Monday, March 29, 2010

Black Marriage Initiative Seeks To Nurture Long Term Relationships In Our Community

Saying 'I do': Black marriage campaign is growing

NEW YORK — For Kenny and Lynette Seymour, last weekend's black marriage gala was about celebrating their seven-year marriage. They got to meet other black couples while spending a romantic evening together.

"Every time you meet another couple, you learn something new about yourself and relationships in general," said Kenny Seymour, a 39-year-old Broadway music director who lives in Queens. "It was beautiful to be around a bunch of married people in love."

Other black couples will be marking the eighth annual Black Marriage Day this weekend, by attending workshops, black-tie dinners and other activities. Some groups have held events throughout the month, although Black Marriage Day, which celebrates matrimony in the black community, falls on the fourth Sunday in March.

The founder estimates more than 300 celebrations are being held this weekend. The aim is to try to stabilize, if not reverse, the trend of non-commitment within the black community. According to 2009 census figures, 41.9 percent of black adults had never married, compared to 23.6 percent of whites. Studies show blacks also are more likely than other ethnic groups to divorce and bear children out of wedlock.

Experts blame the disparities in part on high black male unemployment, high black male imprisonment and the moderate performance of black men in college compared with black women.

They also note the lack of positive images of black marriage in the media and several misperceptions about matrimony — that it's for white people, that it's a ball and chain, that fatherhood and marriage are not linked.

"They have either seen really bad examples of what marriage looks like or no examples at all," said Yolanda "Yanni" Brown, 42, a divorced mother of two in Chicago, who is hosting black marriage events. "They are saying, 'Why bother? This works for us,' not knowing there are so many other benefits of being married."

Brown says she wishes she had fought for her marriage.

Joseph Arrington II, a 38-year-old black entertainment attorney in Atlanta, said there was a time when he wanted to get married, but his interest has waned. He hasn't had a girlfriend in 15 years. His parents celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. He said he focuses on his work.

"It's a combination of two things," he said. "I haven't found anyone, and I'm not actively seeking someone."

Gerard Abdul, 45, a who lives in East Orange, N.J., and runs an entertainment company, has never seen himself as the marrying type. He has nine children by five women. He said he cared about them all, and each wanted to marry him. But he wasn't interested.

"Because I'm so independent and on my own, I really didn't see the science of marrying them when I really didn't have to," Abdul said.

"I'm a great father," he added. "But I probably would have been a lousy husband."

Despite those attitudes toward marriage, there are a handful of campaigns to get blacks to walk down the aisle, from the federal government's African American Healthy Marriage Initiative to Marry Your Baby Daddy Day, with 10 unwed couples with children tying the knot later this year in New York.

"You Saved Me," a documentary that explores the marriages of eight black couples, will be screened in more than 20 cities this weekend as part of a Black Marriage Day premiere.

"We want people to take away that successful positive (black) marriages do exist," said Lamar Tyler of Waldorf, Md., who produced "You Saved Me" with his wife, Ronnie. The Tylers started their blog "Black and Married With Kids" in 2007 and released "Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage" last year.

Don Lee and his wife, Joan Griffith-Lee, of New York's Staten Island, who have three children, will be watching "Happily Ever After" Friday night and participating in a discussion at a coffeehouse. The couple have been married almost 20 years.

Several of their friends are divorced, and Griffith-Lee, 45, who works at Columbia University, said she and her husband often talk about why.

"We hope to leave there with a new awareness and maybe some tools that can help as we get older," she said.

Black Marriage Day founder Nisa Islam Muhammad is encouraging couples to renew their vows in front of friends and family in honor of Tyler Perry's movie "Why Did I Get Married Too?" which opens April 2.

Muhammad points out that many black children come from single-parent households and contends that the media are not helping. There's never been a black "Bachelor" on the popular TV show, and the star of the 2008 movie "27 Dresses," about a 27-time bridesmaid, was white.

