Thursday, April 29, 2010

French/Flemish Split In Belgium - Lesson Learned: If Not Skin Color Man Will Always Find Some Other Attribute To Factionalize Over

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For those of you "struggling" for the day where RACISM is no more and thus your playing field is perfectly level - I hate to burst your bubble.

Evidence shows that masses of people have the proclivity to form cliques. If there is no genetically exploitable attribute to gather around often man will create one.

If you thing that certain "structural racism" policies and/or their modern attempts to correct them are onerous - check out the video about what Belgium is dealing with.

Black Dolls Are As Beautiful As The Little Girls They Are Modeled After

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Conflicted About The "Illegal" Denstists In The Hispanic Community

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This is the second "illegal" dental practice that has been shut down in the past 2 months in metro Atlanta. With the influx of Mexican and Central American immigrants into the region the people who had practiced dentistry back at home have come to the USA and continued doing what they had already been doing among the same patient population who are now here.

I have respect for this "organic" initiative. Give me a person who takes the initiative to master this craft and who offers these professional services to a group of people that would otherwise go without such care. Back at home they don't have the luxury to use a "little boy" who died of a tooth infection as an indictment against the standard of care and insurance avaiable in their home country - as was the case a few years ago in the city of Washington DC. Either the masses figure out how to care for themselves or they suffer from dental problems.

At the same time I recognize the importance of standards and certifications here in America. We have regulations and inspectors that enforce these policies. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

In my opinion - long run in the United States - these type of individuals who respond to a need because the system around them has collapsed are going to be bellwethers rather than rogues.

Memories of Lives Cut Too Short Too Soon

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This cartoon by AJC editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich (a lefty) while poking fun at the new law in Arizona actually makes a bigger point and also points to the flaws of the open borders people.

The point is makes is that the "controlling legal authority" needs to be able to enforce its laws regarding all that happens on the land that it controls or it will be overrun, possibly put on reservations as the "invading" force takes over.   The fact is that the Native Americas did have the land that they inhabited taken over by an group of people who they did not have the power to control.  This power is backed by the ability to exert violence if necessary.

Though Lukovich is opposed to the law in Arizona he ironically forces the question about US national sovereignty and its will to enforce its borders and who can enter.  Why do we have a US Customs service placed upon our airports and seaports if we are not serious in controlling the flow of people?

It is my opinion that the open borders people are in direct violation of their own best interests.   The history of the labor movement proves this.  Without disrespect to the illegal immigrants - they are functioning as "scabs". As the original work force is on virtual strike because of the unfavorable salary and work conditions there is an unmet demand.   When the "scabs" come in and agree to work at this lower standard they undercut the interests of the American workers.

When Progressives seek to transfer blame upon the corporations they are not being consistent with their past. Not only did they protest against corporations that hired "scabs" they also actively prevented scab workers from walking into the workplace.

Those who stand against the law in Arizona because of the civil rights violations that MIGHT occur attempt to have it both ways as they retain their own "moral supremacy".  The must be forced to deal both with the civil rights question and the displacement of American workers.

The War At The Mexican Border - 16 People Killed

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The "Food Desert" Within Some Of Our Communities Will Be Addressed Through Increased Knowledge Of Horticultural Science


I've heard the word before but I had to look it up to understand it.  The science of plant cultivation.
The great George Washington Carver was a horticulturalist by this definition.

It appears to me that some of the challenges that people are prone to discuss as obstacles that stand in the way of our community will likely be addressed once scientific processes are assigned to them.

In the quest for access to quality and organic food within our communities there is no one better to deliver upon this need than the people within.  In as much as they have an "unemployment" problem this derives from their "under-deployment" problem.  By deploying the people who need this fix into the arable land in close approximation they will be apply to deploy their equal human intelligence as they learn something new about how to produce fruit from their horticultural efforts.

