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My Reply To Sophia Nelson - In Regards To How The REPUBLICAN PARTY Must Change To Accommodate Blacks

Reply To Sophia Nelson

Ms Nelson -

Since "The" mail server is down and thus I am not able to obtain a user account - please afford me the opportunity to redirect your comments generated from that particular piece of your upon this entry on your blog.

The key point of disagreement that I have with you is in regards to your assumptions about the orientation of Black people as we pursue our quest for better living. You position Black people as "consumers", receiving overtures from various political campaigns about what THEY can do for US and thus voting accordingly.

I, on the other hand see Black people as SCIENTISTS who need to be in pursuit of SOLUTIONS to our problems. Thus we take samples of perspective solutions and then retain that which works and pitch overboard that which has failed to solve our problems.

Thus the question that I have for you is - IF:

* Some of the components of our solution come rapped in "offensive Republican paper"
* Some of the components that FAIL to be proven to be a part of our solution comes in "bright and shining Democratic paper"

but also

* Some of the components of our pain come rapped in "offensive Republican paper"
* Some of the components of our pain come rapped in "bright and shining Democratic paper"
..........IS IT THE CONTAINER that presents us solutions or non-solutions guised as such that is the important construct for us to focus upon or should we FOCUS UPON LOOKING THE STATIC AND KEYING IN UPON THE SOLUTIONS?

My basic point, Ms Nelson is that it appears that you and others are interested in POPULARITY over SUBSTANCE. At some point in time the Black community is going to be forced to come to grips with the FACTS. The FACTS are that the Black community is dominated now by the PEOPLE OF OUR OWN POPULAR CHOOSING. Despite this fact our level of aggrievement has not declined proportionate to this favorable control.

I can't understand why you propose that it is the REPUBLICANS who are in need of CHANGE as evidence by the last 2 elections but you never stop to switch the entire argument around where it is most salient. The BLACK COMMUNITY despite having no less than 30 years of FAVORABLE ELECTIONS where we have the final say of who will present us IS IN NEED OF CHANGE so that the problems that plague us might atrophy in the grip that they have upon us.

I have introduced the term "Ideological Bigotry" to describe what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. This describes a situation where there is "voter nullification" going on to the extent that the present conditions on the streets and within our schools that are controlled by the prevailing power IS NOT BAD ENOUGH to force the "Ideological Bigot" to see that HE NEEDS TO CHANGE before better outcomes can be had.

Secondly the term "Black Flight Progressives" detail the phenomenon that I see happening as "Blacks who can" move away from the Progressive Utopia that they have helped build as their "tolerance" allows other Blacks of a different cultural and class order stream into the environment and cause them distress. In the presence of these Progressives coming FACE TO FACE with the baby of their own making - THEY MOVE AWAY - going toward more 'CONSERVATIVE surroundings'. The irony that they are moving next door to their ideological enemies is lost on them. In their Internet search for places that have "quality schools", "low crime rates", "a healthy retail environment" and " retention of property values" their progressive bastions were not returned in the "Google response" but instead a more conservative area was described by their query.

As they move into their new conservative abode though, Ms Nelson - they fool themselves that they are "staying connected with their peeps" by continuing to vote for PROGRESSIVES!! (My county in suburban Atlanta is a case study on this entire phenomenon. I am writing this from first hand experience)

Thus this tells me, Ms Nelson that me as a "Black Conservative Independent" am searching for the same things as my Black Progressive Fundamentalist counterparts are searching for.

The key difference is that after I moved I chose to vote for people who promised to MAINTAIN THE CONDITIONS of where I have moved to.
They MOVED but get around their guilt of moving by voting to CUSTOMIZE their new location to be just like their old one. Thus the cycle repeats itself.

In summary - I think that you are grossly off of the mark on this one.
You need to probe into that which BLACK FOLKS ARE IN CONSTANT PURSUIT OF and then ask that we TRUE UP with the realities of the VEHICLE that we have thus far chosen to ride to "The Promised Land" aboard.

We too often focus on the accouterments of the VEHICLE rather than the course that the navigator plans to take, the changing road conditions, AND the fact that we as passengers are seeing MILE MARKERS along the way that otherwise tell us that WE ARE HEADING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION yet we say NOTHING because of our commitment to UNITY and only fighting outside battles.

THIS IS THE PROBLEM that Black folks face, more than anything about the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Worse than the NAMES that Conservatives call us at times is the SILENCE from BLACK FOLKS who know THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH about some elements of the Black community who's behavior resides even below OUR OWN STANDARDS. We wait for WHITE FOLKS to speak out against the behavior and we "attack Whitey". The problem REMAINS within our community as the White folks learn to SAY NOTING lest they be punished for it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fan Mail From Someone Who Asks Me To Stop Bitching And Start Working

Benjamin writes:

Since you seem so intelligent and in the know as to what is ailing the black community, why don't you tell me your plan to change(help) the community outside of bitching about it?

Thank you for the challenge and the question Benjamin.

While it might not seem obvious to YOU, in my view I AM CONSTANTLY 'DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM".

You see Benjamin in my estimation the Black community has a MANAGEMENT PROBLEM.  Who other than Black people are ultimately going to fix that which ailes the Black community?  Do you really think that the nation of people who happen to live on the same dirt as you do in this land called the USA is going to address your unique issues as a Black person by looking at you as a brother in national terms?  Will they promote their NATIONAL commonality above their racial, community or family interests?   This clearly is the flaw in the assumptions of many Blacks.

For me as a Black man the ONLY thing that I ask from the government of this nation is that they ENFORCE THE LAWS and that any law that is written be confined to be within the domain of what can be called reasonable and legitmate governance.   After that, Benjamin it is the responsibility of the citizenry to structure themselves as free people to ultimately EXPRESS the standard of living that they desire.

Thus when you ask ME what I am doing to improve the Black community - this is an easy answer for me.  In as much as I see a BLACK ESTABLISHMENT who is gaining power in the political and cultural domain over our community but uses the VERTICALLY INTEGRATED NETWORK of operatives (Politics, Policy Makers, Press, Publacists, Public School Teachers, Preachers, Producers, Pavement Pounders) to put forth a message and attack all who question it - I AM FOCUSING UPON HOLDING THIS FACTION ACCOUNTABLE TO PRODUCE RESULTS as my main gift to BLACK PEOPLE.

Would you agree that the present GOVERNMETN of the nation of France is not equivolent to the "White community" of France?  The government in this instance is a REPRESENTATION of the people.  In addition it is but ONE PERSPECTIVE that has been promoted into popular acceptance.  It would be a mistake to assume that it is the ONLY legitimate government and perpective and that it is tied INHERENTLY to their RACE OF PEOPLE.

Coming back to the Black community within America - please apply the statements above to MY understanding of the disposition of the prevailing Black establishment to the Black community here in this nation.  This orthodoxy is only as legitimate as its ability to solve the problems at hand and to produce prosperity upon the people.

My "bitching" about the problems within and the failures of this regime is ONLY problematic to you because you are DEFENSIVE of this current order.  You and others seek to defend this ESTABLISHMENT more than you appear to want to DEFEND the INTEGRITY OF THE ULTIMATE GOALS that all of us as Black people are interested in obtaining.

It comes as no surprise to me that some Black operatives today act as former bigoted White people did in the past in regards to defending the SYSTEM while looking past the selective justice of this same system.   There was NEVER  a time in America where the majority of White people owned slaves or phyiscally assaulted a Black person in order to express a certain order.  The vast majority of Whites were oblivious followers to the existing order.  As long as THEY received their particular benefit from this order - they were not inclined to lift a finger to call out the examples of injustice, murder, intimidation or exploitation of Black people.  To do so would mean that their condition of comfort might be compromised.

Benjamin - I see LITTLE DIFFERENCE in regards to certain Black people and how they operate today.  The sight of a string of Black on Black murders happening in a city where Democrats rule the roost is not enough for the usual suspects to DEMAND ACTION and reform in the present order.  To them their 'CHANGE HAD COME' years ago when the Democratic Party, and in some cases, the Black Democrat who now sits in the seat got ELECTED.

You see right there - most loyal Black Democrats would make the case that I just attacked the Democratic party and thus I am a hater and thus all that I say should be purged.

My argument is that Black people have become more enamoured with the VEHICLE upon which we are going to ride to the "Promised Land" within more than they are concerned with ever REACHING THEIR GOAL.  Certainly proper considertion of the course, the road conditions and one's driving skills would afford a person riding on a skate board to arrive at the Promised Land more assuredly than a person who has the top of the line Lexus but threw all of these important considerations to the wind.

I am demanding that we shift from focusing on that which is most in ALIGNMENT WITH OUR PRESENT ASSUMPTIONS at a time in place where we are MOST AGGRIEVED over to a focus upon the management order that is in place within those who we COVET.

