Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Deeper Question About The Chicago Urban Charter School's Success

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Most people will see this news story above and show pride and happiness that 100% of all Black male graduates from this school have received bids for college attendance.

I choose to ask questions that are for more pointed.

If this one charter school is going against the grain and thus achieving success - What should we do to the elected officials, educational activists and any other forces who stand against charter schools and/or other reforms that might correct these outcomes?

Look at the key points that make this one school that is planted in the Southside of Chicago.
  • Longer School Days
  • Uniforms
  • Strong Honor Code that students must live up to
  • and the fact that it is a Charter school form of public school - meaning that the school is managed by the administrators who have organized the school
It is necessary for us to look at this success and then go and inspect the reasons why these same outcomes can't be achieved by implementing these reforms in the "government operated schools".

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