"We're going to focus on the positives," said Muhammad, executive director of Wedded Bliss Foundation, which helps people develop healthy relationships and marriages. "We're going to show ourselves and our community that marriage does matter and we have some fabulous marriages in our community worth celebrating."

Those include the marriage of President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, said Roland Warren, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative in Germantown, Md. He credits the couple with setting a positive example and creating more discussion about the issue. In a way, their marriage is evidence of the importance of marriage in the African-American community, he said.

Most blacks already think that marriage is a good thing, said Andrew Cherlin, a professor of sociology and public policy at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. But many can't find anyone they think would make a good spouse.

But at least Black Marriage Day will get people thinking about marriage, says Tammy Greer Brown, 43, executive director of Celebrating Real Family Life and organizer of the Staten Island event, who said she hopes to spark a discussion about marriage. She said she grew up in a single-parent home and didn't want that for her kids. She has been married for more than 10 years.

"My daughter is already talking about getting married," she said. "She wants to be like my husband and I."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why Master Sergeant Waters Is My Favorite Character In The Movie "A Solider's Story"

A hater who obviously was doing background research by reading my blogs taunted me with the question:

"Who was your favorite character in the movie 'A Soldier's Story'?  I bet it was not the character played by Denzel Washington."

I told my friend that he was indeed correct.  Private First Class Peterson (Denzel Washington) was not my favorite character in the movie.

My critic is of the view that PFC Peterson represented strength via his rebellion against the system that was ultimately suppressing them as Black men.  More importantly he killed the Black man who worked as an enforcer of the system of oppression.

My favorite character is Master Sergeant Waters, played by the late Adolph Caeser.  Sergeant Waters was indeed seen as the agent for the enforcement of the system of White racism that had infected the military system of order and discipline within which they all were bound.

Both Peterson and Waters are guilty of killing a "Black man".   Waters killed a Black man in the past who dared dress up like a monkey with a tail and eat bananas for the benefit of White racist officers in the French military.  This Black soldier was guilty of committing an individual assault that had gross negative ramifications upon all Black people.  Later Waters triggered the suicide of a "Geechy Black man" who gladly sang for people and smiled when they verbally assaulted his intelligence and manhood.  Waters set him up so that he might be arrested and removed from his ability to "embarrass Black people" with his performances.

Master Sergeant Waters had the goal of maintaining a high standard of dignity and order for Black people.  Despite his abundant flaws regarding how he carried out his enforcements of these high standards he served an important purpose that we could learn from today.  Waters was not upholding "white supremacy".  He saw himself as upholding military discipline and order.  In as much as the White Officers had exploited the military for their own racist agenda it is they who deserve the blame.  Waters knew that to radically rebel against the system would be to the long term detriment of the interests of the Black solider.  They might get shot dead by the racist civilians in the town at minimum.

PFC Peterson saw Sergeant Waters the key threat to the Black community.  He was the enforcer of White supremacy upon Black people in an up close and personal manner.  He saw Waters as an agent of oppression in which the individual character of all of his men were gutted so that Waters could stand strong for the White officers.  When Peterson killed Waters - he was killing the voice of the oppressor of Black people.  Ironically Waters had planned to promote Peterson.  He liked his resolve and how he stood his ground rather than being run over.

Ultimately Peterson's judgment upon Waters was just as flawed as was Waters' judgments of others.  While Waters was attempting to uphold certain standards of dignity Peterson had no particular mandate for Black people to uphold other than to not allow others to disrespect him.  What of the Blacks who operated in a disrespectful manner in the view of PFC Peterson?

The role of Captain Davenport was that of a "justice" for the military and for the Black race.

"Who gave you the right to judge?  The right to determine who is fit to be a Negro?". 

This is one of the most powerful lines in the movie.  Truthfully it could be applied to Peterson and Waters equally.  They both have killed Blacks in the pursuit of racial justice and dignity.

