Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain - Defined

Above is a logo that I created to represent a construct that I have observed in the process of modeling the world in which we live.

The Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain

In my view the American political system is an artificial construct that we as Americans have bought into.  There is little difference between the effect that it produces and that which the Crypts and the Bloods.    When a group of people artificially segregate themselves and put their loyalties upon the "team", it won't be long before their consciousness on the big picture of their purpose is lost as well.
They will oppose certain positions which they agree with for no other reason than their adversary holds the same position and they desire to not argue for what their adversary is for.

In defining the model which has the elements of "The American Political Domain" and the "CCC&CD Domain" the goal is to get people to step back and focus on their own interests in their own community rather than leveraging their community for the benefit their position in the "AP Domain". 

Many people make the claim that their efforts within the AP domain are for the purposes of delivering benefit to their community.  The key problem with this claim is that if one were to scrutinize the conditions in their community, make note of who is in control over these places there is frequently a detectable reluctance to rebuke or scrutinize the establishment that has control over the place.  This is due to their greater loyalties to their machine within the AP domain.  They have functionally placed them higher than their commitment to their own permanent interests.

A group's PERMANENT INTERESTS must be defined in the CCC&CD domain.  To be clear a "community" is not necessarily a race of people.  Instead it is a group that has both proximity and common purpose.  

In my view a group that is organized for the purpose of resource management and development would tend to focus inward, working with the resources that they have under their control.  They would see that by controlling as many of the variable that they have within their center of influence - making them as productive as possible - that the greatest amount of synergy will come from this arrangement. 

I make no bones about my personal biases and thus my preferences for "right of center" solutions.  I think that we are at the point that many African countries and their leadership have struggled with.  Absent the collective agreement to submit to a greater framework by which we all agree to bind ourselves to - we all lose.

We only need to agree upon the foundational issues that we agree are our goals.  These are the "Permanent Interests".
  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economy
  4. Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes
  5. Solutions That Are Enduring and Comprehensive
  6. Solutions That Leverage The Organic Potential Of The Masses Over Outsourced Alternatives
Our differences fray when it comes to the METHODOLOGY by which we seek to satisfy these points.  Liberal and Conservative reside at the "methodology" level, not the Permanent Interests foundation.

Political Parties are merely "VEHICLES" that people with a similar methodology set amass together with their stated intent of achieving these ends. (I call the collection if vehicles "Machines")

The missing link (particularly with the Black American political activism) is that there no independent and non-partisan force that documents the effectiveness of the machine that has been popularly chosen.  Sense the masses remain in tacit agreement that what they are doing is the right way - they continue forward.  They blow off alternative views from no other reason than "THEY have failed to convince the masses that theirs is the right way".  This establishes what I call the "Neo-All White Jury Effect".  The validity or innocence of a competing idea is its ability to convince the panel that it is the correct way to go.   Few of them will make note of the conflicts of interests and or the expressed losses that will be incurred if members of the panel buy into this new idea.

This is the  reason why infrastructure and institutions need to be added.  In the void of these structures then complicity rules the day.

At this point in our community's development the prevailing forces have raked up quite a few "wins".  These wins have been in the AP domain.   Our CCC&CD domain is as threatened as it ever was.   This present risk is because with so many of the people of our own choosing in place and our rights enforced by the rule of law - now more than ever it will be a matter of HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT that gets us through this period.   The "struggle for rights" that might thrown up today as a motivating force largely rings hollow.  Expect diminishing returns as a result.

The word "Bootstrap" has been maligned. 
Those who seek to dismiss it speak of the audacity of expecting someone who has been mugged to now "get over it". 

The dismissal of this concept is now coming back to haunt us.

The phrase "boot my computer" is merely a shortening of the word "bootstrapping".  It refers to the computer switching from the "powered off" state, through the various processes by which it is powered up and usable for greater purposes.

The designers of the computer system in question had the goal of assembling a finished unit that could stand on its own.   All of the wires and breadboards that had been used while it was in the lab has been removed - and now the finished unit STANDS ON ITS OWN.

Specifically the Black community has some important decisions to make.
Is the goal to have everyone within "SERVICED" by a system of government that addresses all that cause us missery?

Is its goal to deploy the minds of those who are "equal human beings".....with them used as the key resources who's backs will be used to construct the CULTURE that directs us toward the future, keeping us at or near the attainment of our Permanent Interests.

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