Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Culture Of Music - "I Hope You Dance"

I have to admit - I love this song!!

"I Hope You Dance" performed by Lee Ann Womack

I heard the song previously but I did not follow up on it until I watched the movie "The Family That Preys Together".  The movie featured the version sung by Lee Ann Womack and another performed by Gladys Knight.

The lyrics of the song are powerful and all are interconnected.  They express unconditional love and support for the object of the song writer's attention.

Since I am already exposing my sensitive side I may as well tell of my favorable views of the Natalie Merchant song "My Skin". This is the song that is the background in the "Humane Society's" commercial seeking to protect animals from abuse.

With the assistance of "Shazam" I was able to find this song.

The Humane Society of the United States commercial:

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Jim said...

You sensitive sap ;) Thanks for posting, both are GREAT songs bro.