Ultimately it was the system of military justice and order that gave Captain Davenport his power and authority to seek justice for a Black man who was murdered.  Absent Davenport's presence the assumption that some unknown White man in the town shot a Black man dead.  The base commander was satisfied with this as he didn't want to rile up the town seeking justice for the murder of a Black man (who just happened to be one of his soldiers).   In addition such an assumption covered the tracks of the Black man who in fact killed Sergeant Waters.  It was the investigation for the truth that ultimately exposed all of the liars and bigots.

Ultimately we need systems in place that will allow us to progress forward.  When individual men take these judgments in their own hands - injustice and self-serving is the typical outcome.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain - Defined

Above is a logo that I created to represent a construct that I have observed in the process of modeling the world in which we live.

The Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain

In my view the American political system is an artificial construct that we as Americans have bought into.  There is little difference between the effect that it produces and that which the Crypts and the Bloods.    When a group of people artificially segregate themselves and put their loyalties upon the "team", it won't be long before their consciousness on the big picture of their purpose is lost as well.
They will oppose certain positions which they agree with for no other reason than their adversary holds the same position and they desire to not argue for what their adversary is for.

In defining the model which has the elements of "The American Political Domain" and the "CCC&CD Domain" the goal is to get people to step back and focus on their own interests in their own community rather than leveraging their community for the benefit their position in the "AP Domain". 

Many people make the claim that their efforts within the AP domain are for the purposes of delivering benefit to their community.  The key problem with this claim is that if one were to scrutinize the conditions in their community, make note of who is in control over these places there is frequently a detectable reluctance to rebuke or scrutinize the establishment that has control over the place.  This is due to their greater loyalties to their machine within the AP domain.  They have functionally placed them higher than their commitment to their own permanent interests.

A group's PERMANENT INTERESTS must be defined in the CCC&CD domain.  To be clear a "community" is not necessarily a race of people.  Instead it is a group that has both proximity and common purpose.  

In my view a group that is organized for the purpose of resource management and development would tend to focus inward, working with the resources that they have under their control.  They would see that by controlling as many of the variable that they have within their center of influence - making them as productive as possible - that the greatest amount of synergy will come from this arrangement. 

I make no bones about my personal biases and thus my preferences for "right of center" solutions.  I think that we are at the point that many African countries and their leadership have struggled with.  Absent the collective agreement to submit to a greater framework by which we all agree to bind ourselves to - we all lose.

We only need to agree upon the foundational issues that we agree are our goals.  These are the "Permanent Interests".
  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economy
  4. Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes
  5. Solutions That Are Enduring and Comprehensive
  6. Solutions That Leverage The Organic Potential Of The Masses Over Outsourced Alternatives
Our differences fray when it comes to the METHODOLOGY by which we seek to satisfy these points.  Liberal and Conservative reside at the "methodology" level, not the Permanent Interests foundation.

Political Parties are merely "VEHICLES" that people with a similar methodology set amass together with their stated intent of achieving these ends. (I call the collection if vehicles "Machines")

The missing link (particularly with the Black American political activism) is that there no independent and non-partisan force that documents the effectiveness of the machine that has been popularly chosen.  Sense the masses remain in tacit agreement that what they are doing is the right way - they continue forward.  They blow off alternative views from no other reason than "THEY have failed to convince the masses that theirs is the right way".  This establishes what I call the "Neo-All White Jury Effect".  The validity or innocence of a competing idea is its ability to convince the panel that it is the correct way to go.   Few of them will make note of the conflicts of interests and or the expressed losses that will be incurred if members of the panel buy into this new idea.

This is the  reason why infrastructure and institutions need to be added.  In the void of these structures then complicity rules the day.

At this point in our community's development the prevailing forces have raked up quite a few "wins".  These wins have been in the AP domain.   Our CCC&CD domain is as threatened as it ever was.   This present risk is because with so many of the people of our own choosing in place and our rights enforced by the rule of law - now more than ever it will be a matter of HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT that gets us through this period.   The "struggle for rights" that might thrown up today as a motivating force largely rings hollow.  Expect diminishing returns as a result.

The word "Bootstrap" has been maligned. 
Those who seek to dismiss it speak of the audacity of expecting someone who has been mugged to now "get over it". 