In the biggest ironies of a lifetime - the end results of WHITE FOLKS are seen as the reference "1.0" standard by which to compare ourselves as Black people against.  Yet at the same time many Black folks summarily REJECT the "conservative" management strategies that many of these same communities use in their role as CONSERVATORS of the order that they have made.

In summary Benjamin - at this point in my life I see my greatest value as going after BLACK IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTS.  They have increasing POWER and yet they are still COMPLAINING about
  • Crime In Our Communities
  • The Failure Of Our Schools To Educate Our Children
  • The Lack Of Economic Activities To Employ Us
  • The Health Crises That Hit Us Disproportionately
  • The Corseness of our Culture
What is absent in all of their inspections is INTROSPECTION with respect to the part that THEY PLAY in the polluted river.  I dare to trek up stream and consider the source.....of the POLLUTION.

This is what I am doing.

In as much as the MACHINE does not like to be criticized - I am the subject of much attack and scorn. 

Brent Bozell - Havard vs The Hood

Excellent article that poses key questions to the BLACK COMMUNITY

Harvard vs The Hood

Barack Obama's inauguration was an enormous magnet for the stars of stage, screen, TV and radio, the celebrity-stuffed culmination of the goals of the Sixties' civil rights movement. Some of the most prominent stars were black musicians. This is an opportunity to raise the question: Whither goest black popular culture, especially hip-hop music, under the new president?

1. Will the Obama presidency drain the swamp of hip-hop hate? Can he remake the dividers into uniters? On Tuesday night, the rapper Jay-Z performed on the ABC Inaugural Ball special in a tux and nerdy glasses, toning down the thug-rap with a song called "History." ABC didn't have to bleep a single word, even if the older demographics in the audience were still wondering why this is called music. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the pendulum of rap music swung away from glorifying the "thug life" of drug dealers, pimps and gangsters? With a black man in the White House, could rappers be less pessimistic about authority? When talking about The Man, there is no more powerful man in Washington than the black man just sworn in as our 44th president.

The early signs aren't promising. On YouTube, Jay-Z and another rapper, Young Jeezy, appeared at a Monday night "Hip Hop Inaugural Ball" in Washington. They certainly weren't in the spirit of optimism and nonpartisanship. Jeezy proclaimed: "I wanna thank two people. I wanna thank the mother [profanity] overseas that threw two shoes at George Bush. Listen, listen! I wanna thank the mother [profanity] who helped them move their [profanity] up out of the White House ... My president is mother [profanity] black!"

Jay-Z rapped: "You can keep ya puss, I don't want no more Bush/ no more war, no more Iraq, no more white lies, my president is black!"

Looking at rappers like this, you really have to wonder if they really believe their own wealth-building bluster about how terrible America's been to them. What kind of dystopian country have these young black millionaires been living in? Jay-Z was born a few weeks before 1970, Young Jeezy was born in 1977. When they were growing up in the Carter and Reagan years, was America a land of apartheid and oppression? Sadly, some of the most successful hip-hop music thrives on an extreme of pessimism and despair, and spreads it, like poisoned peanut butter.

But they never lived it

2. Will Obama's rise shift black youth away from thug-rapper role models like 50 Cent and toward black high achievers? NBC's "Today" explored the "Harvard vs. Hood" debate over black role models. It was outrageous to find correspondent Jamie Gangel sympathetically painting the gangsta-rapper 50 Cent thusly: "Behind the trademark scowl and explicit lyrics is a smart, soft-spoken businessman who can be very different in private." He doesn't smoke and doesn't drink, she underlined. "Do you think you're misunderstood?" she asked hopefully.

After getting a nod, she changed the subject to commerce: "But he knows what sells. You scare people." 50 Cent agreed: "I know I scare people. That's actually my job. That's why they buy my music. I scare them for $16.99, and they — and they buy the records and they're entertained by it." Gangel suggested it was all unreal, and therefore innocent. Does this woman fail to understand this guy was a crack cocaine and heroin dealer before being "discovered" by Eminem?

Sadly, when Gangel proceeded to ask young blacks whether President Obama or 50 Cent would be a stronger role model, most picked the rapper, as one said, "because he's cool. I mean, he's what's in. Yes, the highest leadership position in American has changed, but society has still not changed yet." Another added: "I do think that the life experiences of 50 Cent cannot be dismissed, and I think a lot of African-Americans can relate to 50 Cent's experience."

This is where some fatherly fuddy-duddies are desperately needed. Would a "businessman" like 50 Cent have met the favor of Michelle Robinson's father before she brought home Barack? It's nice to visualize a tough old-school dad that would dare to look down his nose at a wildly successful gangsta rapper as more of a menace than a man.

These kids still tried to pay tribute to Obama — by calling him "gangster." It's partially President Obama's fault. He's been very tight-lipped and cautious about disparaging rappers. He's done it only when pressed, and always with great caution and tributes to rap artistry. He's tried to display how he's down with hip hop. He has copied Jay-Z's moves and invited him to perform at a concert after the Inauguration for his staff party in Washington. What wonders he might work if President Obama would sound much more like Bill Cosby now that he's standing in a powerful bully pulpit. But who will press him to try it?

With reports by Emily Feimster.

To find out more about Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith and read their past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at



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In These Times - Police Have Difficult Time Telling Loved One About A Murdered Relative

Cops: Bearing news of a loved one's death is worst part of job

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Police Lt. Keith Meadows won't ever forget the first time he had to deliver the grim news. A mother was crying hysterically on the other end of the phone line wanting information on her son's fate. Meadows knew her boy had just been killed.

Breaking bad news can be tough for cops. One possible complication: The person you're telling is also a suspect.

Meadows wanted to break it to her gently, in person. It's just the right thing to do. But the woman pressed for more information, and he finally caved.

"She just kept asking me questions: Where is he? What's wrong? And I could hear the worry in her voice, and I just told her. I said, 'Ma'am, your son was murdered. Someone shot him,'" said Meadows, who heads up the Homicide Unit in Atlanta, Georgia.

"And, you know, that mother never forgot that she found that out over the telephone."

It's something the 23-year police veteran regrets to this day.

Police will tell you delivering the news of a death is one of the hardest parts of their jobs. They're trained to shoot guns, track suspects and arrest bad guys. But behind the scenes, officers -- especially homicide detectives -- know that there may well be a time in their careers when they have to inform a family that a loved one is dead.

How do the police relay that news? How much of a toll does it take on a cop?

"It's never easy," Meadows said.

And it happens thousands of times a year. People are killed in shootings and other crimes; others die in awful accidents. Some kill themselves.

Black Unemployment Rates Worrysome To Some Observers

Black Job Losses Alarming

Nat’l Urban League urges Obama, Congress to Act

When the Labor Department released unemployment figures last week showing jobs disappearing in numbers not seen since the end of World War II people stood up and took notice.

The eye popping 7.2% jobless rate dominated world media, shook global financial markets and put more pressure on Congress and President-elect Barack Obama to fast track a massive recovery program to stave off economic catastrophe.

But there’s a far more compelling story that failed to grab the national headlines. According to those same statistics, the jobless rate among Black Americans is 12 percent and climbing at an alarming rate. Labor Department figures show among the major race and ethnicity groups, Blacks had the highest job loss in the fourth quarter of 2008 with Black men leading the surge at 13.4%.

Black unemployment overall leaped from 9.4 percent in May 2008 to 11.9 percent in December. Historically, the jobless rate for Blacks has been more than twice for Whites, while the unemployment rate for Hispanics has hovered between the two groups.

The National Urban League says the real state of Black unemployment is worse than current government figures indicate. Using the December 2008 seasonally adjusted national figure for Black unemployment of 11.9%, League officials estimate that real Black unemployment was 22.8%.

What’s worse, some government officials and economists worry that Black unemployment could reach 20 percent by the end of 2010.

“It is imperative that when we go to work rebuilding America, Congress must specifically address the needs of disadvantaged workers. Those who live in urban America must be included in any job creation program and not left behind,” said National Urban League president and CEO, Marc H. Moral.

Schools Seek "Troops" To Assist In Quelling The Violence Within The Schools

War on violence needs troops

The staff and supporters of Ford High School in Detroit are to be commended for their increased efforts to reduce violence at the school, site of the first killing at a Michigan school in eight years.

Since an October shooting that left a young man dead, the school and community leaders have recruited a force of pastors and others to help make the school safer. But the efforts cannot start and stop there.

As a matter of fact, we can't start with children that old.

If we don't get to certain young black men sooner, by the time those kids get to high school, it's too late.

