Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ironic Consequence Of "Precious" - Jet Black, Obese Black Females Included In Celebrity Fashions?

Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe - the star of the movie "Precious" has been receiving media notice as a result of the popular though controversial film.

In the video segment above Ms Sidibe joins the ranks of actress Eva Mendez on the red carpet.

After years of panning the promotion of the "Eurocentric" standard of beauty":

  • Light Skin
  • Long Hair
  • Keen Nose and Thin Lips
  • Slender Body Shape
Ms Sidibe is inserted upon the stage wearing dresses from top rated fashion designers.

The real question that remains for me is:  "Will the film's critics be willing to accept the presence of this 'non-traditional' image IF her own personal dignity and grace outdistances their biased views of what is beautiful?

We are on a different area here.   They attacked the movie's depiction of this young Black girl.  "Disheveled", "Pouting", "Slothful", Prone To Fighting".

Now let us see if these same critics can deal with the fully formed personality of Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe.
I will withhold my judgments but will keep my eye out.

There was an actress named "Hattie McDaniels" who tread in this space years ago.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Family Squirrel

Some people's ideology varies little from the resulting state of this squirrel. As long as the masses are in a "state of receipt" of all of their needs it matters little about what they did in support of their own condition.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Jerry Springerfication Of Our Culture - Serious Male/Female Relationships Meet The Roman Collosseum

The Jerry Springerfication Of Our Culture - Serious Male/Female Relationships Meet The Roman Colosseum

When A Good Man Gets Trapped Up With A Trashy Woman

The two assaults that are on display in this Jerry Springer show are:

  • The Degradation of the importance of the Parental Bond with the child
  • The Promotion of Roman-style Entertainment for important cultural issues

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The White Liberal Inferiority List That Contains Black People

This is a clip from the C-SPAN BookTV presentation from the author of the book "Barack Obama's America".

In this specific segment he is detailing the people to which the "Reagan Revolution" was directed and thus makes use of what I call the "List of Inferior Beings"

"Un-young, Un-poor and Un-Black"

This list was first defined about 4 years ago on a local Black radio talkshow in which a guest who was a former "career attorney" in the US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division - told of how the Bush policy of enforcing photo voter ID would impact:

  • The Poor
  • The Elderly
  • The Handicapped
  • The Black
  • The Immigrant
From this listing made by this particular White male liberal I coined the term "The List Of Inferior Beings".  He argued that each of the persons on this list have trouble keeping up with their government issued identification and thus the rule was suppressive of their vote.

At that time I struggled to understand why my people continuously tuck our tails and "assume the position" as we become the "Poster Child" for the agenda of the White Progressive bigot.  In as much as we claim to hate stereotyping it is clear that many Black folks don't mind being labeled INFERIOR - as long as it is done as part of a transaction in which we receive something of value to us in the end.

In the case of the video up above this was a Democratic operative telling of the future strategic advantage that the Democratic party will have due to demographic changes.

Whereas the "Reagan Revolution" was exclusive to:
  • White
  • Middle-Class
  • Middle Aged
  • Married
  • Mom/Dad/Kids
 He goes on to argue that the Democrats will dominate the future because:

  • In 1942 Whites will lose their majority status in the nation
  • Church Attendance is declining thus the power of religious dogma is waining in America
  • Fewer people are getting married and thus since the GOP does better with married people this should be a boon for the Democrats
  • Homosexual Rights are increasing - score one for the Democrats
  • Illegal Immigration will continue to swell the ranks of Hispanics in this nation and thus more votes for the Democrats
As you review the list above please observe that NONE OF THESE points require that BLACK PEOPLE do anything in particular to strengthen our position in this nation.  We only need to keep voting for the Democrats and allow the natural attrition to occur around us.

More to the point this author (and I will post a larger video segment shortly) only speaks in terms of "Democratic Party power and control".  He does not attempt to go around the nation where Democrats are in total control and speak specifically about how people (especially Black people) have benefited from this control.

I believe that he knows that Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore and Washington DC are not good references as to how the Black community will thrive as the Democratic Party forms a permanent majority over this nation.

It is critical that this author and other Black Establishment operatives keep our people focused on competing against Republicans rather than being conscious about what we are tangibly receiving as a community from these battles.

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Washington DC - #1 In HIV Infections Yet Still In Denial About The Problem

    I am convinced that some people would prefer to destroy themselves than to take a step back and consider that which they are bound to which is causing them to fall astray.

    Here we have the city of Washington DC which has the highest HIV infection rate of any other American city today. In fact it is approaching the conditions of some nations in Africa.

    As a frequent critic of he prevailing establishment I realize that I have an uphill battle in changing hearts and minds. This is especially the case when the entrenched operatives have the microphone upon our people and can easily distract the mass attention upon some other external threat instead of 'handling our own business'.

    Yet when these enemy forces have cleared out and the forces who are leading us have the floor and can do whatever they please - their FAILURE still does not insure that the masses will hold them accountable and attribute the condition to those who's fingerprints are on the steering wheel.

    I am disinclined to sit silently and "wait my turn" to have my ideas be considered. The burden is instead upon those who are watching what is going on presently, who are discontent and thus are willing to advocate for change because what is going on today is proving deadly to our people.