We have the propensity to make use of the notions of "rights" as the drive to supply the demands that exist.  A new conscious disposition is needed.  As these needs are identified those with influence over the eco-system needs to identify the underutilized human resources and convince them that their own mind's development opportunity is before them.  From this skill they can prosper and the community will prosper as their prosperity is aggregated in the snapshot of the place.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Closer Inspection Of the "School Segregation" Case In Mississippi

Recently there was near universal outrage displayed on the notion that a school district in Mississippi in the year 2010 was allowing WHITE FOLKS to depart from a majority Black school to attend a majority White schools in the same school district.

Joseph C Phillip - Race Is The Least Of Our Problems (In Walthall County MS)

Upon further inspection the situation is not as cut and dry as some might make it in their indictment.  In truth there is little correlation between the segregated situation of the past and what is shown in the Walthall County Mississippi Schools.   Then entire school system should be ashamed of itself because the schools are rated as "2", "3" or "4" per the "Great Schools" web site regardless of the racial make up.  These scores are often seen with failing urban schools.

There is outrage over the INDIGNITY of having White students seeking to exit a majority Black school to be with their "own kind" in a White school.  I would love to see if there has been a migration of Black schools away from the mostly White "Salem Attendance Center" to Tylertown High School in order to be with "their own kind"?

We have already established that there is no academic advantage for a student to transfer from one school to another.  Both are near equally incompetent in instructing their students.

Some Communities In The UK Have A 75% Out Of Wedlock Birth Rate

Up to 75% of births to be outside marriage

This trend in society has a damaging effect upon the human relations in certain communities.  When allowed it merely perpetuates itself into the next generation. 

The Article
THREE-QUARTERS of children in some parts of Britain will be born to unmarried mothers within the next parliament, official figures indicate.

The number of births to single mothers and unmarried cohabiting couples is set to exceed 50% across the country in the next five years.

However, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest that births outside of wedlock in some areas are already the norm and continue to rise.

Knowsley, Merseyside, one of Britain’s most deprived areas, has the highest proportion of children born to unmarried mothers, with the figure on course to hit 75% by 2014.

Critics believe the trend is further evidence of a deterioration in family values under Labour. It will present David Cameron with a pressing social problem if the Tories — who have pledged tax breaks to less well-off married couples — win power at the general election.

“It’s tremendously worrying,” said Ann Widdecombe, a former Home Office minister. “I think marriage has become devalued, as people don’t respect their wedding vows and therefore others don’t see the point of it.

“Children do much better at growing up against the background of two parents who are married and stably so.”

When new Labour came to power in 1997 the proportion of births outside wedlock was 36.7%. That had risen sharply to 45% by 2008, the latest year for which data are available — an annual rise of almost one point.

Some 30% of children were born to unmarried cohabiting couples, while up to 15% were born to single mothers.

The region with the highest proportion of births outside of marriage is the northeast (57%), closely followed by Wales (56%) and the northwest (52%).

By contrast, London has the lowest proportion of children born to unmarried mothers — 36% in 2008.

This is explained in part by greater affluence and large immigrant populations, particularly the Asian community, where marriage levels remain high.

“Marriage is closely linked to class,” said Frank Furedi, professor of sociology at Kent University. “Being married is a marker for lower middle-class and middle-class behaviour.

“But for people who are relatively economically marginalised, marriage is not really seen as something that you associate with bringing children into the world.” Furedi said regional disparities were linked to class and social deprivation rather than a simple north-south divide.

In Knowsley the proportion of births outside of wedlock jumped from 60% in 1997 to 68.5% a decade later — and will reach 75% by 2014 on current trends.

Emma Bostock, 23, had already split from the father of her 18-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, by the time her child was born.

“We’d been together for about six months when I got pregnant, but things didn’t work out and he did one [disappeared],” said Bostock, who relies on her own parents to help raise her daughter. “I don’t know if it’s worse [in Knowsley] than anywhere else.”