The dismissal of this concept is now coming back to haunt us.

The phrase "boot my computer" is merely a shortening of the word "bootstrapping".  It refers to the computer switching from the "powered off" state, through the various processes by which it is powered up and usable for greater purposes.

The designers of the computer system in question had the goal of assembling a finished unit that could stand on its own.   All of the wires and breadboards that had been used while it was in the lab has been removed - and now the finished unit STANDS ON ITS OWN.

Specifically the Black community has some important decisions to make.
Is the goal to have everyone within "SERVICED" by a system of government that addresses all that cause us missery?

Is its goal to deploy the minds of those who are "equal human beings".....with them used as the key resources who's backs will be used to construct the CULTURE that directs us toward the future, keeping us at or near the attainment of our Permanent Interests.

My Impromptu Mentoring Session With My Young Male Neighbor

Yesterday I was doing yard work after dinner.
The previous Friday I had taken advantage of Home Depot's "Black Friday Sale". They were selling "By One Get One Free" bags of mulch. I hit two different Home Depots and got a total of 40 bags. Yesterday was the day I chose to get some exercise carrying the bags out to my yard and spreading them.

As I was working my young neighbor came over to talk to me. He is 13 years old. I hadn't talked to him since last fall. I noticed that his voice had gotten deeper since that time.

He normally asks if he can do anything for me, in exchange for a few dollars. Today he joined right in and helped me to carry the bags of mulch from the end of my driveway to my backyard. He said he was now lifting weights and thus could use this task as his exercise for the day.

David is a pretty smart kid. I like to hear him thinking about the next steps in his life. He was already thinking about the classes that he is going to take next year as a freshman in high school. He planned to be a lawyer or a business man. In preparation he said he'd join the debate team and take a "Biz Finance" class. Someone told him that he should get a job as a cashier now so that he could watch what a manager does in a business. I told him that the manager's job in "closing" the business each night, making sure that the cash on hand matches what the register says should be on hand.

I suggested that between the two he might want to consider business instead of the law. By definition being a lawyer is a conflict-rich position. You are either defending against someone's grievance or pursuing a grievance against someone. Many people who go to law school never actually practice law. They still have their student loans to pay off. Those people who are well connected in marquee law schools are most often the ones that are plugged into elite law firms, pulling down the big bucks.

In business - the skills that you learn in school establish the basis for the framework of understanding that you apply as you gain life experience. If you have business acumen and computer skills you'll do fine.

I told him that above all else - communications skills are important in business. It is good that he would consider the debate team. The skill of making a succinct statement that gets your point across in an articulate manager is an essential skill in business. I have to convince my customers that they should purchase what I am selling. I am always talking to my business associates inside of the company. They formulate their opinion of me based on the phone calls, e-mails and presentations that I give internally or to the customers I speak to.

Out of the blue he asked me: "So what do you think about this health care bill? I kinda support it but I realize that in the long run I am going to be paying for it."

I told him that there are many issues going on at once:
  • I agree that we as a society should make sure that people have reasonable access to medical care.  We don't need people dying on the streets
  • At the same time there are some basic principles of economics which are violated with such a scheme.  Ignoring this will lead to some unsavory consequences
I told him that society should work to develop people at the periphery so they are more competent to deliver the living standard that they seek, as close to home as possible.   To try and get the central government on the hook for taking care of all people virtually insures that it will collapse under the weight of doing so.

We went back and forth to clarify some points but in the end we both agreed that in the attempt to reduce the gaps between rich and poor with regards to health care there will be some agent in the middle that ultimately takes from the rich and distributes it to the poor.  Beyond some point this middle man becomes oppressive in their efforts to produce a particular outcome.

The most rational strategy is to help those who need help BUT to put this on a development path.  The people themselves need to have a vision for their own development, where they grow stronger and become the service providers that their communities need.

In our conversation I did not indoctrinate him.  I ask more questions of him that allow him to clarify his own views rather than attempting to imprint my views on him.