We can reach black teens, but it will take some imagination

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Hollerin At My Friend Filled Negro

[quote] Trust me, where you live in Atlanta or it's sorrounding area, there won't be anyone breaking into YOUR house anytime soon. So relax. I am sure you have moved far enough away from the "hood" and all of its problems to feel safe living within your white picket fence.[/quote]

My friend Filled Negro - I actually like you man.
Despite your leftist ways I appreciate the permanent presence of the "Kill Count" in the "right hand panel of shame" on your blog AND your occasional diversion from your propaganda as you focus upon certain critical issues within our community. I have no problem giving you a shout out when it is deserved.

Regarding your comment up above - it does not bother me.

(Please allow me to "go around the block" for the sake of CONTEXT before I bring it back home for you)

You see 12 years ago when my wife and I as newly weds were looking for a community we did in fact choose a home that was one county away from the Atlanta. This particular county showed up as the right mix of public safety, quality education and property appreciation. It also happened to be a Republican dominated county that was famous for its lack of dance clubs and liquor stores.

You know what Filled Negro? After years of hearing barbs from my Progressive Black friends about "living out with the White folks" - I noticed a certain trend......THEY began to move into these similar areas just like me.

In addition to this the county that separates where I live from Atlanta - which is called "Clayton County" has experienced a massive amount of CHANGE over the past 20 years that I have lived here. This county became a majority Black county about 7 years ago. In each subsequent election more of the "White Good Ole Boy System" was taken apart by this new active electorate. The only issue, Filled Negro is that this old "Good Ole Boy Network" was all WHITE DEMOCRATS who did not go the way of the "Dixiecrats". They simply MOVED SOUTH once there was a new sheriff in town.

In the past several years this county of Clayton has been in the news frequently. With the new majority population taking control of the county board, the school district and the law enforcement - the "Happy Days" that were talked about by the local Black talkshows and the CIVIL RIGHTS AGITATORS who they gave voice to NEVER CAME TO BE.

The past protests about "These White folks are setting up speed traps to give Black folks speeding tickets" shifted over to a fight between the new Black sheriff against the Black police chief and the Black sheriff against the County board president. As of last week the county board president has a lawsuit against the board. All of these are DEMOCRATS, Filled Negro.

Last year the Clayton County schools lost their accreditation largely because of the massive amount of infighting and disregard for their mission.

In a brand new high school reports of GANG activity surfaced. The normal excuse about the LACK OF EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES could not possibly be the case.

Incidents of high school students being shot and killed as well as an increase in home invasions were registered.

Then I started noticing something Filled Negro - in the "racist Republican" controlled county that I live in MORE BLACKS were pouring out of Clayton County to live right next door to their IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES.

This most recent 2008 election was an eye opener. The amount of Democratic Party signs in this county were at a record clip. From this I coined the term "Black Flight Progressive".

You see Filled Negro - where as you tag ME for "moving away from the ghetto" and thus washing my hands of the situation - YOU REALLY need to "Holla at your boys!!!".

I have strong opposition about your ideological and political methodologies. I am a "lost cause" as far as you are concerned.

The "Black Flight Progressives" on the other hand filled Negro - they have chosen to MOVE out of the progressive bastion which THEY BROUGHT FORTH via their voting and their general support for the new PREVAILING SOCIAL ORDER. Once their favored people took control of the place - they took measure of the IMPACT that it all had upon their interests. They DID NOT LIKE WHAT THEY SAW Filled Negro. They chose instead to LIVE NEXT DOOR TO THEIR IDEOLOGICAL ADVERSARIES.

When the IDEOLOGY transitioned from a THEORETICAL STANCE into one in which their FAMILY HAD SKIN IN THE GAME via the questions around:

* Their safety
* Their education
* Their PROPERTY VALUES...........they chose to get to stepping.

You see Filled Negro despite moving and thus showing their CONSUMER PREFERENCES - they still VOTE the very same way as they used to. In their line of reasoning they are maintaining their CONNECTION WITH THEIR "PEEPS" in voting for the machine that seeks to include everyone in the rising tide. It just so happens that they don't want to expose themselves to the tidal changes.

I hope that you can agree that the BLACK FLIGHT PROGRESSIVE should be held in more contempt by YOU than I should be. They partake in the ideological religion that YOU partake in but they are NOW LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ME!!!

Do me a favor Filled Negro - Please now purge the background material of all PARTISAN references. You have a habit of ignoring everything else that I say and focusing on the calculus of Democrat vs Republican

Let us instead focus on the SUMMATION OF FACT.

It can be stated based on the migratory behavior detailed up above that:


* Safe Communities
* Quality Schools
* Economic Prosperity

What my new neighbors showed me is that they willing to RELOCATE in order to gain access to these favorable attributes - even if it means moving next door to their ideological enemies.

Thus, Filled Negro - shouldn't we be focused on BOTH these ATTRIBUTES and the ability to ACTUALLY EXPRESS them? It appears that some people are far more smitten about the PURSUIT OF THESE ATTRIBUTES than they are in the EFFECTIVE ATTAINMENT of them.

Thus my central challenge to you and others is to make note of the gross contradiction in terms that you have. You HATE the ideology that has DELIVERED that which you aspire to obtain in that they have specifically focused these benefits upon their own little plot of land rather than for general consumption by the open masses. It is a greater offense to you that they seek to act as CONSERVATORS of the lawn that they have manicured than you are able to see the ultimate HATRED that is present in the areas that you demand that they pay attention to.

In other words - your world their lack of regard for the domain that you are interested in improving rises to a greater assault upon your interests than the PREVAILING ETHOS that is contained WITHIN this domain in question. Filled Negro - I can ONLY conclude that is it the assumptions of their SUPERIORITY that affords you and others to focus on what these outsiders are NOT DOING (ie:sharing with you) than you care to focus on what those who are on the INSIDE of the domain are ACTIVELY DOING (or failing to do).

What the HELL were you aspiring for POLITICAL CONTROL for for this long IF you now don't like the damned RESULTS? Was it a part of the contract that THEY REMAIN BEHIND and submit themselves to YOUR rule? In your world is the FREEDOM TO RESIDE WHERE ONE PLEASES even in existence?

This all leads me to the UNSPOKEN CONCEPTS that one is not likely to hear from your ideological comrades - With you all being so fervently in pursuit of YOUR EXTERNAL ENEMIES.......what exactly are you doing to TAKE CARE OF THE INSIDE OF THE FORT? Does the successful assumption of MORE GROUND actually imperil your people of interest?

It's just not that hard Filled Negro.
It does not take a rocket scientist to see that one day the PERMANENT REVOLUTIONARY who fights against the POLICE and DA MAN.......must one day BECOME the POLICE FUNCTION when he is in control. Failing to IMPOSE A NEW ORDER and then be CONSERVATORS of this order will mean that you will inch toward CHAOS not the fields of gold.


Will YOU become the "new CONSERVATOR" as you seek to put forth an order within this functionally CLOSED CONTAINER where you now stand?

Failing to manage the land that you have functional control you will ONLY EVER BE an "EXPANSIONARY, INORGANIC movement" who's basic existence is to PURSUE YOUR GOALS rather than MANAGE THEM INTO FRUITION.

It might just be that the "Promised Land" is resident in Southwest Philly. Only a thin coating of dust that could be washed off blocks the VISION of such a land for the residents within. Instead you and others have them lobbying for gas powered LEAF BLOWERS from the government as their RIGHT in the name of SOCIAL JUSTICE before they will lift a finger to do this dusting.

I am attempting to REMOVE MYSELF from your gun sights until YOU and others settle upon an orientation that you can build a society off of. You are STILL wondering in the wilderness, GPS in hand but the batteries have died on you in the 38th year of your 40 year struggle. It was only supposed to be a 5 year struggle but the GOAL POSTS were moved as favorable leadership took over and told the masses how unscrupulous the adversary is. They were given more time to deliver each time.

Bush's Legacy In Africa

Has Bush been Africa's best friend?

There is great anticipation in Africa as the inauguration of Barack Obama draws near, but President George W Bush may turn out to have been the continent's best friend.

While Mr Bush has been severely criticised for the invasion of Iraq, his green credentials and the general deterioration of relations with the rest of the world, his African record has won considerable support.

Even normally critical voices, like the aid activist and former rock star, Bob Geldof, gives Mr Bush credit for what he has achieved.

At the top of the list is the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Pepfar), initiated in 2003.

At the time just 50,000 Africans were on anti-retroviral drugs.

J.C. Watts Gets The Green Light From Comcast For His Black News Channel

Comcast To Launch New Black News Network - BTNC Inks Multi-Year Carriage Deal Beginning In 2009

Washington D.C.-based Black Television News Channel (BTNC) announced Tuesday it has reached a multi-year carriage agreement with Comcast Cable for distribution in several of the MSO’s urban-based systems beginning in 2009.

The network, created by former U.S. congressman J.C. Watts Jr., will launch in 2009 and will provide original news programming with a distinctively African-American perspective, according to a network press release.

