Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conflicted About The "Illegal" Denstists In The Hispanic Community

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This is the second "illegal" dental practice that has been shut down in the past 2 months in metro Atlanta. With the influx of Mexican and Central American immigrants into the region the people who had practiced dentistry back at home have come to the USA and continued doing what they had already been doing among the same patient population who are now here.

I have respect for this "organic" initiative. Give me a person who takes the initiative to master this craft and who offers these professional services to a group of people that would otherwise go without such care. Back at home they don't have the luxury to use a "little boy" who died of a tooth infection as an indictment against the standard of care and insurance avaiable in their home country - as was the case a few years ago in the city of Washington DC. Either the masses figure out how to care for themselves or they suffer from dental problems.

At the same time I recognize the importance of standards and certifications here in America. We have regulations and inspectors that enforce these policies. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

In my opinion - long run in the United States - these type of individuals who respond to a need because the system around them has collapsed are going to be bellwethers rather than rogues.

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