Monday, March 01, 2010

Black Females Told To Search Outside Of Their Race For A Life Partner

Here is the take on this particular story from the blog: "Black Conscious Thoughts"

Here is my view on the issue. The problem with finding a suitable Black male is merely a symptom of a far larger problem that some people are not inclined to deal with. To many of their own fundamentalist positions and societal theories would have to be jettisoned in order for our community to be corrected in this manner.

It is far easier for them to blame it all as the "residue of slavery and Jim Crow" than to MANAGE the HUMAN RESOURCES that are alive "TO-DAMNED-DAY" toward the outcomes that they desire.

[quote]The main thing you have going with men is your YOUTH, WOMB, and BEAUTY.[/quote]

Von - I see that we are going to have a fight over this one.

In one fell swoop you have successfully objectified Black women and made Black men shallow creatures. I can't speak for all brother men but I assure you that most men want a PARTNER who can allow them to build something of substance together.

You might be talking about "Young Bucks" who are self-centered and seek stimulation on the nerve endings on the tip of their penis without much concern about the 'piece of flesh' that provides the tactile stimulation.

Any man with sense eventually wants a stable home to which he can return to some bit of normalcy. His job and education effort is focused upon enhancing this home base. His retirement from skirt chasing is due to him VALUING what he has at home rather than throwing it away - chasing the bird in the bush.

In as much as this might be a problem within the Black community is merely a testimony of how MISALIGNED the prevailing order within our community consciousness is.

The failure to impose a "slow your roll" order - be it via the church or some other disciplinary institution has opened up the floodgates to so many other miseries that we have to deal with as a community.

When I watch "Jerry" or "Maury" I actually see "Black women in PAIN". To have the question of the father of their child to be rendered down to a freaking DNA test before the man that she allowed in between her legs is not something that is masked by the dramatics once the test PROVES that he is the father.

The Black woman suffers the most when there is VIOLENCE in our community.

The Black woman suffers the most when our community laws are broken (or when there is a void of them)

The Black woman suffers the most when the economic theories in our community FAIL to produce productive ends for the people to make a salary

and the Black Woman suffers the most when sexual mores are not enforced.

Is as much as some people are prone to blame SLAVERY for the loss of our culture - they are as equally unwilling to admit that this African Culture that they revere (but would reject if it was put back on them today) was created over time by NECESSITY.

Either the people worked together to gather food from animals or vegetation or they died.

I REJECT this fake longing for the past.
WE HAVE PROBLEMS TO-DAMNED-DAY. It is time to craft cultural enforcements because if we continue as we are with this void - we are going to destroy our own selves.

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