Tuesday, November 03, 2009

CNN - "Black men In the Age Of Obama" - Gravitational Pull By Induction

Some of you argue that the "SYMBOLISM" of Obama - the "Image" as is repeated so much in the video - is all that matters. "There is nothing like 'Black Love'" as I just heard in the video that is playing in the background.

I am not slamming the "positive talk about Obama". I can see the importance of him to some people - even beyond the political realm.

My argument is that BLACK PEOPLE RELY ON THESE MOTIVATIONS WHEN, INSTEAD, WE NEED STRUCTURE. Black people have a "Human Resource Management Problem".

This problem is solvable by applying standard management science practices that detail how to get a group of people from where they stand to where they want to be. This group of people can be a group of individuals organized as a company. It might be a volunteer association. It might be a group of investors.

In the case of Black people - the construct of "race" has no specific organizing component in and of itself.

Of course if the characteristic of your skin color is the key attribute that is used to suppress you - the goal to remove this suppression can be the clarion call that unifies the masses. In as much - the popular Black Political Activism is one of activism and struggle.

Today our community faces the challenge of confronting what will likely turn out to be a equally onerous enemy - OURSELVES. As we stand alone in our own communities with the people who lead us being promoted based upon the prevailing consciousness that we have in the context of our grievances and frustrations - they are chosen as a function of this snapshot of our mindset. Those who speak to these grievances win our affection. In our current mindset - those who tell us that "THEY" (those who stand on the outside of our domain - be it a physical boundary or more likely an ideological/racial one) are our problem. "THEY" don't value us as EQUAL. "THEY" want to deny us resources that are our right as Americans and human beings. In speaking in this language they are attempting to regenerate the spirit of the civil rights STRUGGLE.

Step back and ask yourself: "What do our present leaders ASK OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY?". Aside from asking us to "Vote", to "fill out the Census so that we can get our fair share of resources", and for us to tell our friends and neighbors to do the same........What is the Black community being asked to do - organically?

All that is being talked about on CNN and the reverence for Obama is functionally a hope that the "portrait of the Black elected official on the wall" will be sufficient enough to motivate Black people to have a more positive mindset. Indeed having such a mindset is very important.

My main criticism is that this same mindset was driven negative by these same operatives in the context of the political realities that had previously been in place in the "American Political domain". Simply put - the "Cultural Consciousness domain" that they are attempting to fix within the Black community was allowed to get "depressed" because of unfavorable outcomes in the American political domain. This was in line with the attempted fusion between these two domains which never should be allowed to happen.

Note how the lack of TRANSPARENT MEASURES in both time periods (Obama and Bush) leave us open to such exploitation. Go take a listen to more of the video segments from the CNN special right now. Listen with the filter of seeking out firm MEASUREMENT of what they say. You hear how "a conscious revolution is now present in Black America. We want to do the right thing - now that Obama has inspired us". How do you graph this? In truth these words and emotions are little more than a popularity contest.

In order for our community to progress - and make it stick - we need to develop more effective scientific means by which to accomplish what we seek.

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