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Why Was This Black Woman Chosen As The Character For This Commercial

    You've all see the commericals:   Home Security service has a series of burglars breaking in to a home as the "White woman" and/or "White Woman along with her children" are at home.  The alarm goes off and, thank goodness - the security monitoring service is standing by to protect them.

    Without fail the pirate home invader is a White male. 

    Those who do these commericals realize that it is far easier to "keep it in the race".  If they were to feature a Black home invader this one commercial would cause a conflict among those who are inclined to protest against stereotypical images in the media.


    When the commercial featured above was cast - why did a Black woman and her son come to mind as the image of those who'd benefit from a "government subsidized cellphone"?

    Indeed her age makes her a likely candidate for assistance.  It appears that her race made her a "double qualifier

    Monday, November 16, 2009

    Asian Americans - CULTURAL Factors Help Limit Recession's Impact

    USA Today: For Many Asian Ameircans, Cultural Factors Help Limit Recession's Impact

    RALEIGH, N.C. — Until this summer, Loc Tran, 59, was a technician at Nortel, a global communications company that has facilities at Research Triangle Park here. Then she left and opened Pho' Cali, a Vietnamese restaurant.

    When her brother lost his job at another local electronics company, he didn't become unemployed. He joined the family business. "My brother works here now," Tran says.

    The recession has been brutal for just about every segment of the population, but though the unemployment rate for Asian Americans has been inching upward, it has been far lower than the rates for whites, blacks, Hispanics or the nation as a whole. Among those groups, Asian Americans have had the lowest jobless rate every month since 2000, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking monthly unemployment among Asians.

    The unemployment gap — 7.5% for Asians in October, compared with 10.2% nationwide — stems from a combination of education benchmarks and cultural traditions that foster family support when someone is out of work, researchers say.

    "Asians in the United States, both native born Asians and Asian immigrants, have higher educational levels than other groups," says Alan Berube, senior fellow and research director of the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program.

    A recent Labor Department report on the work force shows a greater proportion of Asians than other racial or ethnic groups in management, professional and related occupations — jobs that require more schooling and are high-paying. About 47% work in management or professional jobs compared with 35% for the U.S. work force as a whole.

    Asians account for 5% of U.S. workers but make up a disproportionate share of computer software engineers (29%), computer programmers (20%), computer scientists and system analysts (16%).

    "The character of this recession and how it's affected groups by educational attainment shows that information technology has done better, health care has done better," Berube says.

    Asians also are "tied in by a social network, a family network," says Paul Ong, a professor of Asian American Studies at UCLA. "Rather than lay people off, you will find them spread the work out and there is lots of use of family labor."

    Work ethics and close family ties certainly are not unique to Asians. But when coupled with high educational levels, those characteristics contribute to a lower unemployment rate. Hispanics, for example, demonstrate similar work and family values but their population as a whole is not as educated as Asians.

    Cultural and family ties are strong in immigrant-dominated communities and are powerful when combined with income and education, says Robert Lang, sociology professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

    "Despite their upward mobility, Asians are still a minority group and thus more closely connected to one another than a native-born Caucasian American," he says. "You're much more on your own if you're a middle-income, native-born white American, especially in a big city."

    Seema Agnani, executive director of Chhaya, a community organization in Jackson Heights, a South Asian neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., cautions that unemployment rates can be deceptively low because some immigrants work for cash and are not officially on a payroll.

    "A lot of the folks who have lost income are not going to necessarily claim unemployment typically because they weren't working on the books in the first place," she says.

    A combination of factors

    The demographics of Asian Americans — from high educational levels to extended family networks — and complex cultural nuances help create the disparity in jobless rates:

    • More educated. About 30% of Asians 25 and older have a bachelor's degree and almost 20% have a graduate degree, compared with 17% and 10% for the nation overall. All other groups have a smaller share of college graduates: 18% of whites have a bachelor's degree and 11% a more advanced degree; 12% and 6% of blacks; 9% and 4% of Hispanics.

    • Larger households. The median income for Asian households is higher — $68,400 vs. $52,175 for all groups — but Asians have larger households, with more workers, Ong says. "If we look at per capita income rather than household income, it's another story."

    In the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside area, for example, median household income is more than $65,000 a year for Asians, exceeding that of non-Hispanic whites by more than $10,000, the Census Bureau reports. Per capita income for Asians in this community, however, is lower than for whites.

    • Family ties and small businesses. Hans Huang, 36, was a partner in a Raleigh law firm until it merged with another company. They parted ways. He started his own consulting firm and opened two restaurants — the hip 101 Lounge + CafĂ© and the Moonlight Pizza Company in downtown Raleigh.

    A graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Huang says investments his parents made also are in his and his sister's name — typical of the cohesion and financial support within many Asian families.

    "There is a propensity for active networking with the community and family," says Hai Ly Burk, who came to the USA as a refugee from Vietnam at age 3. She is a social worker at Duke Raleigh Hospital and president of the local chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals.

    That sometimes can be more easily done in small, family-owned businesses than large corporations. Whites and Asians — and especially Asian immigrants — are more likely to be self-employed than other groups, the Labor Department says.

