Thursday, April 08, 2010

Senior Prom Chaperones Long For The Days Where They Used To Only Worry About Spiked Punch

Ohio School Tries To Stop Prom Dirty Dancing

Posted: 8:52 am EDT April 8,2010
NEWARK, Ohio -- An Ohio high school may make its prom a nostalgic, slow-dance affair so there won't be any dirty dancing this year.

Principal Wes Weaver says students have ignored previous pleas for no sexually suggestive "grinding" at the Licking Valley High School prom in Newark, 30 miles east of Columbus.

Weaver said the dancing has been so raunchy he has left past proms with a sick feeling in his stomach. He said the school has stopped music in the middle of songs, increased the number of chaperones and instituted a penalty box for dancers who took things too far, but none of that has cleaned things up.

The school is considering slow dancing only or a 1950s or '60s theme for this year's prom. Students said administrators are overreacting.

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