Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Was This Black Woman Chosen As The Character For This Commercial

You've all see the commericals:   Home Security service has a series of burglars breaking in to a home as the "White woman" and/or "White Woman along with her children" are at home.  The alarm goes off and, thank goodness - the security monitoring service is standing by to protect them.

Without fail the pirate home invader is a White male. 

Those who do these commericals realize that it is far easier to "keep it in the race".  If they were to feature a Black home invader this one commercial would cause a conflict among those who are inclined to protest against stereotypical images in the media.


When the commercial featured above was cast - why did a Black woman and her son come to mind as the image of those who'd benefit from a "government subsidized cellphone"?

Indeed her age makes her a likely candidate for assistance.  It appears that her race made her a "double qualifier

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BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I'm with you on these type of commericals,I have observed that most people don't think critically of commericals and advertisements.Maybe this topic needs to be explored further?