Friday, February 12, 2010

"The Least Of These" Part 2

As noted from a friend's FaceBook page:
“The fundamental test of our society is how it treats the least powerful amongst us.” Senator Ted Kennedy

To which I say:

"The fundamental test of  the efficacy of a culture which bears down upon those who are known by some as 'the least of these' is its ability to make those who are in a weakened state see the full potential that their God has equipped them with; provide them with the clarity of purpose to break free of the mental bondage that others around them have attached to them; accept the situations that are beyond their control to change - and communicate this consciousness to the next generation so that this is the only consciousness that they know, as the entire group grows stronger from the exercise of their own capabilities   -  Constructive Feedback -The Cultural Strategist" 

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