As we ended our conversation I stopped him as he walked away.  I told him that as a Black person - you are going to be pressured to think in a certain way.   You should be clear on what you think and have a framework as to why you think as you do. 

When those who seek to pressure you because of your race see that they can get you to "get in where you fit in", yielding to them because you want to be accepted as "Black" they are going to continue to lead you around by the nose.  THEY are the ones who rarely have to justify their own thoughts and how they impact the Black community.   I told him to keep doing what he is doing and remain clear on what he believes. 

Talking to kids like that and the young males that I work with in a program that I am affiliated with effectively balance out the frustration that I have in seeing the chaos that so many other people cause.

Side Note - the day before my wife asked me "So do you think that Health Care is a RIGHT or a PRIVILEGE?"

I told her that the question was irrelevant.  If you didn't have the MONEY to execute upon the mandate you can label "Health Care as a comedy show" and the money and skill will be the key forces that determine if the people get care or not"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Americans Connect With Haitian Suffering

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Various Americans still have the people of Haiti on their mind.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Black Women Give An Acceptance Speech At The Academy Awards

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A Deeper Question About The Chicago Urban Charter School's Success

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Most people will see this news story above and show pride and happiness that 100% of all Black male graduates from this school have received bids for college attendance.

I choose to ask questions that are for more pointed.

If this one charter school is going against the grain and thus achieving success - What should we do to the elected officials, educational activists and any other forces who stand against charter schools and/or other reforms that might correct these outcomes?

Look at the key points that make this one school that is planted in the Southside of Chicago.
  • Longer School Days
  • Uniforms
  • Strong Honor Code that students must live up to
  • and the fact that it is a Charter school form of public school - meaning that the school is managed by the administrators who have organized the school
It is necessary for us to look at this success and then go and inspect the reasons why these same outcomes can't be achieved by implementing these reforms in the "government operated schools".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Over 100M Chinese Women Make The Choice To Abort Their Daughters - Does It Matter?

An article in this edition of "The Economist" magazine details the tremendous toll that abortion for gender selection has had upon China.

The government does not force these women to abort their children.  Instead this is done in the context of population control where families are pressured to have only one child.  

The preference is for a male child so that the family can benefit from his labor.  Upon seeing that the gestating child is a female - many women CHOOSE to have an abortion, getting pregnant later on with the hopes that next time it will be a male.

Let's be bound to "intellectual honesty here".   The fact is that there is indeed a "choice" being made.  The government is not forcing the woman to abort her child thus the normal claims of external coercion should be removed from this debate.   In the context of 1 billion humans in a nation and growing certain "family planning" policies have been implemented. 
Just as we in America are producing public policies under the broader umbrella of "Global Warming" so too are the Chinese to address their population problems.

Is the CHOICE to abort a gestating human being because you prefer a male any less of a valid "choice" to do so because you have the:
  • Wrong man?
  • Wrong amount of money?
  • Wrong time in your life?
I am technically "pro-choice" because I don't want the government making laws that would  criminalize a woman for making such a choice, instead preferring that the culture around the two human beings that conspired to procreate have their behavior and bounds regulated by this culture.  At the same time I find those who make the case that a woman's "power" to abort a gestating being in her womb is akin to her "empowerment" have a line of perverted thinking.  In truth they are so committed to defending their entire body of thought and believes that they can't see that such a notion that "Abortion = Empowerment" should mean that these 100 million aborted gestating little girls in China once were incubated inside the wombs of "Empowerful Women" and sadly they, having been removed from their nutrition source and thus left to die will never grow up to experience the same state of "Empowerment".

Are you sure that "Abortion = Power"?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Tale Of Two Colored Barbies - When People Project Themselves Upon A Global Supply Chain

NewsOne: WalMart Sells Black Barbie Doll At Half The Price Of The White Doll
This is a synopsis of a true story that has been paraphrased to fill in some of the gaps that are unknown to the author.