Other areas near the top of the league for unmarried mothers are Hartlepool in Co Durham, the former constituency of Lord Mandelson,where 68.1% of children are born outside of marriage, and nearby Sedgefield, Tony Blair’s old constituency, where the figure soared from 45.8% in 1997 to 63.4%.

The areas with the lowest proportion of unmarried mothers include Harrow, west London (21.5%); St Albans, Hertfordshire (22.9%); and London’s Kensington and Chelsea (23.6%) — all relatively wealthy locations.

However, with fewer couples rushing to tie the knot, a child born to unmarried parents may not, of course, necessarily be at a disadvantage.

The novelist Susan Elderkin, 40, lives with her long-term boyfriend Ash Ranpura, 34, a neuroscientist, and their 15- month-old son, Kirin, in Primrose Hill, north London. Elderkin said: “The most important thing is that we are happy and that we are there for him. That doesn’t make any difference whether you are married or not, as far as I’m concerned.”

Family life getting better – and friendlier

Children have friendlier and more open relationships with their parents now than 15 years ago, a study shows.

The research also reveals that almost three-quarters of mothers and more than half of fathers feel they now spend “about the right amount of time” with their offspring.

Richard Nicholls, economics editor at the Future Foundation, the think tank behind the study, said reduced working hours, increased flexitime and innovations such as smartphones were helping to improve family life.

“Parents are spending at least as much time and often more time with their children, and have a more open relationship with them than they themselves had with their own parents,” said Nicholls.

He added: “There is a myth of decline in family life, but the reality is that in many respects things are getting better.”

Although 83% of people believe families eat together less often than they did five years ago, the study shows that 82% of parents with children under 16 come together for an evening meal all or most of the time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dr Condoleezza Rice Presented With The Horatio Alger Award

Horatio Alger 2010

CNL Financial Group founder James M. Seneff Jr., of Orlando, will be one of 10 honorees inducted into the Horatio Alger Association in Washington D.C. Friday.
Other inductees named this year include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Tommy Ray Franks.
Founded in 1947 in honor of author Horatio Alger Jr., who wrote of overcoming adversity through perseverance, the association selected Seneff for his "story of success in the face of significant struggle," said David L. Sokol, association president. Sokol also noted that Seneff would "help continue our mission of helping other young people achieve similar success" through its established scholarship program.

Seneff, a 1968 graduate of Florida State and Vietnam veteran, launched CNL in 1973 with a $5,000 loan from his father. The company has since grown into an international real-estate investment and development entity, with more than $24 billion in properties.
Other Central Florida association members include Clarence Otis, chairman of Darden Restaurants and Luigino Inc.'s founder Jeno F. Paulucci.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marcus Garvey On The Need For A People To Not Depend Upon His External Masters

Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt Funds Redevelopment Of Home Area Clinic

Bolt gives back to Sherwood Content

Sprint sensation Usain Bolt has been given the green light to commence repairs to the Sherwood Content Health Centre in his Trelawny hometown, as the star makes another effort to give back to his community.

A memorandum of understanding was signed last Wednesday between the National People's Co-operative Bank (NPCB) and the Ministry of Health, under which the health centre property owned by the NPCB, is to be leased for 10 years to the health ministry.

The Olympic and World Champion was ill and unable to attend the signing ceremony at the Development Bank of Jamaica in Kingston, but his manager Norman Peart, said the initiative was a critical step in improving health care in Sherwood Content.

"This project will begin in April and we will be attacking the roof right away because that is a community that has a lot of rainfall and the roof is badly damaged," Peart said.

"It (project) will continue into next year but we want to deal with the most pressing repairs. At the end we want to upgrade to having a dental chair, which I think will be a big boost to the clinic," he continued, citing the high cost of some very basic medical procedures.

Peart displayed images of the clinic, showing the deplorable conditions under which it served more than 1,000 residents annually. The overall cost of the repairs is estimated at $3 million dollars but Peart said he expected the amount to increase.

