Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The White Liberal Inferiority List That Contains Black People

This is a clip from the C-SPAN BookTV presentation from the author of the book "Barack Obama's America".

In this specific segment he is detailing the people to which the "Reagan Revolution" was directed and thus makes use of what I call the "List of Inferior Beings"

"Un-young, Un-poor and Un-Black"

This list was first defined about 4 years ago on a local Black radio talkshow in which a guest who was a former "career attorney" in the US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division - told of how the Bush policy of enforcing photo voter ID would impact:

  • The Poor
  • The Elderly
  • The Handicapped
  • The Black
  • The Immigrant
From this listing made by this particular White male liberal I coined the term "The List Of Inferior Beings".  He argued that each of the persons on this list have trouble keeping up with their government issued identification and thus the rule was suppressive of their vote.

At that time I struggled to understand why my people continuously tuck our tails and "assume the position" as we become the "Poster Child" for the agenda of the White Progressive bigot.  In as much as we claim to hate stereotyping it is clear that many Black folks don't mind being labeled INFERIOR - as long as it is done as part of a transaction in which we receive something of value to us in the end.

In the case of the video up above this was a Democratic operative telling of the future strategic advantage that the Democratic party will have due to demographic changes.

Whereas the "Reagan Revolution" was exclusive to:
  • White
  • Middle-Class
  • Middle Aged
  • Married
  • Mom/Dad/Kids
 He goes on to argue that the Democrats will dominate the future because:

  • In 1942 Whites will lose their majority status in the nation
  • Church Attendance is declining thus the power of religious dogma is waining in America
  • Fewer people are getting married and thus since the GOP does better with married people this should be a boon for the Democrats
  • Homosexual Rights are increasing - score one for the Democrats
  • Illegal Immigration will continue to swell the ranks of Hispanics in this nation and thus more votes for the Democrats
As you review the list above please observe that NONE OF THESE points require that BLACK PEOPLE do anything in particular to strengthen our position in this nation.  We only need to keep voting for the Democrats and allow the natural attrition to occur around us.

More to the point this author (and I will post a larger video segment shortly) only speaks in terms of "Democratic Party power and control".  He does not attempt to go around the nation where Democrats are in total control and speak specifically about how people (especially Black people) have benefited from this control.

I believe that he knows that Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore and Washington DC are not good references as to how the Black community will thrive as the Democratic Party forms a permanent majority over this nation.

It is critical that this author and other Black Establishment operatives keep our people focused on competing against Republicans rather than being conscious about what we are tangibly receiving as a community from these battles.

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