On or about April 2009, there once was a Chinese manager at a factory in mainland China.  He came to work one day and printed out the production run for the day from his computer.   During the morning meeting with his two line managers he handed one of them a page from the production run which instructed him to mix up a batch of plastic which has "white" coloring components.   He handed the other sheet of paper to the second Chinese line manager asking him to make an equal sized batch of plastic but making use of a "brown" coloring agent. 

These two line managers when to their respective workstations and forwarded the instructions for the day to their group of Chinese workers.  Thus the workers went to the store room and acquired the appropriate ingredients and mixed and melted the batches of plastic as they were instructed to do so.  After the mix was brought to the proper temperature and consistency each batch was moved to the next phase of the operation.

The batch was poured into an injection molding machine.  The mold was largely the same for both production runs - one producing a "white plastic figurine"  the other producing a "brown plastic figurine".

After the mold was cooled - each figurine was sent down an assembly line where a sewing machine-like contraption inserted nylon strands into the heads of the dolls.  The brown doll got black nylon.  The white doll got golden yellow strands of nylon rammed into the top of the plastic that resembles the human head.

The next phase of the production the figurines where sent down a line where Chinese workers with small paintbrushes and stickers painted the lips, eyes and finger nails of each of these plastic figurines.  They added small articles of clothing that were also made by other Chinese workers.

At the completion of the production run these figurines were stuffed into cardboard packaging.  The packaging itself had been printed up at a different factory in China.  Since none of the people there spoke English, the language on the package - they depended upon mark-ups that had been produced in an English speaking language to insure accuracy.  To them these words were merely ink splotches on the cardboard that they printed - in this Chinese factory.

With the figurines inspected and packaged they were loaded in bulk and placed into a shipping container.  A Chinese truck driver dutifully drove the container to the sea port.  The parcels were loaded upon the ship.  The ship sailed from China to North America.  The goal of the supply chain was to have these figurines on the store shelves by the beginning of November 2009.   Upon arrival at the seaport of Los Angeles CA the container sat until some human came to initiate the next phase in the supply chain.

On January 2nd, the close of the "2009/2010 Holiday season" - the Walmart chain had a detailed computer model of what was sold and what remained on the store shelves.   With their advanced computerized inventory control system they are aware of everything about the store.  They know what they can raise the price upon and thus gain profit per the consumer demand.  They know what items to lower in order to increase the sales volume.

This system is so accurate that two identical pairs of jeans or sneakers or different flavored packs of "Jello", residing side by side can be priced differently to match the calculations of this expert system that uses the principles of "Business Intelligence".  The Wal-Mart store has no "store room".  Thus all that it has in on the retail floor.  As seasons change all unsold items are either packed back up into a trailer and sent to a discount/closeout store or sold at significant discount to promote sales volume.   The human being merely prints out the stickers that this system has instructed him to do so and places it upon the items.  These items are either individually labeled or the sticker is put upon the shelf and the barcode is used at the checkout to register the price.

When People Project Themselves Upon A Piece Of Plastic

While this supply chain management computer system from WalMart has an abundance of business intelligence fed into it per the cash register transactions, the returns desk and the occasional manual override by the store manager - there is one thing that this highly complex and effective system cannot factor for:   the human sentiment by which a people project their own self-worth upon a piece of plastic that was made to look like them by the decisions of the Chinese manufacturing plant thousands of miles away.

When these people choose to see themselves as being "discounted" when the computer system chooses a price for the doll that looks like them - they have lost.

When these people fail to see that "their people" did not profit from the salary or the labor that went into the production of this figurine - instead the Chinese and the Walmart merely will receive less money in the purchase of a piece of plastic - they have lost.

When they fail to inspect the doll and make note that besides the hue - this doll does not have their racial features but is merely an enhanced caricature of them in line with standards of beauty not of their own - they have lost.

The various "White/Black" doll tests done over the years have attempted to show the damage that racism has caused the Black person.  It is my opinion that a new round of tests need to be done measure the effect of "outsourced consciousness" and the "racism chasers" that foment the focus on obtaining one's dignity via external struggles.