The network would be the first cable service to offer 24-hour news targeted to African-Americans. Prior attempts to launch a full-time news channel have failed, mostly due to the high cost of developing news. Neither African-American targeted Black Entertainment Television nor TV One offer daily news shows, instead relying on short news briefs throughout the day.

“Our unique and vast content partnerships with African American newsmakers will provide our viewers live access to the stories and people in whom our viewers have a special interest,” said Watts in a statement. “With this agreement, Comcast continues to demonstrate its commitment to working with independent programmers with diverse points of view.”

Comcast representatives could not be reached for comment at press time.

Brother Watts - we don't need an AFRICAN-AMERICAN PERSEPCTIVE.
We need to have the present prevailing order to be CHALLENGED, thus setting forth a debate for the crafting of a new, more EFFECTIVE economic order.

Fighting Whitey, Fighting Capitalism - But Failing To Build Up Internally

As I ate dinner among a group of family friends the other night we discussed many issues of the day.

On the one hand there was a friend who drove up to the Obama Inauguration. He told of the great sentiment that was present among the crowd. He felt that he was a part of history and this is what mattered the most. He was disappointed that when he had the chance to set his own eyeballs on President Obama - an ambulance had pulled in the front of the crowd and blocked the view.

He told of going to a restaurant that was Black owned and being "price gouged". A plate of chicken, veggies and a Coke cost him $70. Unlike oil companies, however, these places will face no protests from this crowd of partisans.

He told about how when any Democrat walked out on the stand of dignitaries they were cheered like heroes. When any Republican walked out they received angry boos by the crowd. Even Arnold Swartzenegger of California - the Liberal Republican he is. Even during festive times some people can't get beyond their ideological bigotry.

The conversation continued for about 15 more mintues regarding his experiences in DC. I listened in, understanding that I was hearing details of personality worship rather than sound policy discussions. My friend was fair in his represenation about the good and the bad. He as a Black immigrant to this nation is one of the few brownskinned people in this nation who is truly a swing voter - who's vote can be earned by both sides.


As the conversation switched to Europe this is where I got a bit more active. Two of our friends are originally from Spain. In a coversation about the upcoming technology conference in Barcelona the subject about the economy there came up. I noted that the "European Journal" show details a bit of unrest in Spain and Greece regarding the rising economic erosion that is taking place.

Many young people are frustrated by the threat that their future will diminish as economic times get more difficult. Thus they are taking to the streets in a fight against the SYSTEM which they believe are at the heart of their problems.

My male friend from Spain noted that there is a big cultural erosion taking place. The young people are secular progressives. They are departing the chruch in large numbers. Group think has them fighting to be "left" of the next guy - as everyone fears that they will be labeled a "conservative". Some of this stems from the past abuses of the government of Francisco Franco . The Franco government was a right wing government and there was a strong spirit of fascism that ran over many people.

The cost of their perpetual fight against the system is that some key cultural foundations are being lost. Young people are "shacking up" in record numbers. The female could not think of any of her cousins that are married despite their having children. I chimed in that "European Journal" told of the big fight between the church and the congregation that is turning more progressive. The Church is unwilling to yield to the "will of man" and renounce their hard line on divorce, gay marriage and abortion. Thus those who are progressive and unwilling to yield are leaving the church behind. My friend noted that the divorce rate in Spain is low only because fewer people are getting married in the first place.

If the low rate of marriage among "ghetto-fied" Black people in America is at the root of our lack of social cohesion - the fact that these Spanish young people doing the same will be a true test of this hypothesis. These noted problems will be proven to be cultural or genetic in nature as we observe their effectives upon a population of White folks.


As I talked during this segment of the population I felt that all of my cultural, political, economic and ideological theories were unified. As my wife looked on I got the sense that she understood my personal philosophy via my articulation in a way that her up close and personal daily struggle might not allow her to comprehend.

The youth in Spain are no different from large segments of the Black community here in America. Their movement is defined more by what they stand opposed to a greater extent than their intentions of ever achieving what they rhetorically claim they want. At some point those who stand against the police must become the policemen as they control the society. Some day those who fight for justice from the government must provide justice to the new crop of radicals that come behind them and who don't appreciate the actions of the state.

This is why I say that Progressivism is not Organic. It is nothing more than a perpetual movement AGAINST some force that threatens the sensibilities of those who are beholden to it. The greatest fear of those who follow this dogma is that they will one day WIN the debate and thus the last CONSERVATOR OF THE EXISTING CULTURE has vacated from their defensive posture. At this time the Progressive will have to field an economic, cultural, social and academic order that can produce for the aggrieved masses.

Thus they should be evaluated NOT by what they stand opposed to but evidence of what they are constructing.

I do not see an enhanced sense of justice or tolerance for opposing views coming from the progressive. In fact they prove themselves to be quite capable of using the very tools that they have condemned by their long time right wing oppressors.

I read an article the other day which talked about "America as a non-White majority nation". They focused much about the loss of Whiteness as the prevailing social and economic order. They grossly failed to make note of the order that will replace it. In fact the error is that they attempted to apply a racial character to that which is an American culture. In truth my concept of our fundamental order - the Judeo-Christian rule - is a matter of WHAT WORKS versus WHAT FAILS TO WORK where ever it is imposed.

Judeo-Christian has a 2,000 year run justifying its stance.
Anarcy has an even longer run.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Josephy Lowery's "Good Type of Crazy" Surmon Is Empty Rhetoric

Excuse me Drum Addict:

Could you translate the value of this sermon for me? Maybe I missed something?

In a 2 mile radius of where Rev Joseph Lowery lives in Atlanta - MORE BLACK PEOPLE ARE KILLED than in any other plot of land in the metro area on an annual basis.

Unfortunately there are too many BAD CRAZY people roaming around there knowing that they have the RELATIVE PROTECTION of the SILENCE from washed up Civil Rights warlords like Lowery as they know that their focus is WHITE FOLKS WHO KILL BLACKS.

I am not sure why you all don't get it. The only hope (and strength) of these Civil Rights Actor-vists operating in 2009 is that BLACK FOLKS LIKE YOU ALL buy into THEIR narrative in regards to the rank order of the biggest threats to BLACK PEOPLE. Thus you look past the most significant ones.

I give them credit on their brilliance. Rather than attacking Black on Black murder and the high rate of killers who GET OFF....they instead have crafted a unique prognosis for why this is happening:


This is the new way of saying: "THEY WHITE MAN MADE HIM KILL THAT OTHER BLACK PERSON. Don't go after HIM. Go after WHITEY!!!"

In as much as the FOOLISH follow after the FOOLS who say this - the body count of Black folks will remain HIGH and YOU ALL will be duped into believing that the POLITICAL GAINS that they want you to make for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY are in fact absolute gains for the key issues that Black people are suffering from.

Again Drum Addict - I have learned NOT to confront them on their charge that RACISM STILL EXISTS. This is a FOOLS ARGUMENT.

They biggest vulnerability is the ENUMERATED COSTS of their RACISM CHASING.

As they are chasing WHITE FOLKS:

* Blacks are being killed and the killers walk free

* Black children are in schools ran by people who are in line with their ideology and yet their education is inferior mostly because there is no ACADEMIC CULTURE within the schools

* Blacks remained disproportionately UNEMPLOYED. While they do studies which show that a White boy with a criminal background is able to get an UNSKILLED JOB at a greater rate than a Black guy with no record. THEY ARE LOATHED to investigate what a BLACK MAN with a COLLEGE DEGREE and a good disposition CAN OBTAIN in the way of EMPLOYMENT.

Don't you see Drum Addict - THESE PEOPLE ARE TIRED.

They ONLY know how to play upon Black's feelings of being under siege.

When they are placed in control of an area where the "enemy" has CLEARED OUT and now they must take it and run with it, developing an ECONOMY, a SAFE ENVIRONMENT, a SCHOOL SYSTEM and a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE......they run back and tell how THE WHITE MAN HAS LEFT US and thus LEFT HIS OBLIGATION TO US.

The shameful part is that YOU ALL SIT THERE ALL ALLOW THEM TO play you!!!

Question: "What are 'White Interests'?"

My reply from Booker Rising. (Recorded for my own personal archive)

[quote]Noah The African:
CS, “white interest” is essentially a racist interest that manifested politically after the civil rights movement removed the last vestiges of legalized racism. With the absence of a legal foundation, racist now needed a political way to preserve their interest, which they did via seeking “small government” and the politics of denial. Since they could not legally knock blacks down any longer, many racist whites sought to keep blacks down by reducing the ability or role of the government to help blacks up from the aftermath of legalized oppression. Racist whites began to see the government, via democrats, as a threat to white privilege and status and hence they flocked in mass to the Republican Party in the Dixicrat revolution…..seeking small government and reduced social spending on programs that whites saw as redistributive from whites to blacks.[/quote]

My Response:

You indeed have a good sense of humor Noah.

