Friday, October 16, 2009

Rev Manning Calls For A Boycott Of Shops In Harlem

Hat Tip - Black Conscious Thought

Rev Manning goes overboard with his comedic attempts at times. This time he has hit it out of the park.

After Generations in Spotlight, Harlem Slips as Center of Black Politics

Why focus upon "Harlem as the center of Black Politics" and instead do an IN DEPTH STUDY about HOW THE BLACK COMMUNITY HAS BENEFITED FROM THE LEADERSHIP THAT ASSUMED THE MANTLE?

Is Harlem STILL a poor area, despite being nestled next to one of the greatest engines of wealth creation on the planet?

It seems to me that indeed there are many "portraits hanging on the wall" that Black people can worship, taking this for "racial progress". In absolute terms, however, the nails that hold up these pictures are not planted in a solid wooden stud. Instead they are hanging exclusively on dry wall. No one had better touch these portraits or they will fall off.

Sadly so many of the "Black areas" in most major metro areas around the nation have been maintained as "vote harvesting centers". They remain poor yet WANTING for outside resources. Those who promise to rained these resources down upon them are said to have "the Black Best Interests" in mind. Those who's policies ultimately force the Black community to develop more ORGANIC methodologies for obtaining what we say we need are said to be standing AGAINST our interests.

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Anonymous said...

It took me a while, but, I know what you are RANTING about!!!

I have to admit, you are a very Intelligent Black man!!! as a matter of fact, your MINDSET is that of ....

I would suggest you put your website in more of a Disciplined Order! take heed to The Field Negro's Blog!!!!