    • Less risky jobs. Many Asians gravitate toward jobs that carry greater job security. A large number of Filipinos, for example, work as nurses, teachers and postal employees. "They are risk-averse ... and tend to stay longer (in the same jobs) so they have seniority," Ong says.

    Health care is one of only two economic sectors to grow in the recession. The other is education.

    Many Asians are doctors, nurses or technicians. Since the start of the recession, health care has added 597,000 jobs.

    "Asian Americans are far more into the area of science technology and business in the corporate financial banking sector," says Larry Shinagawa, director of Asian American Studies at the University of Maryland. "They are ensconced in government and education, though a significant portion are in small business."

    • Unemployment is frowned upon. There is a cultural resistance among Asians to being idle and collecting money for not working, Shinagawa says.

    "Better to be underemployed than unemployed," he says. "They're working in jobs where they're overly qualified and that has a lot to do with small business and a family network where they can support one another."

    Working-class Asians, especially immigrants, are likely to accept any job to earn money, says C.N. Le, director of Asian & Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts.

    "That's all it is for them, as opposed to a lot of Americans who see their jobs as a reflection of their own identity and self-esteem," says Le, creator of, a website that focuses on Asian Americans.

    Difficulties for some

    National numbers mask the struggles of low-income Asian immigrants, many of them refugees such as the large Hmong community in Minnesota. Many in those communities aren't well-educated and don't speak English well.

    Unemployment claims filed by Southeast Asians in Minnesota jumped 150% from 2007 to 2009, says Lisa Hasegawa, executive director of the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development.

    Meanwhile, Chinatowns and Little Saigons in several cities are hurting because people are cutting back on restaurant spending, Shinagawa says, and small family businesses are being pushed out by big chains.

    "Look at dry cleaners," he says. "The Zip Cleaners (a chain) are taking over. In the past, bigger chain stores would never go into inner-city neighborhoods." Now, "there is a recognition that people of color are a significant portion of the economy."

    A region of opportunity

    Here in the Research Triangle, a region anchored by Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, top-tier universities, high-tech companies and research centers have attracted Asian professionals.

    Asians' unemployment rate here is even lower than their national rate, averaging just above 3% in the past year in Wake County, home of Raleigh. It was above 4% for non-Hispanic whites, almost 8% for blacks and above 5% for Hispanics, according to the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina.

    Many highly educated Asians here have been recruited by companies and universities and granted special visas because of their expertise. If they're here, they have work. When the jobs disappear, they return home and never appear on U.S. unemployment rolls.

    "With their American experience, they can leverage that and start their own company" back home, says Hector Javier, a native of Manila in the Philippines and a consultant in technology operations at Cisco Systems in the Research Triangle. "The first generation is going back."

    Not everyone is prospering. Cyndy Yu-Robinson, 43, was a public affairs officer for the Environmental Protection Agency in Durham. She wanted to go into the private sector and took a job as manager of corporate responsibility for computer maker Lenovo in March 2008. This year, Lenovo started cutting jobs, including hers.

    "At first, it was disbelief. It couldn't be happening to me," says Yu-Robinson, a mother of two. "I chose to go on unemployment because I want to take advantage of resources available to me to find the right job."

    She's active in Asian-American organizations and admits that hearing Asians' attitudes toward unemployment stings a bit. "If I didn't care about the kind of career, I would've taken any job," Yu-Robinson says. "I don't want to just go back to government."

    While she lines up job interviews, she teaches up to eight karate classes a week at Triangle's Best Karate, the studio she owns with her husband.

    Asad Abbasi, 54, came to the USA from Pakistan in 1973 and had never been without a job. He has a master's degree in engineering and was working for mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson. When the tech bubble burst in 2002, he was laid off.

    "In my life, just once," Abbasi says. "I never went back. The heck with corporate America."

    He opened Baba Ghannouj restaurant in Cary, a Raleigh suburb, turning his cooking hobby into a job. He creates recipes, shops at the farmer's market and gets to know his customers. "It's less money, a lot of work but less torture," Abbasi says.

    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    A "Black Lesbian" Has Noted What I Have Noted

    From The 'Diary Of A Black Lesbian' Blog: "I'm No Longer Interested In Dating Women Of My Race"

    Go back and look at what I wrote about the movie "Precious" in regards to the force that has the Black community "enslaved" today. Do you see that list that I crafted being shown in this list? Even though this particular person is making this observation in the context of a "female seeking a female" the essence of what she is observing in other Black females is congruent with what I have observed in regards to the abusive relationship between the mother and daughter in the movie as well as many other relationships that we can document within our community.

    If you did not know already I'm black. This is an issue I've been struggling with for quite a while. I have tried to tell myself that there is no way I can be turned off by other black lesbians, but I can't deny what I'm feeling. Black lesbians here in ATL, GA suck ass! I can't rap my mind around the many issues I've encountered with them. To give you some prospective of what I'm talking about take a look at this list of problems I've encountered with black lesbians:

    * Self-esteem, self-pity, and self-loathing issues.
    * Confusion about sexuality.
    * Abandonment.
    * Single parent homes.
    * Hatred of men.
    * Bitterness towards men.
    * Disgust of men.
    * Issues with colorism.
    * Issues from childhood {sexual abuse, rape, and I know this is not their fault}.
    * Issues with health {weight and even mental illness}.
    * Poor education.
    * No sense of morality.
    * Inability to conceptualize the idea of family.
    * No sense of ambition or goals.
    * Promiscuity.
    * Excessive partying.
    * Gluttony {excessive eating and drinking}
    * Excessive smoking.