So Noah - being that evil Bush not only FAILED to cut social spending but in fact TRUMPED the Democrat CLINTON in his social spending in many areas - would this serve as any evidence to put to rest your incredible claim above?

It is infuriating to me to watch you and other Blacks parade on high about the MUNICIPAL TAKE OVER that has taken place where your politicians/ policies and economic order take over a city BUT in reality you all FAIL TO FIELD A VIABLE economic system that can EMPLOY the people who remain in your support base.

The fact is that these CITIES were built UP in population because they provided employment in support of the livelihood of the people contained within. In as much as they are no longer able to do this - they should be DE-INCORPORATED just as any insolvent company that receive a charter, grew large but then slipped as a going concern as evidenced by their FINANCIAL position.  Their economic condition is plain and simple that the MARKET is providing the entity with feedback as to the desreablity of its end product based on cost, features and reputation.  The base of citizens have likewise rejected these failing cities.  Rather than running to the race card you and others need to focus on the original function of the city.

In your perverted sense of "Helping" it matters not that the local "incorporated government" which received a charter from the state because the synergy of its raw resources (human, industrial, natural, transportation, financial) allowed it to become greater than its original parts - Is not now able to provide the basic services for its citizens.

The point is clear Noah. The citizens in an unincorporated plot of land petition the STATE for a city charter. This provides them with the authority to collect taxes and provide services. As a result the taxes that HAD BEEN collected by the greater authority (the county or the state) are now channeled to the municipal concern. The point that frustrates me with your line of thinking is that in diverting the "money flow" from the state there was an implicit agreement that the city had a viable economic order. Today people demand BOTH local aggregation of their tax money AND money from their state brothers and sisters to make up the gap which their insolvent city can't pay for BASIC SERVICES. (Did someone say CHICAGO and their schools? Hello!)

What is lost in your theory is the BRICK WALL/POINT OF NO RETURN that is established when a GROUP OF PEOPLE, realizing that THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING is functionally derived from the economic and social and cultural order that they field for themselves will more aggressively focus upon squeezing productivity out of EVERYONE within their circle - demanding that they contribute - LEST THEY ALL live at a degraded standard.

Instead, Noah, the Progressive seeks an EXPANSIONARY bias. They craft the socialist concepts such as "Social Justice" which demands of this OUTSIDE POWER to pull people up to some arbitrary standard rather than have themselves functionally circling the wagons and defining a distinct territory upon which they will seek to both PROTECT with this higher standard AND ask that everyone who seeks BENEFIT also CONTRIBUTE to the pot.  I don't understand how you all miss the critical importance of expressing one's LIVING STANDARD on the backs of YOUR OWN PEOPLE.  The skills and expertise that are gained cannot be procured from the outside.  Instead you all see this as an OFFENSE to ask the people to order themselves so that they are their main means of production.  This is the sickness that slavery have infected you with - taking your CULTURAL CONFIDENCE in the process.

Thus the Progressive will always be on an EXPANSIONARY CHASE for "Social Justice" and will, rather pervertedly, see a request to have one's LOCAL ORDER (and willingness to craft it) be the primary determinant factor for the outcomes as offensive.

The shameful residual consequence of your orientation Noah is that all the while you purport to be "chasing" after more resources so that the people of interest within your circle can receive education and other benefits so they might one day DISCONNECT from the gravy train - the fact that you only passively ask them to OBTAIN education, for example, so that they might directly help the local cause only means that you will never achieve the point where you can disconnect. You will only ever be on a CHASE.  This must be changed from the concept of "social justice" (your rights) over to A TRANSACTION where something distict is GIVEN in return for your acceptance.

In as much as the people you are chasing after have mobility to move away from your "confiscation domain" you will never content yourself that YOU PRESENTLY HAVE WHAT YOU WILL BE FORCED TO WORK WITH in building up your domain. The fact that there is "Gold Still out THERE!! to be tapped" defines the milieu of your movement.  Pitty for you if they cede from you into a new land with their own military to defend their resources from you.  It will be THEIR ACTIONS which define the boundries of your confiscation domain, not YOURS.

At some point you must define a CONTAINER and work within those confines to BUILD IT UP!!

We are NOT "Damaged from SLAVERY!!!". We are lacking boundaries for CONTAINMENT to focus our efforts within. 
  • The People Within
  • The Culture Within
  • The Rule Of Law Within
  • The Commerce and Productivity With
  • The Education Within
  • The Standards Within

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Star Parker - A Person Who Has Lived The Life

The key difference between two people who have "lived the life" and has come to change their ways is:
  • Most Blacks prefer a reformed person who turns around and blames the SYSTEM for their previous condition and works to change the system so that others will be healed from their former fate
  • Star Parker is loathed mostly because she is a Republican and Conservative but more specificially because such a theory dares to look at the individual and demands change from him and others coming after him so that the pattern will end

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

‘This is my Obama,’ not ‘my Nigga’.”

I will be accused of being a skeptic.
Please instead label me as a person who has seen and heard it all before.

Worse yet when certain individuals who felt no need to live up to a given standard in the past receive some temporary EXTERNAL motivation to live up to a higher standard - pardon me - I am not handing over the keys to my hen house lest I get picked clean of my chickens.

How it is that the Hip Hop Movement that has for so long been working to REBUKE a certain standard is going to now do self-policing so that a given standard is matched?

The fault is not "Hip Hop's" to bear. The real fault resides with the Black community. We have for too long allowed multi-media operatives to both define and police this standard. It is so ironic how Black people understand the power of a media monopoly and yet some of us act so blind as to the "Vertically Integrated Monopoly" that exists within the Black community as to the messages and polices that are promoted. Those who control the content and pace of the narrative also control WHEN they will CHOSE to be in compliance.

At least these operatives agree as others have long said - the word "Nigger" / "Nigga" has no business being used in commercial speech.

I will give them one thing though - IF these Hip Hop Operatives can use the thought and behavior suppression techniques that IS NO DOUBT COMING from the entertainment community per the Barack Obama presidency to target their own offenders in this area - it would be one good use of such suppression.

Obama could have effect on hip-hop culture

Sad to say folks - the most effective means of prompting Black folks to do something IS NOT via an ORGANIC effort to raise the bar. Time and time again we have shown that the best way to go is to get Black folks riled up against White folks.

These hip hop artists should convert their songs laced with "Nigger" in the lyrics into Karaoke songs and then film White people singing along. This outrage will do more to promote the notion "it is time to change" than anything Barack Obama and the co-conspiring hip hop moguls can do.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blacks Hired To Allow Black Students To Cope In All White School System

Janesville Wisconsin: Blacks hired to smooth Janesville schools’ transition to diversity

JANESVILLE — “Darnell, where are your books?

“How many college applications do you have in?”

Two men pepper student Darnell Sims with questions.

It’s passing time at Craig High School. Kids swarm the halls.

Sims makes excuses for not filling out applications, but the two men are having none of it.

Doesn’t he know how important this is? Does he really want to go to college?

The two men, Shelton Evans and Dondre Bell, are black, as is Sims. After several minutes of the brow beating, Bell takes Sims off to the side to talk.

Evans tells a Janesville Gazette reporter that Sims has a chance at a football scholarship, if he would only get his applications done.

Sims is among dozens of students that Bell and Evans mentor in the Janesville School District. Bell has been on the job 18 months, Evans nearly a year.

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to go to college,” Sims said.

Bell and Evans convinced him he could and should. And they became people he could talk to and trust, he said.

And they are on his case to do well in school.

Blacks for blacks

That’s just one facet of the two men’s job. Along with district diversity worker Bob Baldwin and aide Jacque Williams, they are four African-American faces hired to help a district struggling to keep up with the changing faces of its students.

District leaders know full well the number of minority students is rapidly growing while the adults they see at school remain almost all white. A new initiative using private money is paying college tuition for local minorities who promise to get teaching degrees, but that effort will take several years before it produces faces of color among district staff.

Meanwhile, the district has come up with an innovative way to get minority role models into the schools.

None of the four has a degree in teaching or social work. But all have skills as communicators, records of accomplishment and dedication to doing all they can for the kids. Baldwin recruits staff, and he organizes and teaches classes on diversity for staff, including the district’s top management.

Bell and Evans are preparing their own presentation for teachers, “to get them to step outside of their box and make them feel race is playing a huge role in their classroom, whether they recognize it or not,” Bell said.

The three men and one woman are valuable parts of the district’s efforts to welcome diversity. Their talents and backgrounds are appreciated, at least by their bosses, coordinator of student services Marge Hallenbeck and Student Services Director Karen Schulte.

