Friday, January 22, 2010

Forever Family - Assisting The Children Of The Incarcerated

Forever Family - Surrounding Children With The Love Of Family

This organization works to insure that the "child does not serve prison time" along with his incarcerated parent.

I am more inclined to support an entity that provides a network of community relief directed at the children than I am to support a group that drives to dilute the laws and sentencing of individuals because they are parents.  The separation of children and parents is said to have a deleterious impact upon the community.  They fail to tell the law breaker who is a parent that their actions are an assault upon the community as well.  This consciousness should prevent the person from breaking the law.  This is far more efficient than to lean upon the authorities to change the laws.

Only support from the community can stand in the breach to support these VICTIMS - the children who did nothing to receive this burden they face.

I will make a donation to this organization.  

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