    Can you blame me for wanting something more? They say you attract who you are, but I consider that nonsense. I am none of these things. However, I have learned the hard way that everything that looks good isn't good for me. I've run across some of the prettiest black lesbians, but they typically have a boat load of issues--mainly with themselves. I'm not willing to deal with it anymore. At this point I don't believe I have anything in common with black lesbians in my area other than race.


    As much of a "homophobe" that some might assume me to be because I believe in the defense and enforcement of traditional male/female marriage I am not unaware of the humanity that is present between two people who engaged in a same sex relationship. In fact I can think of two different lesbian female friends/associates giving me relationship advice for my girlfriend/wife over time. I say this to say that my observations are universal to the interrelationship between human beings.

    From this list there might be some items that I agree with and, honestly, are surprised to hear a person that is in a relationship that many would find "non-traditional" talking about other people who have the "Inability to conceptualize the idea of family". (I am not saying this in a judgmental way). It simply speaks to the fact that all of us who are human operate from some compass - even if there are different markers recorded upon it that they reference.

    The bottom line of this list as cross referenced with the list that I created is that both show the need for the crafting of a cultural framework by which these dysfunctions can be managed.

    The question must be asked - "What are you willing to jettison in your quest to relieve yourself of certain ghosts?".
    Some people seek healing but only if they are allowed to retain certain key contents that they are not willing to let go of.

    For me - its not that I am against "collective goals" my ideological leanings simply point to a different boundary and scope to which I seek to plot out my "Friends and Family Calling Circle". The effective of management is diluted when one attempts to define a scope that is too broad and thus traction is not obtained to address these issues.

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    The Movie "Precious" Shows The Main Forces Dragging Down Black People & Others Today

    This evening I snuck out and saw the movie "Precious". I have heard so much about the film that I had to see it for myself.

    This was a powerful movie. "Mommy Dearest" ain't got nothing on this one. "Raw" best describes this piece.

    This is a "must see" movie but only IF you go into the theater ready to think and apply these powerful messages to many of the social/cultural/political/ethical/spiritual issues that we do battle over on a daily basis in this country and this world.

    For me - though this was merely the dramatization of a novel rather than an autobiographical account of true to life circumstances - this film showed in an indisputable manner that the worst oppressor for the African-American today is NOT "Remnants of Slavery" or "Modern day oppression by White folks" - so few of which were even seen in the film. Instead the biggest threat to the development of the African American is:

    • Selfishness
    • Ignorance
    • Hatred
    • Disrespect
    • Sexual Lust
    • Slovenliness
    Precious' mother "Mary Lee Johnston", played by actress Mo'Nique had all of the items on the list and several others. She did everything that a former "slave master" did. Her daughter's neck and self-confidence had to be under her foot at all times so that the narcissistic mother could be made to feel good about her own self. "Mary Lee" is the epitomy of the worst fears of what the multi-generational welfare system is said to create via the stereotype.

    Instead of encouraging her daughter to develop her mind she instead encourages her to get on Welfare. Education is a waste of time and "you shouldn't be listening to those White folks, they'll mess you all up in the end" - or so the mother said.

    The reason for her mother's resentment and abusiveness of her own daughter was detailed at the end of the movie (I won't give it away) but her reasons are hardly justifiable. In fact they were infantile; rantings of an adult with an underdeveloped consciousness. IGNORANT no less.

    I actually was angered by certain people in the audience around me (young girls). Where as the dialoge that took place among the young girls in the movie was meant to extract a laugh out of the audience - the powerful closing sequence where the mother used words that were IGNORANT were not meant to draw a laugh. I found myself wanting to stand up and tell the young girls sitting around me to shut up and learn something. They were laughing at the most inopportune time of the movie. Thus they saw what was otherwise a powerful MESSAGE as simply entertainment. I am not sure if they really "got it" in any event.

    My summary question that could supplant all that I have typed above is this:

    How can a group of people look to have society show them that they are equal - equally deserving that is - IF this same group of people, while in the context of their own communities, cannot order themselves whereby they show respect for themselves and their brothers and sisters around them?

    After years of monitoring independently produced DVDs as obtained from NetFlix and other sources I can say without a doubt that the most penetrating attack upon a Black person's consciousness and self confidence comes from the words that we say to each other and the disrespect and lack of dignity that is contained within at times.

    Tonight I Removed "Barack Obama's Image" From My Young Daughter's Notebook And Replaced Them With A Listing Of Her "Permanent Interests"

    Over the weekend my 9 year old daughter used her computer skills to create a color paper print out to go into the front cover of her 3 ring binder used for school.

    The print out had her name at the top and then a picture that was similar to the image of President Barack Obama that is seen to the left.

    Yesterday I asked her why she chose that particular image. She said "Uha Uha. I just liked it".

