Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes The Ultimate Goal Is More Important Than Maintaining Your Power Base

Shame on the Gwinnett County School Board for suing this charter school in their county because they don't approve of an "all girls" school AND a state entity was empaneled to certify local charter schools when there is local opposition.

They are missing the fact that this school has the same objectives as they do: Providing quality educational experiences to the children of the county.

Ironically this case essentially contradicts the arguments made in the Supreme Court case "Rodrequez vs San Antonio". In this case the plaintiff argued that public education is a province of the state government per it constitution. The fact that the state has provided local systems with the authority to operate schools does not absolve the state from insuring that local schools are properly resourced.

In my view the lawyers should be allowed to work out the substantive matters while the school should be allowed to do its good works, without such a threat from the Gwinnett school board. The board should have sued the state and not have included the system in on it.

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