Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tonight I Removed "Barack Obama's Image" From My Young Daughter's Notebook And Replaced Them With A Listing Of Her "Permanent Interests"

Over the weekend my 9 year old daughter used her computer skills to create a color paper print out to go into the front cover of her 3 ring binder used for school.

The print out had her name at the top and then a picture that was similar to the image of President Barack Obama that is seen to the left.

Yesterday I asked her why she chose that particular image. She said "Uha Uha. I just liked it".

Speaking as an adult with a fully defined consciousness I personally have a problem when I see anyone walking around with a t-shirt on in public with a sitting politician's image on it. When I see that person my past experience tells me that this is not an independent thinking person. I'll be damned if I ever allow my child to become so mind numbed.

This is the case with anyone presently wearing a "Barack Obama t-shirt" one year after the election. This was the case with anyone I saw wearing a "George W Bush" t-shirt, though far more rare of an occurrence. This is the case when I see anyone wearing a Ronald Reagan t-shirt as well.

I refuse to turn my own permanent interests over to a politician in the name of "idol worship". This is the very sentiment that they look for in order to roll over many of our key interests in a democracy. I have a bit of fear of certain people who invest so much of themselves into another man. I fear what they would allow to be done to themselves and to me in the process of maintain their emotional linkage to this person.

See this video as my best reference to the type of consciousness that I fear the most ( I call her "Chicago Lady #616"):

Thus I altered my daughter's insert page with the following content.:

My accompanying letter to her that she will read in the morning was as follows:


I changed the cover of your Enrichment Binder with a cover that is more appropriate for you and work you are attempting to complete as you develop as a young lady. I am very proud that you have earned a spot in the Enrichment Program at your school. You are a very smart young lady and others see this in you as well.

As your father I have to tell you that should not idolize any man or woman and most certainly not one who is a politician. Instead you should be working to develop the values and principles that you believe in as an individual. These are the values that you will live off of later in life. Later on in your life if you find a politician that matches this list that I have helped you out with - you should vote for him or her and support him as you work toward your goals for the society.
You must also realize that such a person will only ever be a politician though. A politician runs the government but not your life. You should never allow your fondness for a person to cause you to forget what you believe in.
If this politician fails you – you should know what you believe in enough to work to change the people who represent you in politics.

Therefore you should not do free advertising for any politician and become so connected to him or her that you are unable to let him go despite the fact that he might have failed to accomplish the things that are on the list of your own permanent interests.

At your age I would rather that you understand what each of the items that are on the list and what they mean to you instead of having a picture of a politician on your book as you might place a picture of Hanna Montana or Raven.

We can talk about this later on today.

Love Dad


Update - Morning

Momma saw the change and didn't have a problem with it. Had she 'hated on it' there would have been a debate. Instead since she told me that she is looking forward to her upcoming trip to Jamaica to speak to the young high school girls at her alma mater I figured that this would be the case. She said she plans to speak to them about character and integrity and how both must be retained in order to move forward in this world. Once they are lost they both are hard to recover from by the people who you have violated. (To which I asked "What about the spirit of forgiveness that is necessary in the person who was wronged?" - hoping that I might leverage this in the future if I ever "step in it". :-) )

I told my daughter that I had changed her cover and asked her to take a look at it.
"Why did you do it daddy?"
"Read the note that was sitting on top of the book".
After reading it she smiled and then grunted.

I am sure that it was "no big deal" in the first place from her perspective.
However a group of people who say "this is no big deal" are the same people who set the new standard lower. Someone else inevitably benefits from this "no big deal".

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