Approximately $1.5 million was raised in December from a party commemorating Bolt's astounding 9.58 seconds record in the 100 metres at the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany. All proceeds of that event went directly towards the venture, Peart said.

Black Incarceration Rates: The Community Must Manage Itself Into A More Desirable Outcome

How the mass incarceration of black men hurts black women
(Hat tip to Booker Rising for this article)

The article claims that the mass incarceration rates of Black males by the US Prison Industrial Complex has lead to a shortage of marriageable  partners for Black females to choose from.

The point that bothers me about this type of analysis is that when it comes to the fork in the road the activist community will take the well beaten path.   Their logic tells them: "If we go after the US Justice System, having it change its policies so that fewer Black males are locked up - we will have more Black men on the streets and in the pool to be chosen from".   Using this as their mantle they begin to work "on behalf of the community interests" by going to the external legislative body who has control over such policies.

The other fork in the road forces the activist to note that indeed there is a problem that is emanating from within the community.  The relatively high rates of infractions are a symptom of these problems.  The investigations will turn inward.

There are those who proclaim that a grand racial conspiracy has our world oriented as such.  The goal all along has been to "destroy the Black family".  The best way to do this is to destroy or shackle the Black male.

The point that we rarely hear is the need for the Black community to perform the "human resource management" necessary to achieve better results.

If we need "non-ex-felon men" available for marriage then the processes by which these young men are inculcated must be changed to insure that they avoid the activities that get them ensnared into jail.

The 'conspiracy theory' line of thinking has the function of removing the burden to develop an effective strategy and management therein from the backs of the community that wishes to prosper.  No longer can we allow the actions of the community spin out of line from the permanent interests of the community.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Senior Prom Chaperones Long For The Days Where They Used To Only Worry About Spiked Punch

Ohio School Tries To Stop Prom Dirty Dancing

Posted: 8:52 am EDT April 8,2010
NEWARK, Ohio -- An Ohio high school may make its prom a nostalgic, slow-dance affair so there won't be any dirty dancing this year.

Principal Wes Weaver says students have ignored previous pleas for no sexually suggestive "grinding" at the Licking Valley High School prom in Newark, 30 miles east of Columbus.

Weaver said the dancing has been so raunchy he has left past proms with a sick feeling in his stomach. He said the school has stopped music in the middle of songs, increased the number of chaperones and instituted a penalty box for dancers who took things too far, but none of that has cleaned things up.

The school is considering slow dancing only or a 1950s or '60s theme for this year's prom. Students said administrators are overreacting.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Without Vision A People Perish, Without Professional Service Providers To Correct Their Vision A Community Suffers From Astigmatism

The two videos below show the abundant need for professional service providers who are trained in providing medical and vision care to those who have accepted the label "the Least Of These".

As I type this message there is a PBS documentary playing in the background called "The Jewish Americans". .  It is the story of the American Jew.  At the time in the early 1900's their people live in decrepit conditions in the tenements of New York City.  The large influx of European Jews into America causes a massive strain upon the community's ability to maintain a certain standard of living in health, in housing, in employment, in education.  Absent a government safety net - those among them who valued their own people and who sought a higher standard of living

The "Visiting Nurses Service of New York" was created from this need.

More than merely making such pronouncements such as "Health Care is a RIGHT and should be free" - they saw the need to order their:

  • Financial Resources
  • Educational Resources
  • Community Support and Cohesion 
all for the purposes of bringing their vision to this heightened standard of living into fruition.

It appears that this segment of the American population did the same type of process reformation that was seen with the Japanese in the form of Sony, Honda, Datsun/Nissan and the South Koreans via Hyundai and Kia.   

In all of their cases their initial stigma as "junk" or inferior people or goods were transformed into "best in class" because of their continuing process refinement.  

There is NOTHING that is genetically intrinsic about the process of "refinement" it is purely the product of effective HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.

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