Monday, November 23, 2009

Washington DC - #1 In HIV Infections Yet Still In Denial About The Problem

I am convinced that some people would prefer to destroy themselves than to take a step back and consider that which they are bound to which is causing them to fall astray.

Here we have the city of Washington DC which has the highest HIV infection rate of any other American city today. In fact it is approaching the conditions of some nations in Africa.

As a frequent critic of he prevailing establishment I realize that I have an uphill battle in changing hearts and minds. This is especially the case when the entrenched operatives have the microphone upon our people and can easily distract the mass attention upon some other external threat instead of 'handling our own business'.

Yet when these enemy forces have cleared out and the forces who are leading us have the floor and can do whatever they please - their FAILURE still does not insure that the masses will hold them accountable and attribute the condition to those who's fingerprints are on the steering wheel.

I am disinclined to sit silently and "wait my turn" to have my ideas be considered. The burden is instead upon those who are watching what is going on presently, who are discontent and thus are willing to advocate for change because what is going on today is proving deadly to our people.

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