the founding thoughts behind what you describe.

1) Rather than say that these districts are POORER THAN BEFORE - you should more accurately make note that POVERTY IS THE DE FACTO STATE OF MAN. It is also a relative notion. These districts NOW HAVE fewer WEALTH CREATING ENTITIES which tend to make areas UNPOOR is the better way to think about it.

THIS change in analysis should cause "The Blacks" to reconsider their ANTI-CORPORATE, (National Level) COLLECTIVIST mindset and thus see that, for example - the Black Middle Class in Detroit was built WHEN the entity that they STRUGGLED AGAINST THE MOST - the CORPORATION was in the area and transferring their POTENTIAL LABOR into KINETIC LABOR where they traded it for SALARY AND BENEFITS.

Instead, the more fundamental knowledge behind the polygon is: THE POWERS THAT BE KNOW that when you GIVE A BLACK PERSON A BALLOT HE IS GOING TO DO ONE SPECIFIC THING!!!!! HE IS GOING TO VOTE AGAINST HIS NOTION OF THE WHITE SUPREMACIST THREAT THAT STANDS AGAINST HIM and the DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES IN THE NATION WHICH ARE SUPPOSED TO HEAL HIM, allowing him to live for another day. The CORPORATION IS GONE, he now sees this new channel of resource distribution as a valid alternative. The COSTS and CONSEQUENCES of making the switch is what is not fully understood.

This translates, Richie into him VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRATS nearly 100% of the time. The Democrats offer him benefits. The Republicans are seeking to protect their own.

There are 2 currencies in this nation: THE DOLLAR and THE BALLOT.

Where as there is WEALTH IMBALANCE in this nation with the dollar; every man has ONE VOTE that is of the same worth. The Democratic campaign within the Black community is not one of ISSUE VOTING. Instead it is more fundamentally a "Get the BLACKS to the POLLS on ELECTION DAY and have them do what we know them to do" contest.
The notion of the REPUBLICAN "voter suppression" is considered RACIST. The truth of the matter is that the other side of the coin "the Democratic Voter subsidy" draws from the SAME RACIST ROOTS. I assure you that if Blacks did not vote solidly for the Democrats they would begrudgingly support the Black vote just as the Democrats highly scrutinize "military absentee ballots today" as these are more GOP leaning.
I have said several times - There is no read difference between the antics of the GOP and Demos - the Democrats simply have more Black people in their side to thus call out the GOP's antics as RACIST.

What you are pointing to in regards to the districts being drawn a certain way is the biggest "Vote Harvesting And Vote BUYING Scheme" in history. It will take the Negro to realize that he is being used before this changes.
We can go to every major metro area and see the "HARVESTING AREA" where poor Blacks live and those who are feeding them also carpet bomb their poor communities with campaign signs. One would normally look at these places and ask "HOW COULD THE INCUMBENT EVEN SHOW HIS FACE AROUND HERE?" (Think of how a slumlord would be reacted to) Instead they see the elected leadership as ONE OF THEM, FIGHTING ON THEIR BEHALF AGAINST forces that threaten them. Thus you don't see ACCOUNTABILITY EXPECTED UPON THIS ELECTED PERSON. You see DEPENDENCY UPON THIS PERSON. He is often the most articulate and the most angry among them. (As I type this I am thinking of Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort who presides over a poor district. he fits this mold perfectly).

The masses of Poor Blacks see the EXPANSIVE SYSTEM that resides outside of their world as the reason WHY THEY ARE POOR where they live. They are being marginalized and screwed, denied of what is due to them. The leader of their choosing is their HOPE to change the system. The more layers of government they get favorable people in power over their community - this does not translate into DEMANDS FOR IMPROVEMENT.

Instead the more people in power means that they are now stronger positioned to FIGHT AGAINST those who they have been conditioned to see as holding them down.

Until the Black community turns their consciousness INWARD and sees that WEALTH, EDUCATION, HEALTH AND SAFETY comes from INWARD and then gets PROJECTED OUTWARD - we are going to continue to have a CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS - looking around waiting for RAIN TO FLOW DOWN UPON US FROM THE OUTSIDE to wash the layer of filth from us. We ONLY NEED TO STAND THERE AND CONSUME THE BENEFIT - voting loyally in the process.

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