Friday, March 12, 2010

Over 100M Chinese Women Make The Choice To Abort Their Daughters - Does It Matter?

An article in this edition of "The Economist" magazine details the tremendous toll that abortion for gender selection has had upon China.

The government does not force these women to abort their children.  Instead this is done in the context of population control where families are pressured to have only one child.  

The preference is for a male child so that the family can benefit from his labor.  Upon seeing that the gestating child is a female - many women CHOOSE to have an abortion, getting pregnant later on with the hopes that next time it will be a male.

Let's be bound to "intellectual honesty here".   The fact is that there is indeed a "choice" being made.  The government is not forcing the woman to abort her child thus the normal claims of external coercion should be removed from this debate.   In the context of 1 billion humans in a nation and growing certain "family planning" policies have been implemented. 
Just as we in America are producing public policies under the broader umbrella of "Global Warming" so too are the Chinese to address their population problems.

Is the CHOICE to abort a gestating human being because you prefer a male any less of a valid "choice" to do so because you have the:
  • Wrong man?
  • Wrong amount of money?
  • Wrong time in your life?
I am technically "pro-choice" because I don't want the government making laws that would  criminalize a woman for making such a choice, instead preferring that the culture around the two human beings that conspired to procreate have their behavior and bounds regulated by this culture.  At the same time I find those who make the case that a woman's "power" to abort a gestating being in her womb is akin to her "empowerment" have a line of perverted thinking.  In truth they are so committed to defending their entire body of thought and believes that they can't see that such a notion that "Abortion = Empowerment" should mean that these 100 million aborted gestating little girls in China once were incubated inside the wombs of "Empowerful Women" and sadly they, having been removed from their nutrition source and thus left to die will never grow up to experience the same state of "Empowerment".

Are you sure that "Abortion = Power"?

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