    Speaking as an adult with a fully defined consciousness I personally have a problem when I see anyone walking around with a t-shirt on in public with a sitting politician's image on it. When I see that person my past experience tells me that this is not an independent thinking person. I'll be damned if I ever allow my child to become so mind numbed.

    This is the case with anyone presently wearing a "Barack Obama t-shirt" one year after the election. This was the case with anyone I saw wearing a "George W Bush" t-shirt, though far more rare of an occurrence. This is the case when I see anyone wearing a Ronald Reagan t-shirt as well.

    I refuse to turn my own permanent interests over to a politician in the name of "idol worship". This is the very sentiment that they look for in order to roll over many of our key interests in a democracy. I have a bit of fear of certain people who invest so much of themselves into another man. I fear what they would allow to be done to themselves and to me in the process of maintain their emotional linkage to this person.

    See this video as my best reference to the type of consciousness that I fear the most ( I call her "Chicago Lady #616"):

    Thus I altered my daughter's insert page with the following content.:

    My accompanying letter to her that she will read in the morning was as follows:

    Dear XXXXXXXX:

    I changed the cover of your Enrichment Binder with a cover that is more appropriate for you and work you are attempting to complete as you develop as a young lady. I am very proud that you have earned a spot in the Enrichment Program at your school. You are a very smart young lady and others see this in you as well.

    As your father I have to tell you that should not idolize any man or woman and most certainly not one who is a politician. Instead you should be working to develop the values and principles that you believe in as an individual. These are the values that you will live off of later in life. Later on in your life if you find a politician that matches this list that I have helped you out with - you should vote for him or her and support him as you work toward your goals for the society.
    You must also realize that such a person will only ever be a politician though. A politician runs the government but not your life. You should never allow your fondness for a person to cause you to forget what you believe in.
    If this politician fails you – you should know what you believe in enough to work to change the people who represent you in politics.

    Therefore you should not do free advertising for any politician and become so connected to him or her that you are unable to let him go despite the fact that he might have failed to accomplish the things that are on the list of your own permanent interests.

    At your age I would rather that you understand what each of the items that are on the list and what they mean to you instead of having a picture of a politician on your book as you might place a picture of Hanna Montana or Raven.

    We can talk about this later on today.

    Love Dad


    Update - Morning

    Momma saw the change and didn't have a problem with it. Had she 'hated on it' there would have been a debate. Instead since she told me that she is looking forward to her upcoming trip to Jamaica to speak to the young high school girls at her alma mater I figured that this would be the case. She said she plans to speak to them about character and integrity and how both must be retained in order to move forward in this world. Once they are lost they both are hard to recover from by the people who you have violated. (To which I asked "What about the spirit of forgiveness that is necessary in the person who was wronged?" - hoping that I might leverage this in the future if I ever "step in it". :-) )

    I told my daughter that I had changed her cover and asked her to take a look at it.
    "Why did you do it daddy?"
    "Read the note that was sitting on top of the book".
    After reading it she smiled and then grunted.

    I am sure that it was "no big deal" in the first place from her perspective.
    However a group of people who say "this is no big deal" are the same people who set the new standard lower. Someone else inevitably benefits from this "no big deal".

    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    "Precious", The Movie: Modern Day Instantiation Of The "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome"

    (Hat tip to the "Booker Rising" blog)

    The new movie "Precious" details the life Clareece "Precious" Jones. She is a the product of an abusive home as rendered by a narcissistic mother.

    In her mother's quest to show her young daughter what a "real woman" needs to do to make it in this world she grinds down all of Precious' self-confidence and self-worth in the process.

    The purpose of this post is not to do a review of the movie. There are far more qualified people than me to evaluate the cinematic worth of this project. Instead my goal is to document and then reverse engineer the process of how the great amount of dysfunction that we see in certain people today gets embedded in them. The classical argument of "nature versus nurture" is staring us straight in the face.

    "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome"

    The label of "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" enjoys usage among certain people to describe the source of some of the dysfunction that is seen in certain populations of Black people. As the argument goes - the experiences of 400 years of slavery and oppression of Black in in the Americas has rendered a certain definable psychosis upon us. As a response and a coping mechanism we "act out" in violent and/or dysfunctional ways because "White Supremacy" has acted out in a violent and dysfunctional way against Black people because of our skin color. One not need to have been enslaved in chattel slavery in order to receive the prescription slip from the doctor who hands this out freely. In fact he has a warehouse full of preprinted slips in order to keep up with the demand.

    My argument to the contrary is that the power struggle that is depicted on the screen in the movie "Precious" is an example of the most prevalent means by which this dysfunction is communicated between the generations.

    Some argue that the movie proves their own point. The fact that the mother character has abused her daughter "Precious" is only because her parents before hath done the same to her. All of this serial dysfunction having originated from Slavery time. Of course few have documented the mental condition and power relationships that took place in pre-colonial Africa. In the "Magical Africa" tale that is popular - all was pristine and we "all were Kings". There was no dysfunction to think of.