“We think it’s very important work, and we haven’t asked very much at all from local (tax) dollars, if anything,” Schulte said.

The World’s Wealthiest Black Billionaires

The Voice reveals world’s wealthiest Black billionaires

Mohammed Al Amoudi, Ethiopia - $9 billion

Aliko Dangote, Nigeria $3.3 billion

Oprah Winfrey, USA $2.5 billion

Mohamed Ibrahim, Sudan $2.5 billion

Patrice Motsepe, South Africa $2.4 billion

Michael Lee-Chin, Canada $1.8 billion

Robert Johnson, USA $3 billion (reduced after his divorce)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Atlanta Saggy Pants Hearing - Turning Suspects Into Prospects

My view is this:

Where as a person who wears his pants in this way AND listens to thug Hip Hop is NOT the driving force that is causing the crime.
It is true, however that these thugs are "down with Hip Hop" and have their pants down.

King Kids Use The Court System To Fight Each Other Rather Than "The Man"

Where as their father took a vow of relative poverty - his progeny are into "trademarks" and "copyrights".

There will be no "open source" movement in regards to access to Martin Luther King Jr's works if they have any say in the matter.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Myron Rolle - Chooses Oxford University Over Football Dreams

Florida State's Myron Rolle Bypasses the NFL Draft for Oxford

Florida State safety Myron Rolle would be among the top 50 players selected in the 2009 NFL draft. Too bad he isn't going to be there. Rolle, who won a Rhodes scholarship in November, will head overseas to Oxford to earn a one-year Master's degree in medical anthropology.

"I'm very excited to go," Rolle wrote in a text message to the New York Times.

He told the paper that he would enter the 2010 draft. For those unaware, the Rhodes scholarship is the world's most prestigious postgraduate academic award. According to the New York Times, Rolle made news when he risked missing all or part of the Seminoles' game at Maryland on Nov. 22 to have his final interview for the scholarship in Birmingham, Ala. When Rolle was finished, he found out he got the scholarship and then quickly went to the airport with a plice escort, hopped on a private plane to the game. He entered in the second quarter and Florida State won 37-3.

Business Week Identifies Top Public High Schools - Confounds The Stereotypes And The Policies Of Some Entrenched Educational Activists

Business Week: America's Best High Schools

The picture of the headlines from the student newspaper from Dove High School in Oklahoma City says it all. Rather than seeking to push the edge in regards to how far they can test the will of the administration they seem to have a message that is actually beneficial to the character of the students.

In Oklahoma, the school with the best overall performance also happens to be the best low-income school. Despite the demographic challenges, 100% of students at the Dove Science Academy, a publicly funded charter school for grades 6 to 12 in Oklahoma City, were accepted to college last year. Its test scores were the highest in the state.

About 90% of the 481 students at Dove Science Academy qualify for free or reduced school lunch, and 60% come from families where English is not the first language, said assistant principal/dean of students Marc Julian.

The school, founded by a group of educators in the 2001-02 season in an old office building on a busy Oklahoma City street, has strict policies for both students and teachers. Students wear uniforms, and the focus is decidedly on academics. Students have two or three hours of homework each day. And the school has neither an ROTC nor a football team (It began offering varsity soccer and basketball only in the past few years).

The kids are required to stay an extra hour and—if necessary—come in on Saturdays if they fail practice tests given monthly in preparation for the statewide exams. Admission is decided by lottery and, unlike a number of top schools on the list, does not require an admission test. The best students are rewarded with an annual trip to Europe and Turkey for which they pay just a few hundred dollars.

Teacher salaries are based on merit not pay scales (There is no union).

This year's valedictorian, Jason Lugo, 17, said his success had a lot to do with the dedication of the teachers who have come to his home—even on weekends—for free one-on-one tutoring at the kitchen table. Lugo, the son of Mexican immigrants, will be the first in his family to go to college. His father works at a dry cleaner, and his mother works on an air-conditioner assembly line.

Student Newspaper

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jettison - Word Of The Day

Jettison \JET-uh-suhn, JET-uh-zuhn\, verb:

1. to throw goods overboard to lighten a ship or aircraft in distress
2. the act of throwing goods overboard when a craft is in distress; also, the goods
thrown overboard

3. (figurative) to throw away; discard

"Jettison" was the Word Of The Day from Wednesday of this week as sent in a daily e-mail from "". 

The sight of this definition promted me to apply this concept to the present Black culture.  As we as a group of people seek to "repair" ourselves (or at least claim that this is what we want) does anyone believe that in our healed state we would retain all that we do and believe as a peopel while in our "aggrieved state"?

Thus the question:

What specific elements of the popular Black culture in America will need to be JETTISONED as we walk across the desert sands and arrive at the "Promised Land"?

Someone who chooses to carry their bars of gold rather than the equivalent quantity of water might indeed by "rich on paper".  As we contextualize this "bill of lading" with respect to the needs of the journey at hand it becomes clear of the mistaken choice.  The people who are so bound to their present possessions which they have been conditioned with in their previous location will likely die on the journey.  The weight of the gold will actually be a burden.  

At some point in the journey as they are near death with thirst setting in - they may yield their entire forture, trading it all for just one bottle of water.

The person with the water could also choose not to trade with them.  He only needs to follow behind the gold bearer, wait until he perrishes and then take the rest of his gold.  

Dekalb County Sheriff Does A Good Deed

A laid off fireman with young children got a job from Sheriff Thomas Brown. This was a good deed that is worthy of notice.

I have to be honest though - after a few months of working in the Dekalb County prison I assure that our new guard will realize that he is no longer a fire fighter. He now has a thankless job.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Promoting Blacks To Equality Is A Two Way Street

I am rebranding the "Cultural Strategist" blog to focus more exclusively on SOLUTIONS for the problems that I am so frequently pontificating upon. This is in response to the frequent prodding by my friends for the delivery of something other than critical feedback.

This is my reply to a message on the blog Dream & Hustle

[quote]six brothas a day in America can be found in an alley with a plastics bag over their head and shot execution-style[/quote]

Bless you my brother.


Where as we tend to focus on having SOCIETY prove to us that we are equal via their treatment of us - I see this as a two way street. The “Black Criminal” who assaults our people need to be made into an equal threat to our well being as any White racist looking to do the same.

I agree 100% that there needs to be a distinction made by the Black community regarding our unwillingness to adopt a “Lock them up and throw away the key” strategy.

For this to happen it is required for us to do the HEAVING LIFTING in introducing a preemptive strategy. Failing to introduce an organic strategy as we allow the government to handle the fallout - institutionalization becomes the common pathway.

In putting forth more ORGANIC solutions we actually develop more competency in fielding solutions to our unique situation. The more we OUTSOURCE our solutions to the external government outside of our racial community domain - the more our muscle atrophy.

It is incumbent upon our people to support the standard of living that we aspire our people to live @.

(Another SOLUTION for Mr. Nulan to record in his database that he is maintaining for me.)

Skin Bleaching In Africa - Skin Cancer and Infections

The heavy cost of light skin

If "color consciousness" and the preference for lighter skin is present in Africa - what hope is there for the "racial divide" in America between Black and White to ever be settled?

Is it a folly to even try?
It seems that the better strategy is to assume that it will always be the case and make sure that you have an internal structure to support your own interests.

The use of bleaching creams to lighten complexions seems to have reached epidemic proportions in Mali, despite widespread education campaigns.

Women who refuse to bleach often find themselves regarded as second class citizens.

A woman who did not bleach her skin said she is often not offered a chair at baptisms, and is asked to make herself scarce when group photographs are taken at marriages.

A quick survey shows there are more than 100 bleaching products available on the market in the capital, Bamako.

Sold under brand names such as Marie-Claire or Diana, the products come from Morocco, Nigeria, the United States or Saudi Arabia.


Dermatologists estimate that more than half the women in Mali are now using these creams to lighten their skin. These products are costly and often cause pain and blemishes.

So why are so many women in Mali using them? The answer is simple, according to one Malian woman singer: The creams make her white, and impart a certain charm.

But Malian physician Dr Ali Gindo finds bleached skin anything but charming.

"They are just burning themselves," he says. "It's painful and it's awful."

Dr Gindo says bleaching can cause skin cancer and the poorest people are the most at risk, because the cheaper the product, the more dangerous it is.

But he says it is not just poor women are bleaching their skin.

Role models

"We have also people who are well educated like lawyers, writers or professors, or people on the TV - and this is a real problem because if people who are leaders of opinion bleach themselves, you can imagine how deep the problem is."

Many of the women who use these products told me they do so because Malian men prefer women with bleached skin.

But male musician Al Hassan Soumali disagrees.

