Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorry Rev Pfleger - While I Agree That We Have A Problem With What Is Handed Down Between Generations - But It Is Not The "Lack Of Black History" That Is The Problem

Sun-Times: Pfleger: Black youth should know their history

"Not only is Black History Month relevant, I think it's more important than ever that two things happen. One, that there be a coming together across the country to say, 'How do we change these horrible statistics of what's going on in the African-American community? How do we force a focus on it?' And two, even more than that, to talk to African-American children who have either no knowledge of, or no respect for African-American history, and know Dr. King only as being a dreamer, and know Malcolm X only as 'by any means necessary.'

"The reality is that black history is not being passed down from generation to generation, and it saddens me."

With all due respect, Rev Pfleger - and speaking as a Black man -in the year of our Lord 2010 - the biggest problem with that which is allowed to "jump across the synapse between generations of Black people", thus injuring our progeny is NOT the "Lack of historical knowledge of our people".  In our electronically connected world there is an abundance of information sources that can inform an individual so interested in learning the subject matter.

Instead our biggest problem as a people is the failure to close the gate upon certain "bodies of thought" that should be trapped in the past.  These thoughts are like extra-baggage which must be toted by a man and woman who's task is to exit from their present desert trek.  Some of these thoughts which have sentimental value to them as they appear to give honor to their ancestor's "slavery past", in fact are a massive burden upon them as they seek to find their way forward, lest they die from exposure.

Those who argue that "Slavery and Colonialism has stolen our culture" often fail to make note that these original cultures were crafted in the context of the needs that our ancestors had at the time.  While most would refuse to return back to these same conditions (ie: agrarian existence or hunting & gatherng chiefdoms )   they adopt a "Remember The Alamo" type resolve that purports to unite us all under the cry of "You did this to us".

Regardless of the amount of control that "favorable people" have over our present domain...........regardless of the attempt to spin the past "direct assault" faced when our long time racist adversaries were amongst us into claims of "benign neglect" that violates our "national social contract" as these same people vacate our communities and they assault us from a distance per their unwillingness to 'share' - the fact remains that this line of thinking about the past has more of a mentally suppressive effect TODAY.  These favorable conditions on paper are not proving to direct us toward a better future.


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