    The truth of the matter is that this reverence for "Africa from long ago" and the choice to place the blame for today upon American Slavery is done for one important reason. The goal of those who are purveyors of this theory do so because they seek to escape modern day accountability. They are appeased with the knowledge of "I Know Who Did This To Us And They Will Pay For It!!!!!! We Must Remain Eternally Vigilant Against Them Lest The Re-enslave Again Tomorrow!!! We Must Remain UNIFIED"..........."YOU drop YOUR Foolish Thoughts And Come Under My Tent And Adopt My Views.....IF You Are Really Black.".

    I have documented this scheme on several occasions. The person who was walking down the street as an upstanding citizen, minding his own business and yet was ASSAULTED by an aggressor is allowed to maintain his moral high ground. There was nothing, after all, that he did to deserve such an attack. The damnation and scrutiny must be focused upon the assailant.

    If our victim needs an extended period of time to heal from his injuries. If his time of convalescence is not understood by his long time oppressors - it is only because they know not how "The Cage Bird Sings". The victim has earned the right to claim his "soft tissue injury" even if it does not show up on any x-ray or MRI device. This pain is his own to claim.

    From the interests of the Black community this scheme is ultimately not in our own best interests. Instead of us developing frameworks for our development as he practice "Human Resource Management" it instead is a prescription to explain away the dysfunctional results of the day.

    Management is a "directed" set of activities done to achieve "directed outcomes" with regard to some mission statement or interests. Schemes like the "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" are passive in nature. They seek to redirect responsibility and make the demand for external attendance. From this no balanced people will ever be produced. Only "cared for" people.

    The Brain Of "Precious" And The Brain Of The Slave

    We are all conscious beings. God has given us the most powerful brain of any species that he has created. In fact we were made in his own form.

    Our brains are totally dependent upon the 5 senses that the body that it is housed within provide as connection to the outside world. All that we learn comes through our senses and the inferences that our brain calculates with the intelligence contained within. The people we interact with form an imprint upon our world view.

    If we were to make an analysis of the sensory signals provided to "Precious" and then compare them with those received by a "Slave Girl" from 300 years ago - their respective brains would note a similar set of stimuli. There was a need to "subjugate" both of these brains into submission. The tools used were:

    • Violent Actions Used To Establish Supremacy
    • Threats Of Violence That Draw Upon Past Physical Violence To Maintain Compliance
    • Abusive Words To Remove Individual Thoughts
    • Sensory Deprivation At The Emotional Level - To Strip Away The Default Self-Worth That All Humans Have By Default
    All of these abuses were done with the purposes of "enslaving" the person to a desired mental order as prescribed by the superior power.

    Frequently when one mentions the violence that takes place in Africa today (ie: the movie "The Last King Of Scotland" which highlighted Idi Amin's violent romp through Uganda) such behavior is also attributed to "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome". Where as the White colonialist has inserted a sense of self-hatred and oppressive spirit upon the masses of Black people. Now that "the Blacks" are in power they have taken hold of the notion that was imparted upon them by the White oppressor - "Black people can only be lead by brutal oppression rather than via their innate human intelligence".

    As hard as I tried, upon watching the film "The Last King Of Scotland" I could not see the wires that dangled from the sky as the sign that the White man was controlling the Black Africans with guns that were massacring their own countrymen.


    The truth of the way to address and correct this systematic dysfunction is clear. Such dysfunction is an example of non-management. The fact that certain dysfunctions learned in the past has been able to jump the synapse between generations is not evidence of the POWER of such thoughts. It is only evidence of the failure of the present cultural and social order to suppress such dysfunction via hands on management.

    There is no question that management is more difficult than projecting blame and obfuscation tactics.

    In this case we cannot reference "ease" as a qualifying attribute. Instead ENDURANCE and COMPREHENSIVENESS must be the prime considerations. If indeed we have the intention of reaching the "repaired state" as a people it will come from overt action WITHIN, not constant grading of the external playing field with the hopes of one day making it completely level. Some of our choices to disassemble certain cultural norms for nothing more than libertine justifications have the impact of backing off the management plan rather than firmly addressing them.

    If you still want to make use of the term "Post-Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" to define the condition that some of us have PRESENTLY - I have no recourse to take against you. The key consideration, however, is not what we are presently infected with and "WHO did this to us?". Instead the superior notion is "Where Do We Go From Here" and how is this notion going to be propagated throughout the society, insuring that all who are interested in eating the fruit that results do their daily repetitive tasks to get there.

    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    Schools Spread Out Poor And Minority Students In New Busing Scheme

    USA Today: Income, not race, becoming basis for busing

    I actually have two views of this rather disappointing news.

    First I am unable to get past the notion that "Assumed Inferiority", regardless of the "column by which you sort the data upon" in order to mask this view is still as belittling. Based on previous attempts I am quite certain that many Black leaders are quite pleased that these children will be provided access to "opportunity". They have yet to come to grips with the complementary part of the same argument - which makes up my second point:

    Despite having control over the control over their local institutions that they have struggled to obtain for a long time - this control has not allowed the people in question to develop the elusive "opportunity" in these same institutions.

    When integration is made to provide tangible benefits to the "minority" while being seen as the societal obligation for the White to help his brother in need - there is a problem that needs to be addressed. There are some words that are not politically correct that needs to brought to the light.


    Over the past few days I have engaged in several debates on different blogs. Several times I have been reminded that Black people "had our culture stolen from us during slavery". I asked these same people "Who was this culture that you speak of created in the first place?"