The Chinese worker and plant owners that manufactured both dolls - white and black - have profited greatly and have zero concern that an Asian doll was not placed on the shelf at Wal-Mart thus having the computer system define its VALUE.   They define their own worth based on their commercial enterprise.  The enterprise of satisfying the self-indulgent tastes of the Americans has proven to be rather profitable for them.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Newsweek - Is Africa Becoming The New Asia?

Newsweek: How Africa Becoming The New Asia

China and India get all the headlines for their economic prowess, but there's another global growth story that is easily overlooked: Africa. In 2007 and 2008, southern Africa, the Great Lakes region of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and even the drought-stricken Horn of Africa had GDP growth rates on par with Asia's two powerhouses. Last year, in the depths of global recession, the continent clocked almost 2 percent growth, roughly equal to the rates in the Middle East, and outperforming everywhere else but India and China. This year and in 2011, Africa will grow by 4.8 percent—the highest rate of growth outside Asia, and higher than even the oft-buzzed-about economies of Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and Eastern Europe, according to newly revised IMF estimates. In fact, on a per capita basis, Africans are already richer than Indians, and a dozen African states have higher gross national income per capita than China.

Please note: While I am encourage by any positive growth in Africa we should not confuse the percentage of growth with the dimension of absolute growth.

Certainly a nation with a GDP of $1B that grows it to $2B has experienced 100% growth. However a nation with $100B GPD but which grows to $125B has "only" a 25% growth rate. Lower growth rate by in a far better position because of the base from which it was starting from.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Black Females Told To Search Outside Of Their Race For A Life Partner

Here is the take on this particular story from the blog: "Black Conscious Thoughts"

Here is my view on the issue. The problem with finding a suitable Black male is merely a symptom of a far larger problem that some people are not inclined to deal with. To many of their own fundamentalist positions and societal theories would have to be jettisoned in order for our community to be corrected in this manner.

It is far easier for them to blame it all as the "residue of slavery and Jim Crow" than to MANAGE the HUMAN RESOURCES that are alive "TO-DAMNED-DAY" toward the outcomes that they desire.

[quote]The main thing you have going with men is your YOUTH, WOMB, and BEAUTY.[/quote]

Von - I see that we are going to have a fight over this one.

In one fell swoop you have successfully objectified Black women and made Black men shallow creatures. I can't speak for all brother men but I assure you that most men want a PARTNER who can allow them to build something of substance together.

You might be talking about "Young Bucks" who are self-centered and seek stimulation on the nerve endings on the tip of their penis without much concern about the 'piece of flesh' that provides the tactile stimulation.

Any man with sense eventually wants a stable home to which he can return to some bit of normalcy. His job and education effort is focused upon enhancing this home base. His retirement from skirt chasing is due to him VALUING what he has at home rather than throwing it away - chasing the bird in the bush.

In as much as this might be a problem within the Black community is merely a testimony of how MISALIGNED the prevailing order within our community consciousness is.

The failure to impose a "slow your roll" order - be it via the church or some other disciplinary institution has opened up the floodgates to so many other miseries that we have to deal with as a community.

When I watch "Jerry" or "Maury" I actually see "Black women in PAIN". To have the question of the father of their child to be rendered down to a freaking DNA test before the man that she allowed in between her legs is not something that is masked by the dramatics once the test PROVES that he is the father.

The Black woman suffers the most when there is VIOLENCE in our community.

The Black woman suffers the most when our community laws are broken (or when there is a void of them)

The Black woman suffers the most when the economic theories in our community FAIL to produce productive ends for the people to make a salary

and the Black Woman suffers the most when sexual mores are not enforced.

Is as much as some people are prone to blame SLAVERY for the loss of our culture - they are as equally unwilling to admit that this African Culture that they revere (but would reject if it was put back on them today) was created over time by NECESSITY.

Either the people worked together to gather food from animals or vegetation or they died.

I REJECT this fake longing for the past.
WE HAVE PROBLEMS TO-DAMNED-DAY. It is time to craft cultural enforcements because if we continue as we are with this void - we are going to destroy our own selves.