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Destroy A Community By Discombobulating The Relationships Between The Male and The Female With

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Destroy A Community By Discombobulating The Relationships Between The Male and The Female Within

As the controversy swirls about the Super Bowl ad paid for by "Focus On The Family", a 'right wing' group that opposes abortion it is clear to me that all combatants are missing the big picture of the debate at hand.

It is clear to me that "The Issue Of Abortion Is Never Going To Be Settled".
As it stands in the "American Political Domain" it is merely a subject that each side is able to claim "moral" supremacy on their own notions upon the value of life one hand as the other promotes their lofty commitment to protecting the authority of a woman to control her own body as proof of societal evolution that they helped to foment.

Look At Whom They Are "Fighting On Behalf Of"

The videos above from the "Maury Show" clearly indicate the frivolity and self-indulgence of the debates on abortion.  Regardless of if we ban it or give it away for free via some universal health care scheme - the core issue that precipitates the "choice" will not have been addressed.

(Note: I extracted the Black couples in crisis from several episodes of the "Maury Show" only because my primary focus is upon the culture, politics and policies that bear down upon the Black community.  There are plenty of Caucasian and Hispanic couples with abundant drama to select from on 'The Maury Show", "The Jerry Springer Show" and "Divorce Court")

Regardless of if the gestating child in question is allowed to be brought to term or not the main crisis that precipitates this point is the one between the male and female who have transacted in the exchange of body fluid which fertilized the egg in the woman's uterus.

I have previously noted the propensity to de-humanize and "de-civilize" otherwise rational human beings as they are disaggregated from their high level human capacity at though and temperance and instead broken down into their body parts and mechanical functions:

  • Sperm
  • Eggs
  • Penis
  • Vagina
  • Uterus 
  • Nerve Endings In The Genitalia 
  • Mental Pleasure From Tactile Stimulation 
  • Instinctive Pursuit Of Pleasure, Forsaking All Other Cautionary Warnings
The competing construct to the disaggregation listed above are the high order and POSITIVE outcomes that both sides claim they are striving for:
  • Well Balanced Adults Who Have Matriculated Through A Set Of Societal and Cultural Processes That Equip Them To Be Highly Qualified Parents To The Next Generation Of Children That They Will Inculcate
  • A society where internal peace is delivered as a byproduct of the individual respect for the equality of others via the institutions that are erected to support this end-goal
  • Health Relationships that allow an individual to gravitate toward their full potential rather than grovel close to the minimal existence that savagery affords a person
Failing to Identify, Enforce, Propagate and Perpetuate these elements above the human being will be bound to some DESTRUCTIVE outcomes that are still within the domain of the "high order" behavior that is unique to the human "animal".
  • Previous mental pain and anguish had from a relationship with another human being that causes scar tissue to grow upon our emotional receptors that allow us to connect to other human beings
  • The creation of the next generation of children is seen as a scheme to "pin the paternity" upon a man who the female laid with - all in the context of resentment and retaliation instead of the blessed creation that such a child should be recognized as
  • The passage of ignorance that should have been left at the generational ledge in the past but which is empowered to "jump the synapse between generations" because the mother and father of the child in question kept up the consternation between each other, using the child as a "human shield".  Since this child is an intelligent human being and his parents are charged with introducing him to the world - "his world" will be perverted and molested by that which these two adults and the extended set of adults around them have allowed to seep into this world that is being discovered. 
Thus we must decide if indeed we are mere "primates" who's only claim to "high order" is that TIME has allowed us to evolve more than our cousins that remain in the form of the ape - or if we have been created by some force that has instilled a greater sense of PURPOSE within us.   If the former is true then we should be concerned  because our evolutionary cousins may one day catch up to us with time on their side.  

If, as I suspect, we as humans were placed on this Earth to perform "high order things" as we discover our heightened purpose then it is clear that we must both prevent those who seek to "disaggregate" us into our piece parts and we must work to field a system that governs the relationships between the "human resources" that we all are so that more favorable and productive outcomes might be had.

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