Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Model Of The Forces Bearing Down Upon The Haitian Condition

The purpose of this post is to more clearly articulate my analysis about the ARGUMENTS said about Haiti and the conditions that the people within face. I hope to rise above the sniping that is taking place between ideologically entrenched combatants and instead challenge certain people on their thinking. In their arguments the figure they are making a point in favor of their view point. What they fail to note is the residue left after their argument is accepted.   The worth of the Haitian human being is tarred as a result of their argument.

The Diagram Above

The diagram above attempts to model the forces that bore down upon Haiti during its post-revolution period.  It is broken down into two categories:
  • External Forces that projected their interests on Haiti (ie: "Punished Them")
  • Internal Forces of the Haitians themselves.  This would include their political choices.  Their culture.  Their choice to educate their young.   In summary all that they have control over in regards to the Human Resources that they control.
I challenge all who view it to pick ONE BAR on the graph which most accurately depicts the proportion of responsibility that the Haitian beings, resident in the nation, have for their condition.  Is it 0/1% or is it 90%?   I am not attempting to answer the question for you.  It is left for you to decide.

My only goal is to talk about the residue left after your argument is accepted.

The aggregation of both of these forces represent the total system of forces that have made Haiti what it was the day prior to the Earthquake.

Let me state categorically:  Nothing about the "behavior" of the Haitians or any "curse" can be placed upon the Haitians themselves to explain their present condition and the subsequent earthquake.  To think otherwise is to subject one's self to mysticism.  This was purely a case where two of the Earth's tectonic plates moved, destroying the man-made buildings that were erected upon the lands as the vibrations pulverized them..

The interplay between these forces are documented on the graph.  I am attempting to show that as people seek to put all of the burden for the present condition of the Haitian human being  upon "the historical legacy of external forces seeking to molest Haiti DURING THEIR TIME AS A FREE NATION" - they also argue for the inferiority of the Haitians themselves.  The "intentionality" of their "inferiorizing" I will leave up to others to determine.

I am incessantly asked "Do you know your history?"  (If so then why do you keep disagreeing with us?)
I assure everyone that the answer is "Yes I do".

In this understanding of history I also make note that there is more at play in a land than that is "NOTABLE" to the historical record.  One day someone will write about the present day United States some time in the future.  If you were able to fast forward in time it is highly likely that you would not know the place as it has been depicted.

Some people pretend that the Haitian people were 100% subjects to the whims of certain outside forces.  There is no argument from me that the United States, France and the UK have been tremendous world powers during the time of Haiti's independence, able to invade any nation of their own choosing.  In focusing upon the model of 100% imperialism we are left to see the Haitians as mere backdrop - little different from the deer, wild birds and field mice that come along with most of the landmasses around the world. 

I am not willing to reduce the EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS known as "Haitians" to this status of "flora and fauna".

I am not arguing that the rest of the world accepted Haiti with open arms upon their freedom.  A government which saw a resident who looked like them internally as "property" was not inclined to see them as a "peer nation".   Nor am I making the case that they were given a fair shot at constructing an economy, free to trade with these others.

What I am saying is that those who believe themselves to be working in the best interests of the Haitians by exposing history - when you fail to mention what the Haitians did during this same time in history and how this, in aggregate, also impacted their course, their inferiority is an unavoidable consequence of your myopia.

In turn likely solutions that are proposed by the well-intentioned for this troubled island nation will be one where the masses are SERVICED rather than worked with as equal partners who are in temporary need.

Some day the "US Invastion of Haiti 2010" is going to be added as yet another bullet point in Wikipedia.  Only this time you will know that there was a broader context of truth that was not captured. 

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