Monday, February 01, 2010

Heart disease to kill 400,000 in U.S. in 2010

Heart disease to kill 400,000 in U.S. in 2010

This is stunning information which should cause everyone to recalibrate their own food consumption.  The loss of 400,000 Americans in one year due to this same ailment is unacceptable.

LONDON - Decades of progress in the United States on cutting cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking are being stalled by rising obesity rates, and heart disease will kill around 400,000 Americans this year, experts said on Monday.

A study by British scientists found that around half of those deaths could be averted if people ate healthier food and quit smoking, and experts warned there was no room for complacency when it came to heart health risks.

Simon Capewell of the University of Liverpool said recent weight trends were "alarming," with 1.5 billion adults worldwide expected to be overweight by 2015.


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due to our bad food, we die from heart attacks and heart problems. We must change our eating habit

Arleen said...

You're right, a healthy diet can help American people to prevent some problems like heart disease, even if you buy viagra every weekend it may not harm your heart as long as you eat healthy foods.