Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Black Future History Month

From this point forward I will treat "Black History Month" as I do "Juneteenth".

I will not officially recognize it.

Besides my research upon the Black Greats who have lead us spans 365.  Why do I need a special month set aside to have me focused yet remain unconscious for the other 11 that remain?

Indeed there is a risk.  The oft heard phrase is "Those Who Don't Know Their History Are Doomed To Repeat It".  

I see this as a rather fatalistic assessment about what we should fear and thus what we should focus upon.
My challenge to those who put forth this statement is:  "Why do you consider American Slavery as the start of our history?"

Can a people who's conscious founding is based upon their enslavement EVER escape this bondage?
If they were told that their ancestors who were enslaved dreamed of the day that their descendants (us) would one day be free would they be disappointed in the knowledge that we spend so much time focusing on paying homage to their struggles during slavery - instead of considering what our own descendants 200 years hence will have wondered "What did they do during their period of freedom to invest in where we now stand in the year 2210?"

For some reason it will be said of a a Black person who suggests that we make such a consciousness shift toward our future that he is afraid to HOLD ACCOUNTABLE those who "did this to us".  When we look at our present fate in the Black Diaspora and see an abundant amount of "racial suicide" this same person is forced to blame the forces of history for having the Black man to kill or economically plot against his own.

This consciousness is not only flawed it is also all encompassing and neutralizing.

IF INDEED we are "equal human beings", capable of using our free will to THINK our way into the submission to an order that will one day allow us to express our Permanent Interests - how do you logically arrive at this point by basing the core of your existence on slavery and oppression?

All of the grand visions that I know of in the world are based upon a MENTAL IMAGE about some future achievement - the picture of a grand monument that casts a large shadow;  a massive ship that will displace millions of gallons of sea water as it steams forward.  

From this mental image comes the process of "Reverse Engineering".   This is the applied intelligence of documenting the steps that exist between the "final step" into the building or vessel in the future and where you reside today.  It is the enforced discipline to keep the HUMAN RESOURCES in line and in sync.  They have committed to this end because they will be the primary beneficiaries of this grand future.

Thus the Black Diaspora of today has a VISION PROBLEM more than we have a HISTORY PROBLEM.
There is not one thing that we can do to force men who now lay to rest, turning to dust to apologize to those who they kidnapped from their homeland and forced into labor under duress.

The best way to pay homage to our ancestors of the past is to realize in our consciousness that WE are someone's "ancestors" in the future.   We need to be the "Middle Passage" by which the course that was molested via outside interference is put back into alignment with our human potential as equal human beings.

We can no longer allow those who receive their POWER over us by driving our RESENTMENT about the past for the construction of their own principalities that have little to do with our own community's permanent interests of organic productivity per the application of our God given intelligence.

The tracks of our future are being laid today.   We only have control over our present acts.  The direction that we take today will either progress us forward toward a grand mission OR they will need to be corrected by someone else in the future as they too are weary of the suffering from the misalignment.

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