Saturday, February 06, 2010

African Laborers In Italy - Europe's "Undocumented Workers" With No Rights

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Add this video to my "Comparative Studies Of Blacks Within The Diaspora".

The similarity between these Africans from various countries on the continent who travel northward to seek employment as laborers in the fields of the wealthy nation to the north is stunning in the similarity to the fate of the Mexican as it relates to the United States.   Of course the 'social justice rights' of the Mexican laborer in America  is far better than the fate suffered by these African laborers in Europe.

The conflicts and travail suffered by these Africans don't get much press in America.  Most certainly the average African-American is not aware of what these people go through.  I reported about recent protests by Africans in Greece and a battle between them and police in Sicily.  Europe doesn't appear to be the euro-socialist utopia that it is sold to us as with respect to the drive to provide the social entitlements to all in America, modeled after Europe.

Throughout the video I could not help but note that the countries of origin for these people are not able to order the people into a functioning and productive economy.  Thus as they escape to find greater opportunities - they are made vulnerable by the conditions in these other nations.  This alone should motivate the masses back at home to work for the development of what is their own.  The consequence of failure is as such.

I also could not help but wonder if I, a Black man, was walking down the street in Italy as a tourist would those who attacked these African immigrants attack me?

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