    Answer: They were created as a function of the conditions that were present at that time and the need to have the group in question survive life's challenges. Hunters and Gatherers, for example are required to implement collaborative division of labor strategies lest they all die together. They shared the bounty - typically by elder status. These actions became ingrained into a culture. This culture was propagated to subsequent generations.

    Thus my argument for the year 2009 is that this culture of ole is only relevant in as much as our people also seek to adopt the other lifestyle and living standards that were present during these glory days - "When We Were Kings".

    This post is not about assigning blame as to the force who stripped away our "self determination" in the matter of dropping one culture and being forced into a new one that resulted in our current state.

    • It is my opinion that the superior concern of today is that we stand today with a certain set of challenges.
    • We stand today with certain "outcomes" that are desired for our people and the standard of living at which we reside.

    These two overwhelming facts necessitate that we forge a new alignment between or "desired outcomes" and the cultural enforcements that we maintain as a means of transforming these "desired outcomes" into "directed outcomes".

    What are "directed outcomes"?
    Directed Outcomes are the attainment favorable societal outcomes amongst a group of people that have been derived from the application of a defined set of management practices upon the people that are in line with their goals and/or permanent interests.

    When someone has an award winning flower garden those of us who don't have a green thumb marvel at the end state. For me personally I also admit that I don't have the day to day interests in pruning, grafting and pulling weeds for me to ever have my yard look as good as the person's who's handiwork I am marveling.

    I may have seen this person performing care of this defined space of his garden while I lounged around, watched television and in the case of my own plot of land - mowed my grass and sprayed "Round Up" on the weeds all of the sake of maintaining minimum "curb appeal".

    By comparison this other person has what I have and more. Their accouterments that are present for me to envy were sculpted during the "mean time" in which this person was working while I was content with my own world.

    I am of the opinion that the default state of a garden is a plot of land that has weeds, brush and overgrowth. Only human manicuring can turn this plot of land into an award winning garden.

    The human being is no less of a garden. The tweaking that we all received via the entirety of our experiences from age zero (or even negative 9 months) through to 18 or 21 have made us all what we are today.

    Today we have more control over our own garden than ever before as citizens of North America - regardless of our legal or social status that had prevented us from doing so.

    It stands to my reason that if the present culture that prevails among our people (and indeed all of us have unique experiences) is failing to deliver the adequate quantity of us into the finished product that we need to produce the standard of living that we all find favorable - we have no choice than to implode the present culture within which our people are bathed in and reform the messages that our people receive with a more "functional culture".

    There is no choice IF the goal is to obtain these "directed outcomes".

    Today much of our activism is "one off". The thought goes - If we can fight the society and have it to prove to us that we are equally worthy then they will provide us with the resources that are necessary to reside at a particular standard of living. The standard of living that "America" has defined as a living standard.

    Sadly if you pull the people in question away from the granter of this living standard - or leave them all alone in the MIDST of this same system - their buoyancy will be shown per the set of economic, academic, law & order and moral principles upon which they live.

    Long story short - this new "income based distribution of human resources" is doomed to fail. It places the transformation of these "poor and minority" students as a function of their exposure to more effective cultural enforcements that are present in the "wealthy schools".

    It strips away all pretense that a properly managed and confined "poor school" could EVER apply the same social and cultural controls that are present in the "rich school". Thus they attempt a short cut - convincing all who will go along that "POVERTY" inherently has some force of "INFERIORITY IN OUTCOMES" embedded within it.

    I must reject this claim outright.

    The dysfunction does not come from "poverty".
    The dysfunction comes from non-management of impressionable resources.
    Since there is no process for "directed outcomes" applied to these equal human beings - the unfavorable outcomes are unavoidable.

    In the presence of a void in culture - young men and young women will craft their own culture.

    From a logistical stand point there will never be a time when the balance of "poor and minority" Americans are given the "privilege" of sitting next to a "non-poor and non-minority" as a means of receiving their magical radiation.

    In fact I believe that this is an example of "Non-White White Supremacy" to build our development plans off of such as strategy.

    It is time to scrutinize and manage our CULTURE and those who claim to be our LEADERS.
    By Jordan Schrader

    Struggling to improve schools that have large populations of poor and minority students and under legal pressure to avoid racial busing, a small but growing group of school districts are integrating schools by income.

    More than 60 school systems now use socioeconomic status as a factor in school assignments, says Richard Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, which studies income inequality. Students in Champaign, Ill.; Kalamazoo, Mich.; and Louisville have returned this year to income-based assignments.

    "To the extent we can eliminate the highest concentrations of poverty or spread more thinly those concentrations of poverty, I think we make the environment a little less challenging for students and staff to be successful," says Kalamazoo Public Schools Superintendent Michael Rice.

    School leaders, though, can encounter backlash from parents of children whose school assignments take them out of their neighborhoods.

    Supporters of economic diversity policies hold up the school system in Wake County, N.C., as a national example, but voters who came out for a recent school board election turned against it.

    The district's goal is for none of its 159 schools in Raleigh and its suburbs to have more than 40% of its student body eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

    That's a goal a third of schools haven't reached in recent years, but Wake County schools still are more economically integrated than others in the state and nation, Kahlenberg says. Magnet schools pull some suburban children into the city; others' reassignments are mandatory.