"I don't think Malian men like bleached women," he says. "It's better for Malian women to change their minds."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black Man - Beware Of White Liberals Making Promises And Bearing Gifts About How Great Things Will Be

Black Man - Beware Of White Liberals Making Promises And Bearing Gifts About How Great Things Will Be

Big ups to "Black Conservative" on YouTube for spotting this clip.

This video deserves analysis.

Missy Anne thought how grand it would be to have Kizzie at her beck and call as a playmate and subordinate - as long as it was in her own advantage to do so. The promise to look out for her for ever and ever is the key irony which shows how empty of a promise when the "before and after" scenes are played.

The error that Kizzie made (and I am not claiming that she had any particular choice in the matter) is that she was agreeable to that which Missy Anne had established. What was promoted as a mutually beneficial arrangement turned out to be stacked in the favor of Missy Anne.

Missy Anne went on to live her life as a White woman, got married and (I'm sure) had children. She likely got a new "Darkie" after having dispensed of Kizzie.

Kizzie on the other hand who went along with the plan (again - not that she had any choice) ended up discarded by Missy Anne despite the promises of eternal protection.

Fast forward to today. Black Americans DO have a choice in the matter regardless of how it appears. What appears to be an intractable bond akin to what Kizzie faced is really the unwillingness of the modern Black populace to slowly ween itself off of various entitlements that span the gap between the incumbent "Standard Of Living" that our PRESENT industriousness would have us live at and the higher "Standard of Living" which the "Missy Anne Programs" allow us to live at.

This is not to say that there aren't any people who need help from such programs and policies. The fact is, however, certain policies that appear to be agreeable within the context of your aggrieved and bonded state are not, in fact, policies that are in your own best interests in the long run.

"What is the transaction that is present?" is a necessary question to ask before agreeing. Some deals are "just too good to be true".

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Land - Lived Upon By Blacks; Patroled By White Cops

Black Community.
White Cops.

There has been a centuries long battle between these two factions who occupy the same space and time but who ultimately live within different worlds and have differing agendas.

Back before Black people has "any rights that a White man need respect" the White police officer was an agent of oppression. His job was to keep people in their place as a key agent of social control. (To be most accurate - poor White immigrants were subject to such control by the police as well. Their White skin allowed them to assimilate and "grow out of the problem".)

The White cop as has always been seen as the agents of the government, sent into the Black community as an occupying force. They are the authority. The authority was corrupt and racist for the balance of our nation's existence. In as much as some elements of the Black community were "anti-establishment" because the establishment did not have our best interests in mind - the natural conflict between these two groups was set in motion.

The fact that Blacks largely entered this nation via the route of slavery set this course in motion in a large measure. People who have a sense of ownership in their own communities are the primary force that will protect their own property from lawlessness lest they be the primary losers in the waning chaos. In as much as Black people being economically and politically marginalized in that regard - this culture of ownership did not take root.

The history of police violence against Black people and the resulting "We're sick and tired of being sick and tired" riots that followed is one for the history books. The embedded police force responded to the assault on the order with yet more brutal tactics as a means of suppressing the insurgency. They blamed the riots on certain opportunists - which was true. The bigger truth, however, is that a major dose of introspection was necessary from their own ranks in order to understand why "the natives are restless".


On paper things have changed but in large measure they remain the same.

The past 30 years have brought forth an influx of Black Democratic mayors and/or Progressive minded mayors over these big cities with big police forces that patrol their big Black population centers. Since these police officers all ultimately report to and are accountable to the mayor - on paper we have a favorable situation in addressing the negative contributions that the police make into the conflict.

Sadly - what looks good on paper does not always translate well in regards to what actually transpires on the streets. Whereas the Black community sought the path of POLITICAL POWER as a means of addressing various economic, cultural and academic challenges that we face - the fact remains that POLITICS can only address that which is fundamentally political in nature. To a large extent some of the fundamental challenges that are faced by the Black community are not subject to solution by having a favorable balance of liberal Democrats in power over our community. Not that real world evidence to this fact will ever stop this placement drive.

As a voracious consumer of the news, crime reality shows (Cops, American Gangster, Gangland etc) and various documentaries I am well aware as to the impact that the Black criminal element and organized "Drug Thug" gangs have in this continuing conflict. It is not the case that various elements within the Black community are innocent victims who are being assaulted by this oppressive authority. If anything INNOCENT BLACKS being attacked by thugs set the tone for the level of violence and the resulting police responses there in.

The cycle as I see it is that the increase in crime and violence in a given Black community triggers community activists to demand more police protection and/or the external outrage over the growth in crime in particular areas following the release of some crime report triggers the police officials to adopt certain tactics of "aggressive policing" as a means of focusing upon and then rooting out the criminal element in a given area.

While these tactics have been effective at clamping down on crime they also increase the chances of "collateral damage". The tragic situation with Amadou Diallo in New York City and the events that lead up to the shooting of 92 year old Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta were both done in the context of "aggressive policing" of specific crime ridden communities. The balance between safety for the law abiding citizens and the police assuming an expanded set of people as criminals needs to be managed carefully.


I am of the opinion that the ultimate solution for reducing the tensions and the incidents between Blacks and law enforcement is organic in nature. There are certain fibers in the fabric of this relationship that need to be reenforced over time and repaired where tears appear. The following elements are critical to improving the relationship:
  • More community invovlement in and ownership of the conditions of their own communities via the formation of more community groups that are focused on the PEOPLE rather than THE COPS. They should provide more adult supervised events for the formation of certain positive civic values in the young people
  • More police interaction at community events. Regular "home owners" meetings at which the police command comes in and provides details about what they are seeing on the streets and how the residents can help. Today these meetings typically occur after a police incident where tempers are flairing. The meetings BETWEEN the incidences are more important
  • A clear and unified front against the criminal element. The thugs need to know that they are breaking "OUR" laws rather than "THEIR" laws - "They" being the people at city hall.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Organicism" - The Vital Constraint To Consider In Policy Analysis

I both develop and put my theories to the test primarily by doing samples of how various people who I listen to argue their own points.

As I make my rounds sampling both Black talk radio and "Right Wing" talk radio I have come to make note of certain patterns that various operatives make use of on both sides as a means of controlling their own narrative so that they look most favorable.

With this in mind the popular topic of discussion today among Black folks appears to be the Economy.....and how George W Bush and the Republicans have screwed it up during their years in power. Of course you know - "Bush was handed a surplus when he assumed office".

This blog is about cultural constructs rather than politics so I will stop right there.

What I do need to put forth is a reaffirmation of the vital importance of "ORGANIC" sources of development and prosperity as we consider the value of a given set of policy initiatives.

The competing constructs under debate relate to a people's "Standard of Living". These dual concepts focus upon how this standard is attained and retained.

On the one side there is what I call "Being In Receipt Of Benefit". On the other side I have "Organicism".

The theory of "Being In Receipt Of Benefit" focuses on the political and activist based struggle to align public resources for the benefit of a given group of people. They will point to "social justice" as the primary qualifying agent for these resources to be directed in such a manner. The person's membership in the nation and, in some cases a reference to "basic human dignity" are the grounds by which the intermediary force of the government should step in and redirect these resources according to this higher calling.

Let me be clear and say that I am not condemning this strategy outright. Indeed there are protected classes of people who need such protection from the elements lest they perish. Certainly young children, the elderly and the infirmed of any age qualify for this. It seems to me that the debate is about the boundaries there in. Some prefer an expansive boundary. Others want modest boundaries. There is a correlation between the net receivers of the benefit being for the expansion and the net contributors (via government fiat) preferring modesty.

At the other end is the concept of "organicism". This is the measure by which a group of people are able to produce the standard of living that they seek via their own organization and industry.

The often unspoken concept of value in this debate is the issue of competence and skill that is developed by a people who's fate rests in their own industriousness and/or their need to solve problems based on the management of the human resources that are before them.

In my experience in my professional career and as a manager of my home and finances - I've learned the importance of defining the domain within which I will operate and then applying certain problemsolving/troubleshooting methodologies so that the problem is chipped away at AND a more permanent fix to the problem is developed via the correction of my behavior so that the problem is resolved. Thus this corrective behavior becomes inculcated into my own actions in the future.

The primary flaw of "Contentment By Being In Receipt Of Benefit" is that the group effort becomes focused on DEMAND rather than SUPPLY (the ability to supply there in). Indeed the group might receive benefit from certain economic development programs, food sustenance programs or supplemental education that train them for some menial job. The greater truth, however, is that this group has only learned to demand OF and to operate WHEN the "supplier" has delivered that which the people has demanded of them.

