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Cultural Reparation Vs Management Science - Focus Words For 2010

Each year I develop a list of "Focus Words".
These are labels and/or new ways of thinking that I have gathered after listening to the debates and tactics used by both friend and foe.

From the past are the following items:

  • Proportionality Filter - by applying this you can prevent a debate adversary from making a long list of "threats" to Black people while failing to note that despite the quantity and/or the sentiments that they trigger there are far more powerful forces bearing down upon us that are thwarting us.
  • Racism Chasing - Those who, per their violation of the "proportionality filter" value an assault by a White person as superior to the same physical attack that a Black person has done, even if in a far greater quanity.
  • Expand The Police Tape Far Beyond The Crime Scene - This is the tactic that is predominately used to obfuscate blame for an incident that all agree is unacceptable.  Instead of condemning the actor the person deploying this tactic seeks to make a wholesale indictment of the entire society. This only serves to strip away the power of individual thought and intellect of the assailant.
  • Non-White White Supremacist - This is the Black person who has accepted as fact the superiority of White people and thus his own actions and/or policies are based upon the assumption of White Supremacy - just as some White people assume about themselves
  • Fundamentalism - Despite the frequent assumption "fundamentalism" does not reside in the right of center world.  One can be a "progressive-fundamentalist" if his world view says that these types of policies are the only way to solve problems despite the fact that where they are implemented the problems remain.  They are forced to "expand the police tape" and thus find other reasons for their continued grievances.
A few new works were picked up in mid-session in the year 2009 that I need to document as well:
  • "Street Pirate" - this is the urban predator who cares only about his own material interests.  He doesn't have respect for the law, private property or most importantly - human life.  Those people who are stuck in the same community as is the "Street Pirate" suffer the most from his antics.
  • "Putting Your Adversary On Trial" - this is the debate tactic used by those who seek to protect the incumbent base from criticism.  Instead of focusing upon the effectiveness of these powers they either immediately turn to the time in which their adversaries were in power OR they ask "so IF the adversary was in power how would things be any better".  He fails to see that he is now DEFENDING his favored regime by making reference to the negative results that got his adversary voted out of office and then demanding why the critic is now 'hating'.  Thus he proves that he did not have an ABSOLUTE problem with this negative result.  He only didn't like the person doing it.
  • Human Resource Management - The concept of achieving a people's "permanent interests" not by working on THEIR BEHALF in some distant legislative body that will rain down benefits upon them and "wash them clean" but instead by development tried and true management concepts used in other areas for the benefit of these community initiatives.
  • The State Of Being "In Receipt Of Benefit" - this is a consciousness where a people are more concerned THAT they have access to a given resource (food or health care) more than they focus on if THEY PLAYED AN ESSENTIAL PART in the acquisition, development or distribution of this needed resource.  They in effect are CONSUMERS rather than producers
  • Consumers of Labor - This is a more accurate portrayal of the Employer.   This new reference brings to the awareness that ultimately there is an exchange going on between the employee and those who purchases his labor, giving him money in exchange.  When an item becomes more expensive without the adequate increase in value - the purchaser will often seek to reduce his exposure to these run away costs.
  • Shifting The Burden From The Community To The Society -  The claim of "Social Justice Rights" most often seek to develop entitlements which the entire society is on the hook for delivering.  Every person is to be kept at this minimum level REGARDLESS of his own actions in which he tries to tunnel beneath this threshold.   This is akin to the perpetual stomach pumping of  a suicidal person who continues to take sleeping pills.  The SOCIETY values this person's life more than he does.
  • The Two Way Flow Of Equality - The most popular channel for equality is the one where society is asked to PROVE that it equally values a person based upon its willingness to distribute goods in equal portions to those whom it favors.  The twin brother of this same concept that is rarely talked about is society's expectations OF this same individual.  Quite often there is a depreciated expectation for this individual to show himself EQUAL by lifting or maintaining the society's standard.

Other Notable References:

The list of permanent interests:

  1. Safe Streets - To allow a people to construct a fabric of connectedness with each other without fear
  2. Quality Education - To develop young minds into the professional service positions need to retain the standard of living that the community desires
  3. Thriving Local Economies - The construction of the framework that allows individuals to express and grow their talents in the market place for compensation and to allow consumers to purchase their needed goods and services
  4. Healthy Lifestyles - The balanced state of the messages and cultural mores of a community in which people's actions are coordinated with the goal of allowing them to live healthy, disease-free lives for the benefit of their community
The American Political Domain  - The area of activism and focus that most directly translates into the governance and operations of this country and all of the political districts and institutions that are attached to the hierarchy.  While it is true that there is an inevitable RACIAL overlap with this domain, meaning that some "Black Agenda Items" must be pursued in this domain, the fact is that this domain is not synonymous with "racial goals" and can never be allowed to be fused as such.  

The Community Cultural Consciousness & Competence Domain - This is a separate and distinct domain from which a "people's" drive toward self-development and independence emanate from.  Their "permanent interests" are rooted within this space.  Those items such as their culture which are not enforcible by the the government must flow from this domain upon the person's way of thinking and their resultant behavior and priorities there in.  

Constructive Feedbacks 2010 List of  Focus Words

  • The Community As An Instrument - This is a simple concept which makes not of the importance of having the maximum human resources within the community working in line with the broad community goals while maintaining their individualism.  In as much as we are not ants who are instinctively driven to do their part the intelligent human beings must be convinced of the value of this broader effort.  At the same time there are occasions where the immediacy of the situation requires an individual to yield his individual pursuits for benefit of the whole.  Certainly a different sent of priorities are had when a house is on fire and there is an immediate need to for those who are capable to save those who are unable to exit via their own power and to exit safely themselves.  Those who choose to ignore the alarms and thus choose to do their own thing, remaining inside - will perish based upon their own choices. There is a need for clear goals that are in line with the "permanent interests".  
  • Community Management Architecture - The management structures necessary to maintain the integrity and 'living standards' by which a community of people strive for.   Within this protected circle those external agents who seek to obtain their selfish advantage will be checked.  These forces will indeed tap into the "American Political Domain" for appropriation of resources where necessary.  They must be limited in the same way that the words "Render upon to Caesar what is Caesar".  At the same time they must protect the interests of the group from theft. 
  • The Nucleus Transparency Membrane - This is the filter which both allows for interaction with the outside world but prevents the core of our community consciousness from being compromised.  It must be an impartial judge - calling out all who violate our permanent interests.  It is the Food and Drug Administration - that demands that all of the theories which claim to be in our interests are made to prove their efficacy.
(to be continued) 

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