    But opponents of mandatory busing gained a majority on the Wake County school board in the Oct. 6 election.

    Parents such as Joe Ciulla, who works for a technology company and lives in suburban Cary, say long bus rides harm children, and distance keeps parents from involvement at school. Low-income families are hit especially hard, he says.

    "They take these poor kids who are struggling and do their very best to spread them around and create the appearance of healthy schools," says Ciulla, whose group, the Wake Schools Community Alliance, helped elect four candidates pushing for neighborhood schools.

    Wake County bused students for decades based on race but switched in 2000 to considering income, one of the first in the nation to do so.

    If the policy were ended, teacher Paulette Jones Leaven — who as a black child in the 1960s attended segregated schools until sixth grade — says she knows what would happen.

    "We would return to segregated schools," says the in-school suspension coordinator at Carroll Middle School.

    Jones Leaven notes statistics that show 96% of students go to school less than 10 miles from home as the crow flies.

    Studies show low-income students do better in middle-class schools, Kahlenberg says. He says that's borne out in Wake County, where both poor and middle-class students have mostly outperformed their peers in other urban North Carolina districts — though scores have slipped lately.

    He hopes Wake County will find a middle ground, perhaps like Cambridge, Mass., whose diversity plan offers a greater degree of choice for parents.

    Assignment schemes in other communities vary. Champaign assigns children to elementary schools using individual factors such as parents' incomes and education levels, Assistant Superintendent Beth Shepperd says.

    Prodded by a 2007 Supreme Court decision that limited how districts could use race, Kentucky's Jefferson County Public Schools moved to assignments that consider a neighborhood's economic status, minority population and adult education levels, says Sheldon Berman, its superintendent.

    Either way, Kahlenberg predicts the Wake County election won't be a preview of backlash across the USA. Most areas don't have the explosive growth in student population that has made school reassignments in the county so common, he says.

    CNN - "Black men In the Age Of Obama" - Gravitational Pull By Induction

    Some of you argue that the "SYMBOLISM" of Obama - the "Image" as is repeated so much in the video - is all that matters. "There is nothing like 'Black Love'" as I just heard in the video that is playing in the background.

    I am not slamming the "positive talk about Obama". I can see the importance of him to some people - even beyond the political realm.

    My argument is that BLACK PEOPLE RELY ON THESE MOTIVATIONS WHEN, INSTEAD, WE NEED STRUCTURE. Black people have a "Human Resource Management Problem".

    This problem is solvable by applying standard management science practices that detail how to get a group of people from where they stand to where they want to be. This group of people can be a group of individuals organized as a company. It might be a volunteer association. It might be a group of investors.

    In the case of Black people - the construct of "race" has no specific organizing component in and of itself.

    Of course if the characteristic of your skin color is the key attribute that is used to suppress you - the goal to remove this suppression can be the clarion call that unifies the masses. In as much - the popular Black Political Activism is one of activism and struggle.

    Today our community faces the challenge of confronting what will likely turn out to be a equally onerous enemy - OURSELVES. As we stand alone in our own communities with the people who lead us being promoted based upon the prevailing consciousness that we have in the context of our grievances and frustrations - they are chosen as a function of this snapshot of our mindset. Those who speak to these grievances win our affection. In our current mindset - those who tell us that "THEY" (those who stand on the outside of our domain - be it a physical boundary or more likely an ideological/racial one) are our problem. "THEY" don't value us as EQUAL. "THEY" want to deny us resources that are our right as Americans and human beings. In speaking in this language they are attempting to regenerate the spirit of the civil rights STRUGGLE.

    Step back and ask yourself: "What do our present leaders ASK OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY?". Aside from asking us to "Vote", to "fill out the Census so that we can get our fair share of resources", and for us to tell our friends and neighbors to do the same........What is the Black community being asked to do - organically?

    All that is being talked about on CNN and the reverence for Obama is functionally a hope that the "portrait of the Black elected official on the wall" will be sufficient enough to motivate Black people to have a more positive mindset. Indeed having such a mindset is very important.

    My main criticism is that this same mindset was driven negative by these same operatives in the context of the political realities that had previously been in place in the "American Political domain". Simply put - the "Cultural Consciousness domain" that they are attempting to fix within the Black community was allowed to get "depressed" because of unfavorable outcomes in the American political domain. This was in line with the attempted fusion between these two domains which never should be allowed to happen.

    Note how the lack of TRANSPARENT MEASURES in both time periods (Obama and Bush) leave us open to such exploitation. Go take a listen to more of the video segments from the CNN special right now. Listen with the filter of seeking out firm MEASUREMENT of what they say. You hear how "a conscious revolution is now present in Black America. We want to do the right thing - now that Obama has inspired us". How do you graph this? In truth these words and emotions are little more than a popularity contest.

    In order for our community to progress - and make it stick - we need to develop more effective scientific means by which to accomplish what we seek.

    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Black Foster Child / White Foster Child - Different Emotional Draws To Trigger Action

    Notice the different framing of the crisis between Black and White.

    (Both were excellent and effective commercials though)