It is when the domain gets parceled down to the point where the people in question must be their net own suppliers that the key flaw in the strategy of "contentment by being in receipt of benefit" is shown. This can be seen today with respect to the change in the operating assumptions of cities. The city was once formed from a plot of "unincorporated land". Upon the aggregation of enough human, land, industrial, natural and economic resources a band of leaders decided to petition the state for a city charter. The assumption back then was that this chartered plot of land acknowledged its relative self-sufficiency via its functioning order. The request for the charter expressly said "though we currently receive our municipal services from and pay our taxes to the county or the state - we now want to define a domain in which our resources are concentrated so that a certain synergy can be had by the people contained within". By definition the purpose of the city was to focus resources more locally rather than having them diluted among the span of many people.

Today's political theories could not be more different.

As cities become functionally insolvent - instead of formally "dis-incorporating" as would a company who is no longer viable would do - they instead demand that the state or the federal government RESUME the same funding relationship that was present prior to incorporation. The key difference being that they continue to pay their taxes to the local corporate entity. Their excess demands are paid by the states and the federal government.

There has been a growing abstraction between the need for the domain in question's living and consumption standards and their ability to produce in support of this standard. Thus I conclude that much of that which is seen as a failing of the poor is also true upon the broader hierarchy of government that all of us live under. The later only has more credit and/or the ability to print money to continue their exorbitant lifestyle.

In summary "contentment by being in receipt of benefit" can only ever be a temporary phenomenon. More than relying on "credit" it relies on the "confidence game" that someone else will honor the standard that they are asked to place value into - be it the worth of a human or the value of the dollar.

In both cases if the credit granter refuses this valuation - the credit seeking party is doomed for a collapse.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lucent Words From Booker T Washington

“At the bottom of education, at the bottom of politics, even at the bottom of religion, there must be for our race economic independence.”

Booker T Washington

Monday, January 05, 2009

Black Men Struggle To Stay Ahead

Black males often struggle to stay ahead

In 2008, an important chapter was written in the history of African-Americans.

Barack Obama -- the first black nominated to run for president by one of the nation's major political parties -- won a landslide Election Day victory to become the 44th president of the United States.

But another issue in the African-American community also dominated the headlines in the last year, mentioned numerous times on the campaign trail by Obama himself -- most notably his Father's Day speech before a predominantly black crowd at the Apostolic Church of God on Chicago's South Side.

"We are called to recognize and honor how critical every father is," Obama said. But, "too many fathers also are missing -- missing from too many lives and too many homes."

The comments made some people in the African-American community angry, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was notoriously caught on Fox News whispering crude remarks under his breath about Obama.

Others in the black community, however, applauded Obama's decision to discuss the issue on the campaign trail. Although others had spoken on the issue before him -- like actor/comedian Bill Cosby, who in a recent Hartford appearance again addressed the subject in a speech before the Fatherhood Task Force established by House Speaker James A. Amann -- Obama drew attention to the problem as never before.


THE TOP 25 THINGS BLACK FOLKS DO THAT WE NEED TO STOP!!! is a compilation of acute intellectual censure of certain new and longstanding belief systems, traditions, and activities that many African-Americans hold and practice. In this critically profound thesis, the authors specify and expound upon 25 problematic issues that are adversely affecting Blacks in America:

Issue #1: Black on Black Crime

Issue #2: Acting As if AIDS is Not a Black Disease

Issue #3: Calling Each Other Nigga

Issue #4: Hating on Each Other and Trying to Hold One Another Back (Being Easily Divided)

Issue #5: Gangbanging

Issue #6: Worshipping & Displaying White Depictions of God and Jesus

Issue #7: The Baby Mama Baby Daddy Syndrome

Issue #8: Marching

Issue #9: Getting Rich & Famous....Then Marrying White Women (Black Men)

Issue #10: Expecting White Folks to Solve Our Problems for Us

Issue #11: Expecting Racism to Magically Disappear

Issue #12: Trying Too Hard to Integrate & Assimilate

Issue #13: Becoming Sellouts & Uncle-Toms in Order to Get a Little Power & Money

Issue #14: Allowing Competing Groups & Races to Own Nearly All the Businesses in Our Communities

Issue #15: Thinking and Operating as Individuals and Start Thinking and Operating Moreso as a Group

Issue #16: Calling Ourselves Christians without Knowing Anything about the History, Authorship, and Origin of the Religion

Issue #17: Allowing Ourselves to be Mistreated, Abused, Disrespected, and Taken Advantage Of by Other Groups

Issue #18: Glorifying Violence, Drug Dealing, and Black on Black Crime in Our Music (Some Rappers)

Issue #19: Calling the Preacher (and the Preacher only) Whenever Something Goes Wrong in the Black Community

Issue #20: Spending Too Much Money on Clothing, Entertainment, & Other Non-Appreciating Items

Issue #21: Engaging in Stupid Fads (Spinning Rims, Gaudy Jewelry, Cosmetic Gold Teeth, Sagging Pants, etc.)

Issue #22: Acting Ignorant While on T.V. (Court Shows, Cop Shows, News Programs, Reality T.V. Shows, and Music Videos)

Issue #23: Celebrating Holidays like The 4th of July and Thanksgiving

Issue #24: Selling Illegal Drugs, Getting Enough Money to Start a Legitimate Business, and STILL Continuing to Sell Drugs

Issue #25: Ignoring the 25 Things Listed in This Book

Intended to be a wake up call for Black America, this book is sure to generate not just awareness but also inspiration for what many believe is overdue collective contemplation and self-correction within communities of color all across the nation.

Please note: I have not read this book and thus the positions taken are not being endorsed by me UNTIL I have had a chance to read and then provide commentary. This is posted ONLY for notification purposes.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hat Tip To New Orleans Anti-Vilence Group: "Silence Is Violence"

"We're mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more!!"
This is the sentiment that is the foundation of many movements for change.

Normally there is a government, police force, corporation or criminal organization to which this angst is directed.  Things are far more difficult when there are individuals or individuals operating in a loosely coupled rackettering effort (ie: drug dealers) who are the source of much of your grief.

"Lock them up and throw away the key" has its limits in a society which will simply provide a new round of dysfunctional youth to take the place of those who are being warehoused.  Indeed there is a systematic problem going on.

The key flaw in strategy that many activists take is to demand GOVERNMENT centered approaches and thus have their success contingent upon goverment's willingness to fund these programs that they need so badly.  No this is not another "anti-government", conservative rant.  The fact is that I see my own home owners association as a GOVERNMENT that the people in my community have agreed to be bound to so that the common benefit can be expressed to all who live in the community.

I support the efforts of "Silence Is Violence" in that they seek to expand the amount of community involvement in addressing this issue that has an expanded amount of community members living in fear that they will be the next victims of crime.    When a group of people realize that there is no one else who is going to save them BUT themselves, via some ordered process to do so - from this effort comes some strategies that are inculcated into the community's character and culture to insure that things never degrade to the point which caused them so much grief ever again in the future.

January 2, 2008

Hi, everyone—

One week from today, on January 9, 2009, we will Strike Against Crime to
send a message to the New Orleans city leadership—and to each other—that we
continue to stand in solidarity as a city, determined to defy the violence
that grips our streets and neighborhoods. The year has not begun well:
Three murders scarred the city during the first 12 hours of 2009, and armed
robberies have been prevalent over the past week.

What would happen if the fear and danger we all live with were to shut down
our participation in the amazing energy that defines New Orleans? What if
every business that feels threatened by crime were to close, and every
frightened citizen to stay home? These are the questions that moved us to
call for a "Strike" next week. We are *not* asking that citizens
necessarily stay home from work—that would be too detrimental to many
families and to the small businesses that fill New Orleans. But we *are*
asking that you find some way to express the toll violence takes on your
individual life, the lives of your family and neighbors, and your jobs and
businesses. We have already heard from many of you who plan to take public,
pro-active actions that speak both to the crushing violence, and to the
under-served community needs that could challenge this violence.

Beginning this weekend, we will post a list of planned actions and
activities for Friday, January 9 and the Strike Against Crime. For now, we
have two specific requests for participation:
1. If you are a retail business owner, please join us in contributing 5% of
next Friday's sales to a public safety or social justice-oriented non-profit
organization. This amount will mirror your city sales tax contribution for
one day. SilenceIsViolence will provide a list of suggested non-profit
organizations, with brief descriptions of their missions, to be
beneficiaries of these donations.
2. We have printed yard signs that will serve as crime self-reporting tools
for next week and beyond. "Crime Happened Here" signs will be available
beginning *today* at Sound Cafe and through neighborhood organizations. We
ask that people use them to mark known crime locations before next Friday's

If you have an activity or demonstration that you are planning for next
Friday, please let us know what it is and we will share the information as
part of this citywide event. Some examples include: youth resources tables
in playgrounds around town; a community soccer event to highlight the need
for community activities; a Peace motorcade through violence-ridden
neighborhoods; a public film screening with an anti-violence message. Use
your imagination and send us your plans.

Wherever you are next Friday, wear something red. This is how we will
signal our pledge to each other to start the peace within our own families
and communities.